Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Declares Avatar “the Shit,” Predicts Big Wins on Oscar Night, Hangs Dissidents Who Claim Precious Is the Superior Film

By Pete Bogs/Bogsblog

James Cameron’s blockbuster film Avatar apparently has a raving fan in Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Persian prez has expressed particular admiration for the battle machine suit (Amplified Mobility Platform [AMP]), which he called “mind-fucking-blowing,” adding that the technology was “his idea first.”

"You know (Avatar is) totally going to kick District 9's ass at the Oscars," he was also purported to have said. "And The Blind Side? Made-for-TV melodrama with a bleach-blonde Sandra Bullock? Don't make me laugh! Seriously, don't make me laugh, or you will be jailed."

Ahmadinejad has reportedly
agreed to halt Iran’s nuclear enrichment program, provided he be allowed to accompany Cameron to the Oscars in March. As of this writing, there has been no response from either the United Nations or Cameron.

Iranian cabinet ministers were surprised by their president’s praise of Avatar, as during a recent Tehran screening Ahmadinejad allegedly paid little attention to the film, instead annoying other patrons by talking loudly on his cell phone.

Above: Ahmadinejad queues up for yet another screening of Avatar in 3-D.


bearly domesticated boneman said...

Well, I was amazed that he watched it at all...but, since you mentioned ut, maybe Ahmadamadinjinski, Ahmandamdaneditsny, Amandensnetstz...oh shoot.
Maybe the leader of Iran is as power hungry as the rest of the leaders in the world, and sees whole armies walking around in those mechanical suits...
(didn't adolf have that same thought back in 1941?)
...oh, heck. I just wish I was on a first name basis with him, because at least manmoud...er, manmud? Maddenmad?
What the heck!?
You'de think it would be something easy like Georg or Tim...but then, that doesn't sound really mean does it?

(breaks to the news...)
"...and today's news, Iran's leader, Tim Smith, says he'll get those suits or else!...and now, here's Martinique with the weather..."

(oh geez...there it is, right up there in orange at the top left of your comments box.)

oh well.

I can't figure out why it is that the Republican'ts want to side with this guy. Maybe because the Dumbocrats are dead set against his grabbing for power.
I mean, they hate homosexuals, want to keep women in their place at low pay, want to punish ANYONE for not following the state religion (one nation under God) and want to ban public smoking (tobacco OR pot)....

I reckon there seems to be a lot of dumbocrats like that, too.
oh well.
Best get a fast foot out's here.
Gotta paint another picture.
I want to save up my pennies to see that movie again, too...but, not at the IMAX 3D place. (gave me a terribvle headache. Liked the story, hated the 3D.
Yeah...what can I say?

bearly domesticated boneman said...

(didn't clip my nails too well, and keep missing the rifht letters, sometimes)

Jack K. said...

I wonder what would happen if he wore those glasses all of the time. They sure would be different that rose colored ones.

bearly domesticated boneman said...

Wear the glasses all the time AND have a name like Fred Flintstone's favorite word....

Pete Bogs said...

Boney – I think foreign leaders should take your comments to heart and change their names to Anglo-friendly ones without so many vowels. Iran is a mess – they are sentencing political protesters to death. About as backwards as they come for a country with a president who wears a fancy suit (and 3-D glasses). Haven’t heard of any Republicant support for him.

Jack – I wish there were a kind of eyewear that would make him see that he is a dangerous dictator and not a president.

PS: Quite a few bloggers out there had a similar idea when they stumbled across the picture on the Web. Google "Ahmadinejad Avatar" and you'll see what I mean. But mine is the best of them!

boneman said...


OK, I may be pushing the envelope just a tad, but, there it is...
And, as for killing political dissenters?
Did you know that an ounce of pot can (and does) still get a person LIFE in prison in Texas?

boneman said...

or, by the way, we could change our names to mouths ful of consonants and DEMAND respect for our god's prophet, the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR...
(joke, right?)

your's truly,
(not enough room for my last name)

Pete Bogs said...

boney - Texas sounds like a Third World dictatorship. Austin should secede. Btw, your name sounds Eastern European. Socialist!!!