Friday, January 29, 2010

Osama bin Laden Pollutes Airwaves With Criticism of Air Pollution

By Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

Osama bin Laden has found a new reason to hate America: global warming. In his most recent rambling audio tape, the top terrorist and favorite son of Saudi Arabia takes us to task for climate change.

Coming from him – indeed, anything spewing from that gaping maw of ignorance and hate is suspect – ecological complaints just don’t hold polluted water. America does need to get serious about curbing our carbon emissions, but China’s efforts at destroying the earth make us look like Henry David Thoreau by contrast. Osama neglected to mention them.

To punish America for its shameful stewardship, bin Laden is calling for international divestment from the U.S. dollar. It’s like 1980s South Africa all over again. Who would’ve figured Osama for such an ardent activist? At least al-Qaida is easier to spell than apartheid.

If serious, bin Laden has miscalculated: By aligning himself with an environmental cause, he’s just handed nature-hating, big business-beholden forces in the U.S. a powerful weapon in their anti-environment efforts. “If Osama thinks it’s a good idea, it must be bad one.” And, by extension, “Environmentalists are terrorists.” To the unsophisticated mind, those are convincing arguments. I’ll be surprised if the Rush Limbaughs and Glenn Becks of the world aren’t already all over this.

Some have suggested bin Laden is simply jumping on the bandwagon of a popular topic. If so, why not just tweet on his favorite Jersey Shore episode or bitch about the disappointing Google Nexus One like everyone else?

Perhaps he should just stick with what he knows best – shitting in Pakistani caves and picking sand fleas out of his beard.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Supreme Court Is as Morally Bankrupt as Air America Is Financially Bankrupt: A BogsBlog Special Edition From Pete Bogs

Freedom of speech was never intended to be reserved for those with loads of money and influence. (At least that’s what the idealistic, hypocritical, slave-owning forefathers probably thought.) It is supposed to be “free” – as in unfettered, and also as in not linked to money. Yet deep-pocketed lobbyists continue to speak more loudly and freely than the rest of us, and as a result we get health care reform bills written by and for insurance companies instead of the people.

With the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday to scale back the bipartisan McCain-Feingold law, union- and corporate-sponsored political ads, not known for disseminating the truth, will likely influence even more of the ignorant, unwashed, uncritical masses than they already do, and we’ll continue to hear that President Obama is a closet Islamo-fascist who was born on Mars and has webbed toes. For the record, I don’t consider intentionally misleading the public for financial gain a “right” by any stretch of the imagination. But the big-business loving consternatives on the Supreme Court apparently do.

The end of the Fairness Doctrine was hailed as a victory for the First Amendment, but it’s only been a victory for the few. Air America has gone bankrupt, and while I’m sure many are jumping for joy, it vividly illustrates the problem that the doctrine was intended to address. Left-leaning speech has been excluded (some could say censored) from AM radio in favor of wall-to-wall consternative commentators, forcing lefties to build their own network from the ground up. That's not a cheap or easy thing to do. As a result, voices that aren't backed by the big bucks are silenced. That's not freedom or democracy in any form; that's scary.

BogsBlog is made possible by a cost-free website that allows me to say just about anything I want. It's disheartening that the USA overall is going in the opposite direction.