Thursday, March 04, 2010

America Prepares to Go Postal

By “Pintface” Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

If the U.S. Postal Service has its way, Americans will soon no longer receive mail on Saturday. Facing a massive financial shortfall, the USPS wants to eliminate Saturday service and make other cutbacks. Aren’t these some of the same people who enjoy paid federal holidays about every other week on the taxpayers’ dime? Why not reclaim some of that budget by working for a change?

And speaking of gun-toting lunatics, Second Amendment supporters may soon have even more reason to celebrate by haphazardly firing shots into the air. After giving the gun lobby some considerable victories, the Supreme Court is now expected to shoot down state and local gun laws at the conclusion of its current case, McDonald v. Chicago. I wonder if “states rights” consternatives will condemn such a ruling, but I expect they will cheer the federal court trumping the states on this one. Hypocritical bastards.


Jack K. said...

I have no problem with not receiving mail on Saturdays. Most of our mail is catalogues and other snail mail spam.

Besides our delivery person can use the time off.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - a lot of commentators out there agree with you; that because of junk mail, email, online billing, etc., the need for service isn't as great as it once was... maybe it's the idea of having something taken away, but I don't like two days in a row without mail... one source floated the idea of mail every other day... that would be even less than 5 days a week, but not more than one day in between... that would mean sometimes we'd get mail on SUNDAY - imagine that!

Nishant said...

Most of our mail is catalogues and other snail mail spam.

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