Friday, January 22, 2010

The Supreme Court Is as Morally Bankrupt as Air America Is Financially Bankrupt: A BogsBlog Special Edition From Pete Bogs

Freedom of speech was never intended to be reserved for those with loads of money and influence. (At least that’s what the idealistic, hypocritical, slave-owning forefathers probably thought.) It is supposed to be “free” – as in unfettered, and also as in not linked to money. Yet deep-pocketed lobbyists continue to speak more loudly and freely than the rest of us, and as a result we get health care reform bills written by and for insurance companies instead of the people.

With the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday to scale back the bipartisan McCain-Feingold law, union- and corporate-sponsored political ads, not known for disseminating the truth, will likely influence even more of the ignorant, unwashed, uncritical masses than they already do, and we’ll continue to hear that President Obama is a closet Islamo-fascist who was born on Mars and has webbed toes. For the record, I don’t consider intentionally misleading the public for financial gain a “right” by any stretch of the imagination. But the big-business loving consternatives on the Supreme Court apparently do.

The end of the Fairness Doctrine was hailed as a victory for the First Amendment, but it’s only been a victory for the few. Air America has gone bankrupt, and while I’m sure many are jumping for joy, it vividly illustrates the problem that the doctrine was intended to address. Left-leaning speech has been excluded (some could say censored) from AM radio in favor of wall-to-wall consternative commentators, forcing lefties to build their own network from the ground up. That's not a cheap or easy thing to do. As a result, voices that aren't backed by the big bucks are silenced. That's not freedom or democracy in any form; that's scary.

BogsBlog is made possible by a cost-free website that allows me to say just about anything I want. It's disheartening that the USA overall is going in the opposite direction.


bearly domesticated boneman said...

and, sadly, it isn't new.
pick a topic and you'll find that without the big bucks to buy air time, there will be only white noise.
Healthcare issues.
Marijuana legalization.
Gay marriage.
Gays in the military.
The flipping seatbelt law, dang it!
Smokers' rights.
Getting rid of moronic ruling class groups like MADD, Peta, John Birch Society,the american nazi party.
geez, louise.

and so the solution to this is:.....?

bearly domesticated boneman said...

welcome back!
You ain't around as often as you should be, but then again, it is possible, maybe, that you actually have a life...

Frau Farmer said...

Oh man, I was so upset to hear about their decision. I'm (finally) reading Fast Food Nation right now and it's chock full of examples of how big business will work VERY VERY HARD to make sure that their interests are served - screw public health, screw genetic diversity of our plants, screw the little guy, screw anything that doesn't make them more money, more money, more money. Now if people would just EDUCATE themselves, this wouldn't be an issue. But most people don't bother to do anything but sit on their ever fattening asses, eat crappy, processed food, and watch tv. So the fact that big business can saturate TV and radio with ads that will be fool the average Joe into believing whatever they're saying (ahem, SELLING) is severely disturbing.

Pete Bogs said...

boney - there IS way too much influence by special interest groups... I would add the NRA to your list, btw... pols constantly knock them but then do everything they can to support them... and vice-versa... I have no solution at this point...

and yes, I am scarce these days... I am semi-retired... that's why my posts are now "special editions;" I no longer post several times a week and often go months between... if something moves me I write about it...

good to see you!

frau - welcome! yes, people are ignorant... willfully so... they are who I was referencing with my "uncritical masses" comment/pun... people hear things, it gets spread around, then it becomes a "fact" to them... if they are already inclined to believe it because they don't like the person (e.g. Obama wasn't born in the US) they will not make any effort to educate themselves otherwise...

thanks for stopping in...

Cosmic Navel Lint said...

So, in summary (and to paraphrase): we all get the government we can afford... and if you can't afford it, or at least contribute to it, then you can't expect it to represent you.

In essence, the battle cry has transmogrified from being one of, "No taxation without representation!", to one of, "No representation without financial contribution!"

This does raise the question as to whether the US is actually a sovereign state any more; or just a loose melange of corporatist state-lets, and bought-n-paid-for special interest groups masquerading as national and/or regional government?

Viva la Cartels? Libre la Lobbyists?

By contrast, in the UK, there is both governing legislation and limits restricting what can be spent in the furtherance of trying to get elected to office; this applies equally both to individual politicians, and their respective political parties, during any election process (regional or general).

And there is also a strict record kept of precisely whom and how much has been paid to whom, with ceilings on individual donations triggering yet more oversight on their size. Overseas donations are not allowed at all, after that cash-cow was found to have been abused in the past.

The argument put forward to support this position is simple: allow a 'no limits' and 'money no object' approach to electing public servants and they cease to be public servants in pretty short order and end up serving only the interests of the special interest groups and lobbyists who paid for their campaigns.

Pete Bogs said...

CNL - welcome! thanks for your comments... couldn't have better summed up these issues myself... government truly is for sale... people should not go into politics unless they feel a strong calling to service of the people... but that is an increasingly idealistic view... who am I kidding? it's OBSOLETE!

funny there are no cries of "activist judges" from the right on this SCOTUS decision... it's only judicial activism if it impacts consternative ideals...