Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can You Spot the Offensive, Stereotypical Images on This Box of Cap'n Crunch?

By "Pintface" Pete Bogs/BogsBlog
While gulping down a big bowl of Cap’n Crunch cereal (a lifelong favorite, and the “2-for-1” offer was too good to pass up) recently, I found a surprisingly inappropriate Olympics-inspired set of games for sugar-craving kids on the box. See if you don’t agree some of the imagery is questionable in 2010.

Look for a wide, exaggerated smile paired with slanted, narrow eyes and you’ll find someone who is allegedly from Japan. (I’m not fooled; I’d recognize the dog-eating grin of a Chinaman anywhere.)

And speaking of teeth, check out the Canadian in need of dental work and astigmatism correction surgery. (This is what socialized medicine gets you?!) Any Canuck would be proud to be depicted as a fur hat-wearing, gap-toothed, crazy-eyed hayseed on a Yankee cereal box, eh?

I’m surprised they didn’t put wavy “stink lines” around that Frenchman (and an “On Strike” sign in his hand). Sacré bleu!

And thank God they decided to stay away from representing any African countries. Can you imagine? Holy crap!

Perhaps I should stick to cereals more in line with modern sensibilities. Bowl of Cap’n Trade, anyone?


dianne said...

Lol Pete, only you would think up all of these things relating to the characters depicted in the cereal box puzzle. I should imagine they would reserve a picture of an African person for a packet of Cocoa-Pops. ;-)
Anyway you shouldn't be eating this sugary stuff for breakfast, think of the health of your teeth. I hope you are still using your electric toothbrush? :D
xoxoxo ♡

boneman said...

OK, set the cereal box down and go to the fridge and get out some eggs, a couple of slaps of cheese, and the italian dressing.

Grease in skillet, get hot, then put in dressing (fat free or regular is fine) and eggs (if you want to save yourself the trouble of blistering your fingers, break the eggs into a bowl first, dig out the shell parts) and after a few moments, when the whites begin to solidify, break both yolks with the spatula, drop the cheese slaps (a slap is a slice. If you slice it your self, fine, but, two thin slices will do)
Cover the skillet, turn the heat down to low, pop in a couple pieces of bread in the toaster.
While the toast is cooking, get out some dijon mustard and some mayo.
And then get out some dejon-vu mustard.
lightly on one piece of toast (which should have popped by now) the mustard, and lightly on the second piece the mayo.
Put the condiments away, lift lid from the skillet (and here's hoping you remembered to turn it to low, else, start over after you throw away the black slag in the pan.
Put the eggs on the toast, folded if need be.
If you have a tomato, add a slice.

Eat that.

You're trying too hard if you saw any stereo types on the cereal box.
There are way worse stereotypes out there, guy. Plenty.
And, while they're all bad, it isn't actually your job to point it out.

Heck, all the kids were smiling. What? No kid crying for losing or tripping and falling on their butt?

This has been a public cooking lesson provided by a lazy bachelor.

Pete Bogs said...

dianne - Don't tell me what to eat! LOL

boney - Egg sammiches are good. I don't do dijon, however.

Stop enabling the racist cereal agenda!

Cosmic Navel Lint said...

Hey Patrick, I understand the natural packaging on a banana can be relatively inoffensive! ;-)

Hope you're well mate.

LeftLeaningLady said...

I should have known that when I finally made time to pop in, your last few would be about baldness & super sugar treats! (I am not touching your ideas about 'drilling').

I am trying to clean out my comments. I have a brief (very boring) post up on the fact that I am not dead. Life keeps us all busy, doesn't it?

Good to see you!

Pete Bogs said...

CNL - Not when there are corporate stickers on the outside.

PS: Who's "Patrick?"

LLL - Nice to see you as well! I've been doing about one post a week about ... well, whatever strikes my fancy.