Friday, May 07, 2010

Florida Doesn’t Care About Young People

By “Pintface” Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

Florida's Republicant-dominated legislature has
passed a law requiring women to pay for ultrasounds before having an abortion, in a misguided attempt to deter them having the procedures.

If our highly principled elected officials are genuinely concerned about young lives, they should also require high school-age military recruits to look at films of death, dismemberment and destruction before enlisting.


boneman said...

Ah yes...funtime for Florida.
What happened here, then? Indiana, with a Democratic majority and a Republican Governor thinks that the laying off of teachers (to save a few million dollars in the future) and then building multi-hundred dollar roads through-out central Indiana is a good thing.
And, well, i guess it might be.
Keep 'em dumbed down with less good schooling so they can work those "Roads of the Future"!

boneman said...

that should be multi hundred MILLION dollars.Specifics are a little different through-out the state.
Hamilton County, for example, laid off 17 teachers to save $3 million dollars, spent $120 MILLION on a ROUNDABOUT that crosses a state highway.

Pete Bogs said...

Boney - Point taken. Both out state governments are expending resources on a lot of SHIT!

Jack K. said...

And I thought the Kansas republicants were bad.

Who said, we get the government we deserve?

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boneman said...

it says...
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I don't know when these started, but, it's kind'a unusual.
Is it a link to somewhere?
I dunno, fraid to try.

Then again, I found (and am employing) a strange bit of anti-spamming at time flies....