Monday, November 22, 2010

Tiger Tiger Burning Out, Will You Die Without a Doubt(?)

By "Pintface" Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

2022 is the year experts say wild tigers will go extinct if slaughter by humans continues unchecked. Is it any surprise China, a country that never saw an animal it didn’t want to eat or commoditize, is a major culprit? Chinese poachers looking to profit from a country craving meat, skins, health remedies (here’s the real “ancient Chinese secret”) and trophies are killing the big kitties.

But if counter efforts work, the poachers may find themselves endangered. Here’s hoping!

Facing extinction has got to weigh heavy on the tigers’ psyches. I’ll be surprised if there’s not a spate of tiger suicides (and attempts, as was graphically portrayed in the 1998 Eddie Murphy remake of Dr. Doolittle) in the coming years. More existential poetry and songs penned by tigers, too.

And there are other obvious concerns: Isn’t announcing a date certain just waving a white flag of surrender to the terrorists, who can simply wait out the tigers’ extinction?

PS: Sharks are also endangered. Perhaps some of us can form an alliance with all these declining toothy predators, in which they agree to never attack us in return for help saving their tails from oblivion? Seems fair.

PPS: Tiger ... shark. See what I did there?

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dianne said...

I am surprised that there are any animals left in the wild, we human animals have done a really good job of ruining their natural habitat, killing them for food, skins, ivory, medicine, wanton and abject cruelty in the name of entertainment such as fighting, bear baiting, circuses and greed.

xoxoxo ♡