Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Basketball Team Beats Opponents, Police Beat Celebrating Fan

By “Pintface” Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

John McKenna is the latest unarmed, defenseless victim of police violence. A video shows the Maryland man doing a victory dance after a basketball game, then police swooping in and delivering multiple baton blows to him even after he is subdued.

Did their team lose? Or were the police thinking that a preemptive beating was needed to prevent revelry from becoming a riot? The sight of an innocent man being beaten by police could've easily started one. As could their flagrantly false assertion that horses caused the man's injuries.

This incident recalls one which occurred during post-World Series celebrations in Boston in 2004, where police killed a young woman by firing a “nonlethal” pepper spray bullet into her brain via her eye socket. The cops are bad sports, eh?

Officials were going to charge McKenna with felony assault, but quickly backpedaled once the video proved him to be the assault victim. (Why do they always charge people with things of which they are guilty? Is it like those people who go around accusing everyone else of being gay when they are actually closeted homosexuals trying to take attention away from themselves?)

Dropped charges is a good start, but now the cops involved in the beating should be dropped from their jobs and into a jail cell.


Jack K. said...

I sense a law suit coming the way of the police. When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?

Pete Bogs said...

Jack - The FBI is investigating this now. Serious stuff.

boneman said...

Not as serious as you might think. Happens often. Way too often. And consider this...not everybody has a video camera on them when confronted with police 'service and protection'...
Man pulled over, rolled his windows down and waved at cars passing by on a major thoroughfare, Sheriff pulls up, tells the man to get out of the car...the guy just mumbles at him. sheriff tasers him, and from the sound of it, when the man still didn't respond to his commands, kept tasering him...to death.
Turns out the man was suffering a diabetic symptom.
or look up John Patrick Leaf/Ronald Shellnutt for a surprise in the drunk driving category.
In Indiana, it turns out that if you drink, drive and get caught, you go to jail (unless you're a coop) and if you attempt to walk home and get caught, "public intoxication" is your jail time ticket.
But if you take a cab home, the police evidently have the right to break in and murder you in your bed.
I'll take my chances with drink and drive ANYTIME!
(course, i don't drink like that, anymore)

Pete Bogs said...

boney - I know that these things happen more than we know, but when we do know we should prosecute them vigorously to let other rogue cops know this won't be allowed.

If you do drink, don't drive - and be sure to drink Guinness! ;-)

Have a good weekend.

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