Friday, July 23, 2010

Tropical Storm Bonnie Is Obama’s Tropical Storm Bonnie

By “Pintface” Pete/BogsBlog

When the history books are written, Tropical Storm Bonnie will be remembered as President Obama’s Tropical Storm Bonnie. Actually, if it’s remembered for anything, it’ll probably be for having stirred up and spread BP’s oil slick even wider than before.

But it'll still be Obama’s fault. Somehow.


Jack K. said...

Bummer. That is one of the "benefits" of being in charge.

Pete Bogs said...

Jack - Indeed. Everything is your fault.

boneman said...

Still, I like your take on it better than the other distorted media groups calling this Obama's Katrina.

Not even close.

Then again, if you haven't heard,
(and will I get in trouble for saying this here and now...)
british petro has been announcing to the UK that the gulf was almost completely fished out to begin with.
Some real sweet PR, there, eh?
An interesting sidenote. I have all but stopped C-spam from three of my blogs while boneman's art is still getting a steady diet of them. (

I am now about to test out a theory on getting rid of them for at least some periods of time.

A picture.

Now, to be sure, I've been getting them in groups of four and five, and they've been trying to preface their "chat-rooms, porn, and wives for sale with fortune cookie doubletalk.

Pete Bogs said...

boney - The idea of Obama's Katrina is ridiculous, as I noted in the previous blog I linked to in this post. I wanted to beat the "Blame Obama for Everything" to the punch here.

PS: Please share your secret about how to beat the Asian Invasion when you get it figured out. Thx.