Monday, June 14, 2010

What's the Buzz? The FIFA 2010 World Cup!

By "Pintface" Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

If you’ve caught any of the 2010 World Cup – being held in South Africa – you’ve been hearing an unusual buzzing noise underneath the play-by-play. The sound is tens of thousands of vuvuzelas being played simultaneously by fans. This “traditional instrument” is suspiciously similar to the Chinese-made, cheap plastic noisemaker horns sold at pro sports games in the U.S. to keep kids amused and adults annoyed.

Some football/soccer teams are complaining about the incessant, deafening noise, TV commentators are trying to work around it and the league is under pressure both to ban vuvuzelas and to respect them as a local cultural tradition. My preference would be to ban noisemakers from all pro sports except tennis and golf. (OK, I am joking, but wouldn’t it be hilarious to blare those things at Augusta National?!)

I understand fans want to show their enthusiasm – remember, football/soccer is the game that some people will literally kill or die to see – and players want to play. I hope South Africa understands it may be passed over for future tournaments if its customs distract players and cause them to believe the stadium is being invaded by a swarm of Africanized killer bees.

Vuvuzela: Beer funnel, dart gun, obnoxious toy or symbol of cultural expression? You decide.


boneman said...

OK, multiple answer.
Going to the games can only eat gas and oil. Demand for gas and oil has...well. You live in Florida, right? You're about to go neck deep in what demand for those products give us.

Next we have the whiners about the "buzzing"...
Just turn down the tv, turn on the CC and put some jams on the stereo.
(they still say "jams" right?)
(Just in case...don't put jam or jelly in the record player.)
(they still use record players, right?)

dianne said...

I am not a fan of soccer but I have seen some footage on the news. Yes, they were complaining about the noise of those vuvuzelas tonight, how distracting they would be, apparently the next big sale item there is ear plugs and you would certainly need them with all of that noise going on. xoxoxo ♡

Pete Bogs said...

Boney - We have a surplus of "fish oil," if that's what you mean. I haven't been watching regularly, but have caught clips while on the treadmill at the fitness center, where sports are always on the TV. I remember asking myself what that horrible noise was, and hearing the commentators trying to be polite about it. They don't need to do it for me, but I think any location that turns out to be a "problem" will not be in the running for future events. Their choice. I did read the volume is 10decibels ABOVE the pain threshold for most people. That just seems so unnecessary.

dianne - The league is planning to hand out the earplugs for free,I believe. But the players have to listen for their teammates and coachers (don't they?), so they won't benefit.

Pete Bogs said...

Apparently you can deafen fellow fans, but unapproved advertising will get you arrested(?)


boneman said...

your shores are about to go brackish brown in bp puke
That's the oil I was referring to.

Having been audience to the "greatest race", NCAA, play-offs for pro basketball, (no football, but I know well of the twelfth thought has always been...get the crowds out of the formula.
Noisemakers, whether tootie horns or whistles (I can way out-decibel any tootie horn with my whistle) or even yelling is not conducive to a clean game.

Feel free to disagree with me, if you want...the whole of central Indiana, (the clown state that gave the world LUGAR, bringer of lies and deceit as well as death and destruction) does already.

Not to mention gas and oil spent getting to these oh-so-important events in mankind's history, and then back home again.

I again know the feeling of a fish swimming against the current...nets set up before me, traps and fishermen, bears, morons with big fire crackers...

Sorry for your state sir.
I rarely drive anywhere now.
Take the bicycle when I can.
And curse those in great big, gas guzzling trucks and SUVs, racing to the beer and cigarette mart, racing home to drink and watch tv.

boneman said...

your two new visitors there have fairly intersting comments.
The first,
Wong Ming said ...

You can not control the weather, but you can change the mood

putting that in context with your statement about the Catholic Church it would seem that the throwing of rocks at a falling giant shows as less than graceful.

I'm no angel, either.
I'm still waiting for the Bush junior/Cheney trials to get under way.

on the other hand, you have a big fan in the second commenter...
Chang Ying said ...

Must maintain this level of Yo, refueling!!! Look forward to your new article published!

Interesting is that in China, formal religions such as Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism...and others of the over 6000 religions on Earth are not even allowed in country.

By the condemnation for the Mormon's fake church of self wealth?
The tyrannical Jehovah's Witnesses?
the Protestants who blew up the Oklahoma Federal building?
Islamics murdering near 3000 people for giggles?
Atheists, scientists (Christian and non-christian), historians, or any of these others who have at some time or other abandoned their debts?

I mean, in fairness...

Pete Bogs said...

boney - I've got plenty to say about all religions. The Catholic Church just happens to be in the news - with a major issue - and it's also the only church of which I've ever been a part. So I can speak from some authority.

Thanks for translating.

PS: I am still hoping for those war criminals' trials, too.