Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is That a Bomb in Your Underwear, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

By "Pintface" Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

Airline security is undergoing its own scrutiny as travelers are beginning to object to increasingly invasive measures. John Tyner made news when he not only refused a full-body scan but also the alternate pat-down option, which includes a manual check of the groin through clothing.

It should surprise no one that Tyner wasn't allowed to board his flight. What's troubling is that the TSA threatened him with a lawsuit and a fine if he left the security area. Let me get this straight: Once you get to security you can't go forward or backward without being checked? Can't decide to skip your trip? What the hell?

Tyner left and his incident is now under investigation ... which is probably just a formality since the cops (or their equivalent in any situation) always side with their own, usually saying they "acted appropriately" regardless of the truth. More of these checkpoint incidents are likely to come, so the TSA itself may need to lawyer up.

With a succession of would-be shoe bombers, underwear bombers and liquid-mixing bombers setting our security protocols – and who knows what these crafty, evil pigfuckers will try next – one wonders how long it will be before flying becomes too complicated a proposition to be feasible for most people.


Jack K. said...

flying too complicated? Now there is an idea that is rapidly approaching. Perhaps we will all decide to see the USA in our "Chevrolet".

Pete Bogs said...

Jack - We should all pile in the family station wagon like the old days. Do they make station wagons anymore? I think they were replaced by minivans in the 80s. Of course, that poses a bit of a problem for overseas travel.

Good to see you!