Saturday, March 27, 2010

Impeach and Incarcerate Pope Benedict XVI Over Sex Abuse

By “Pintface” Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

Sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests is not "news," but recent revelations of Pope Benedict XVI’s complicity in abuse cases have brought the issue back to the front page. The former Cardinal Ratzinger knew of at least two cases – in his native Germany and in Wisconsin, USA – but did little (i.e., made pedophile priests repent and shuffled them off to other parishes) to nothing about them.

Naturally, church officials are defending their pontiff. And no one should be surprised if all that comes of this is more of the same toothless response that we’ve seen since rampant, longstanding sexual abuse of children by the Catholic Church was revealed in 2002: Apologies and talk of “forgiveness.” The abusers and their enablers/accomplices (anyone who knew but chose to protect church over children, like Ratzinger) should be rotting in jail and enduring nonconsensual sex for the rest of their lives and afterlives.

Dan Brown, get working on a novel in which a secret society of assassins systematically eliminates priests who molested kids for decades but who remain free due to statutes of limitation. I can’t wait for the movie version of Catholic Catharsis. Hell, maybe I'll write it.


Jack K. said...

It is an outrage that the pious Catholic hierarchy is taking the stand they are.

You should write the story.

btw, was the "toothless response" comment a double entendre? Just askin'.

Pete Bogs said...

jack! no it wasn't, but coulda been... and if I had written "abuse has been thrust back into the spotlight" it certainly would have been, but also inappropriate... I would never...

on second thought, you could be right, but it would've been a subconscious choice of words...

good seeing you!