Wednesday, May 19, 2010

From My Cold, Dead, Shaky, Pickled Hands

By “Pintface” Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen has vetoed a bill that would’ve allowed gun owners in his state to bring their favorite toys into businesses where alcohol is served, delivering a rare legislative defeat to the NRA and other gun proponents that have seemingly been writing U.S. gun laws for years.

That such a bill was ever created demonstrates both the sheer power and absurdity of the gun lobby. But after at first being incensed by it, I realized there may actually be a benefit to a bill like this; if Second Amendment fetishists go too far with their legislative agenda, they may eventually end up shooting themselves in the foot with regard to popular support.

Keep it up, guys.


boneman said...

I still like Art Buchwald's take on the second amendment.
He set up a ficticious state policy maker who wanted individuals to be allowed to...

own a nuclear device.
Hey...if they refuse it, the only ones who own nukes would be criminals, right?
(I'll look that up and get a locater to you)

Jack K. said...

Either shoot themselves in the foot, or each other.

Pete Bogs said...

boney - I hadn't heard that, but I love it!

jack - Or have a few hunting mishaps.

dianne said...

Guns for the most part are banned here which I think is a good thing though the criminal element still seem to be able to obtain them.
To own a gun legally here you have to be over 21 years of age, attend a course on firearm safety, be a licensed hunter or farmer and can't own an automatic gun. Members of gun clubs have to leave their weapons at the club.
There was a gun moratorium here in 1996, where guns could be surrendered to police no questions asked, this came about after a disturbed individual by the name of Martin Bryant went on rampage in Port Arthur in Tasmania with an automatic firearm and shot and killed 36 people and injured many more. The nation was in shock and despite the protests of the gun lobby the Federal Government bravely decided to call a moratorium and outlaw the possession of these weapons. Hundreds of thousands of guns of all types were handed in to police stations.
I don't know why these 'so called hunters' are allowed to own guns, I'm against hunting anyway. I can understand that farmers need a rifle to protect their livestock from feral animals such as foxes, packs of wild dogs and feral pigs.
Alcohol and firearms are never a good combination. xoxo ♡

Pete Bogs said...

dianne - Sorry to hear about that tragedy. American gun enthusiasts tend to point to "rampages" like that as a reason why more people should have guns, not less. I think they're nuts.

Bird said...

Outraged! Appalled! And I was so looking forward to visiting Tennessee, where I thought I might be able to purchase a dainty lady's gun, then have a martini in some saloon and top of my evening with a big bang-bang shoot 'em up! Saints preserve - there goes my summer vacation!

I have inalienable rights you know! This Bredesen fellow is putting a damper on my pursuit of happiness! And what about my right to bare arms? I was planning on wearing a sexy sleeveless v-neck whilst packing my pistol!

Pete Bogs said...

bird - Guess you'll just have to keep shooting at the gun club, per usual. Too bad about the dress code, eh?