Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pope Declares Full-Body Scanners Sinful; World Takes It as a Sign They Are “Fun”

By "Pintface" Pete Bogs/BogsBlog

Pope Benedict XVI has joined other religious leaders in condemning the use of full-body scanners for airline security. Ooh, more forbidden fruit ... goody! As a prolapsed Catholic, I might even consider giving up full-body scanners on Fridays during Lent, but after that all bets are off.

Said the principal papist on balancing security needs with human dignity: “the primary asset to be safeguarded and treasured is the person, in his or her integrity.” Apparently this pope is quite a people person, and one who thinks scanners will compromise our character.

Speaking of sodomy, three cops have been acquitted in a case where one of them is alleged to have inserted a baton into a handcuffed suspect’s ass, with the other two covering it up (the incident, not the ass). The verdict came after another cop risked his own ass to act as a witness against them. It seems justice may have taken it up the ass here.


Karen said...

Well yeah, anything the Pope says is bad... is GOOD, I concur!

Pete Bogs said...

He has essentially just given them an endorsement, as far as I am concerned.

Thanks for coming by!

boneman said...

the world is right.

Jack K. said...

You folks gotta get your priorities in order. Every citizen should have the right to defend and protect themselves. Sometimes the best way to do that is to blow all their "enemies" to Hell with a well placed underwear bomb.

Sheesh, I'm beginning to wonder about you all.

(Can anyone detect any sarcasm here?)

Pete Bogs said...

Boney - Great fun at parties, right? Let's guess who's "pierced" or "enhanced" and then check!

Jack - Good to see you! I am strongly for this technology, and if you let people avoid it, you don't get the level of security the machines are designed to provide.

As I was in Boston over the past weekend, looks like I just missed the scanners by a couple weeks.

Full-body scanners coming to Boston, Chicago airports