Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The BP Oil Leak Is Obama’s Hitler Problem

By “Pintface” Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

The ongoing BP oil leak has alternately been described as “Obama’s Katrina” or “Obama’s Iranian Hostage Crisis” by various media outlets and pundits; both metaphors are grossly inaccurate and uninformed (and could each generate more words than I care to share here).

Now we’ve actually begun hearing calls from consternatives for the president to “do something” about the developing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Which is amazing, when you think about it: Many consternatives have compared Obama to Hitler simply for pursuing health care reform, yet some now seem to be suggesting the federal government seize control of a private enterprise for the good of the country?

Looking to cement your Nazi comparisons, are you, consternatives? Or would you (suddenly and inexplicably) approve of a government takeover of a major corporation? Make up your fucking minds, people. Better yet, shut your mouths. More pollutants are coming out of them than from that gaping hole at the bottom of the gulf.


boneman said...

Oddly enough, he knows of bp's terrible record on conservation destruction.
I for one, hope he does take control of the damned well, plugs it with whatever he can, and seals it forever.
And, to go a step further, NOT open up the far North West to drilling more as those morons in charge aren't giving way to anything except the filling of their pockets.
Yeah...call it socialism if you want to. It matters not to me anymore
Cars, planes, ATVs, boats, and trucks, gas guzzling or no, and using gas and oil and wasting wasting wasting.
THAT's what has to end.
Do it now. Stop the incessant clamoring to waste what resources we have.
We're only stealing from the future, not making any headway at all.
(uh-oh...politics at full grumbling, here)
And nuclear energy is supposed to save us all from the ravages of oil use?
The hell it will.
The toxicity lasts longer than tens of thousands of years, longer than any building can withstand, and way longer than our capacity to store it safely.

Of course, that jerk Friedman wants to tack a whopping tax on each gallon of gas...to slow us down? To get money for the federal coffers?
I think not.
It's more like rich people are buying less crowded highways.

OK, I'm done, now.
At least, here.
The letters I've been putting together for the White House are scathing to say the least.
HOPEFULLY you're one of the folks writing, too.
I'de hate to think you're just out in an empty field screaming at the birds to fix your problems...

boneman said...

...you know, 子帆 is right.
We are all to blame here
We've brought the damned oil to our own shores, and now it's engulfing us all.

We are to blame
for being so lame.

At least, I see, your state has been making moves to empower the moratorium on off shore drilling.
my stupid state is with Louisiana...more oil, they call.

Pete Bogs said...

boney - I think socialism is just a label used to scare people these days. All I care about are solutions, not what you call them.

What have you got against birds?

I am hearing people in LA want more oil drilling so there can be more jobs. In light of the current disaster, I think they're nuts.

Bird said...

Yeah, Boney - what DO you have against birds?

I'm sick to death of this damnable oil spill. And pretty pissed off at my Prez - who said practically NOTHING last night. Why'd he even bother to make an address?

But about the Hitler stuff - the other day, I saw two black men canvassing a white, liberal, middle class neighborhood. They set up a little table with pics of Obama with a Hitler mustache and another poster with Lyndon LaRouche. Under Obama's sign, the words IMPEACH, under LaRouche's "SAVES AMERICA." The men were gathering signatures for some sort of impeachment by the people process.

Sigh and sigh. I am pissed at O, but really? Hitler? Impeach? Larouche? Ya gotta be kidding!

I am just as sick of the right-wing extremists as I am of the oil spill crap. I'm sick of it all. This bird wants to fly the coop!


Pete Bogs said...

Bird - Whatever you do, don't migrate to the Gulf of Mexico! And yes, while the president had to make some kind of address on this disaster, his speech last night seemed to have little purpose outside of PR.

Larouche? I was wondering if that nut was still around. I thought he was in jail or something. He's like the OTHER Fred Phelps or Rev. Moon. Misguided loon with too much money.