Thursday, September 09, 2010

Republicants’ 2010/2012 Election Victory Strategy Revealed!

By “Pintface” Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

It’s very simple (appropriate, considering the average Republicant’s cognitive abilities):

1. From day one of Obama’s presidency, stall or obstruct every bill, every motion, every vote.

2. At election time, assert that Obama and the Democratic Congress didn’t get anything done.

3. Rely on the largely unsophisticated rabble that is the U.S. electorate not to connect 1 and 2 above, and to
vote Republicant.


LeftLeaningLady said...

Has the collective IQ in this country dropped under 100? Because every time I look around, I see stupid!

Pete Bogs said...

LLL - There is very little reason, intelligence or civility being exhibited at this time in our history, especially in politics.

You've just given me an idea for a new bumper sticker that could replace those motorcycle ones I hate: "Watch Out For Stupid, It's Everywhere"

Polly said...

But.. but that is what the conservatives did are doing here in Aust!!!! Wow...must be catching...AND it must work...coz like LLL I look around and just see stupid too!

Pete Bogs said...

Polly - Sorry to hear other countries have to suffer through this nonsense as well. There is little intelligence or reason in the political sector anywhere, it seems.