Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hide Your Women and Children: The Cops Are Coming

By “Pintface” Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

A federal appeals court has dealt another blow to a woman who was tased by Seattle police while pregnant. The court ruled against Malaika Brooks, who initiated a lawsuit after police shocked her with a Taser for refusing to sign a traffic ticket.

Presiding Judge Cynthia Holcomb Hall explained the verdict: “A suspect who repeatedly refuses to comply with instructions or leave her car escalates the risk involved for officers unable to predict what type of noncompliance might come next.”

To clarify: A judge actually said you can tase a (pregnant) woman for not doing something because there’s no way to tell what she might not do next. Un-fucking-believable.

The use of a Taser on anyone who is not dangerous or out control – but simply being a pain in the ass – is a brutal police state-type tactic that should be banned.

Shooting 42 bullets at a carjacker with an innocent family still inside the car is also inadvisable. But Jacksonville sheriffs did just that, hitting a toddler at least twice as a result.

Spokesperson Sheriff John Rutherford said of the incident: "I just don't want to try to speculate on why they felt the need to shoot at the suspect while he was in the vehicle." (Why don’t you simply ask them, sir?)

The "good guys" need to exhibit better judgment and restraint if they wish to distinguish themselves from the bad guys.


dianne said...

You are becoming quite the spokesperson for the underdogs and victims of society here dear Pete, good to see that someone has a social and moral conscience.
These pedophile priests and the Pope should not be given a slap on the wrist and given sanctuary by the church, they should be charged and jailed like any other criminal ... something like this which is hidden by privilege of position only condones the offence and it continues.
I feel a taser is a drastic measure to force anyone to comply who is not a definite threat or visibly in possession of a weapon and about to use it.

That is a lot of bullets to fire at a carjacker in order to stop the car,I realise there were innocent people in the car so what happened to road spikes or some less dangerous method of capturing the perpetrator of the crime.
We seem to have so many high speed police chases here now for people speeding and other crimes and have recently experienced a spate of fatalities of both the criminals and innocent drivers, so much so that the this practice is being reviewed.
We also have drive by shootings in some ares, it makes me wonder what kind of society we are living in, I know there has always been crime, I don't know if it is getting worse as there have been some horrific crimes in the past or it is just that it is reported more openly via the media?

Pete Bogs said...

dianne - Thank you. I do tend to root for the underdog. BTW, a new post on the Catholic sex scandals is on the way. Nice to see you!