Thursday, February 25, 2010

There’s No Crying in Winter Olympics!* (UPDATED)

By “Pintface” Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

The 2010 Winter Olympics are becoming the 2010 Whiner Olympics. We can all sympathize when a bittersweet victory close to the loss of a loved one elicits tears from any athlete. When an Olympian whose routine is a little off, or who gets a lesser medal than expected or no medal at all starts blubbering, however, that’s a different matter entirely.

When you’ve worked for years at your sport and then fail to perform to your highest standards it can be devastating. But ladies, and to be frank, that’s precisely who I’m addressing here, if you are a professional athlete – one of sufficient caliber to compete in the Olympics – you’ve got to be made of tougher stuff. You’re only reinforcing stereotypes by crying like grade-school girls.

It’s time to wo-man up.

UPDATE: Now this is the kind of Olympic behavior I like to see! The gold-garnering Canadian women’s hockey team drinking (some players just one year underage) and – well smoking cigars is nasty – but the point is they are celebrating in a manner they deserve. (Though it wish it were the U.S. team celebrating.) More power to ‘em! The IOC? Screw ‘em!

*With acknowledgment to Tom Hanks.


Bird said...

Ah Bogs, you are falling into the trap yourself - that for some reason tears are wrong, weak, wimpy.

And you said it yourself: "When you've worked for years at your sport and then fail to perform to your highest standards, it can be devastating." Not to mention you failed in the clutch.

Ah, the clutch. All words lead back to baseball. Spring training at last. Who cares about the Olympics? Baseball is all that matters.

Pete Bogs said...

Bird - Boys and girls alike cry when they fail at sports. This comes across like crying over a scraped knee on the playground. I expect grownups to act differently.

I need to go, because I am feeling very emotional right now at my less-than-perfect post.

Jack K. said...

You have come across as a cold-hearted person, bogs. You might want to rethink the premise and either re-write or delete. Just a thought.

Bird said...

Ah Bogs, suck it up baby, suck it up.

But here's the antidote to the tearful scenes: gotta love those Canadian girls and their cigars:;_ylt=AieiywuxUoVIMk6gz.9egDFotLV_

Pete Bogs said...

jack - no offense intended... I think the Olympics have been over-covered in the press, and every picture I see is someone crying...

bird - you beat me to it... I planned an update to this post, which is now live... ties in perfectly with the original premise of the post...

dianne said...

Awww Pete dear, I've seen a lot of tears from both men and women at these Winter Olympics but also a lot of joy and happiness.
I think Joannie Rochette was very brave to go on after the death of her Mother, that took great courage and composure.
I have seen a few tears that were warranted like the poor guy from the Netherlands, Sven Kramer who was disqualified and lost his gold medal because of a blunder from his coach who gave him the wrong lane change instructions in the 10,000 metre speed skating race.
He was actually in the correct lane to finish the race but the coach made him change...surely these coaches should know what they are doing.
I have been watching the coverage when I get a chance and there have been a lot of accidents which one would not expect from these professional athletes butI guess it depends on the weather conditions on the day, the snow and the pressure to perform on the athletes themselves.
"A League of Their Own", now that was a great movie and baseball is a great sport.
I used to play softball when I was a girl, the 'girlie version':) of baseball and I loved it. xoxo ♡

Pete Bogs said...

dianne - perhaps the coverage I saw was biased... I am for equality of tears, but that's not what I saw...