Thursday, August 20, 2009

American Sickness: A BogsBlog Special Edition

ABOVE: Pete Bogs getting "socialized" in the UK.

Pete Bogs here, revving up BogsBlog for a one-off post about the ongoing health care reform (aka healthcare reform) debate raging in the United States right now. And it is raging. Apparently, it takes a special issue to turn some people into noisemakers. I honestly can’t remember any issue eliciting such vitriol here – not the war in Iraq, not our own government spying on us, not the way our values have been so compromised in front of the world in recent years.

And this universal health care debate is at heart about American values. In broadest terms, it is a battle between those who care about money and those who care about people. On one side, defiantly ignorant hordes who use the fear of government-run “death panels” – seemingly drawn from some dystopic sci-fi story – and their profiteering enablers in the corporate world, who stand to lose the most (money) from a socialized, government-run health care system; on the other, those who believe health care is a basic human right that should be fostered from the top down.

Earlier this year I enjoyed visiting friends in Scotland and England, countries where everyone receives health care regardless of profession, social status or ability to pay. They love America and Americans, with some reservations (it’s not an unconditional love), but they consider it madness that one of the largest, richest, most developed countries in the world doesn’t provide health care for its people. And I agree with them 100%. We should be leading the world in progressive health care thinking; instead, we are way behind our friends. They don’t necessarily think their respective health care systems are perfect, but they also have made it clear they wouldn’t want to live without them.

The “American sickness” is our fear of making positive change because of the prevailing influence of misguided, even dangerous ideological ("special interest") groups. Yeah, let’s keep those assault weapons legal and easily acquirable. Let’s even allow people to brandish them outside an event where the president was speaking on health care reform. We’re smart people who always take sensible steps to do what’s best for us. No question.

We constantly congratulate ourselves on being the best at everything, but these notions are rarely based on empirical knowledge. They’re assumptions based largely on jingoism and ignorance (sorry for the redundancy there). The proponents haven’t looked at the world, nor do they often care “how they do it in (insert location here)”. So they can’t really say with any authority what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, they seemingly just can’t make up their minds.

Socialized medicine, as it has sometimes been described, can and does work. Canada has it. Britain has it. These are some of our closest allies in the world, by the way. We’re not talking about Soviet-style socialism here, though judging by the overwrought reaction of some Americans, we may as well be. And we’re not talking about National Socialist Party-style philosophies either, but that is apparently lost on this woman, and this woman.

Again, I think this issue comes down to whether one cares more about people or about money. The first thing that comes up in any discussions I’ve personally had with health care reform opponents is, “Someone has to pay for this (universal healthcare).” Of course; nothing worthwhile comes without a cost. It all comes down to priorities. And I am ashamed by the misplaced priorities of so many of my fellow Americans. I am saddened, too, that a lack of information is often what drives their views on health care and so many other things.

My own mother – an extremely intelligent and liberal-minded woman who was a nurse for four decades – was opposed to socialized medicine. But I believe she was basing her position on outdated and/or inaccurate information. The true story isn’t coming from here, it’s coming from countries where universal healthcare is a reality. And I believe that if my mother knew the true story now, she’d feel differently. She certainly cares a lot about people, and always has.

There is no wrong in caring for your countrymen; the opposite is actually true. So people can shout and gnash their teeth about a “nanny state” or whatever they want to call it. I believe it’s a core function of government to protect and take care of its people.

Which brings me to a non-rhetorical question. Seriously, please answer it, at least to yourself, but preferably as a comment on this post. If you take nothing else away from this post, take this question, which is actually a series of interrelated questions:

How can some of the very same people who want large sums of money spent on traditional national defense also object to us spending money on health care for all citizens? Isn’t keeping Americans alive and healthy the common goal of both our defense system and our health care system? How can you say you want to prevent an anthrax attack from terrorists upon your neighbor, yet not be concerned about preventing or treating a naturally occurring cancer or infection in that same neighbor? How can you want to stop bullets and bombs from raining down upon someone, but be completely indifferent were they to be injured in another context? Who funds our defense system? We all do, because it is for the common good. We should give health care no less importance, starting now.

If Congress does not take this opportunity to make universal health care – including a “public option” – a reality for Americans, we need to vote to yank health benefits from them. Use your salaries to pay for your own, guys. If it’s good enough for the people you represent, it’s good enough for you. This seems like a sensible proposal to me. Anyone? Anyo


Liberal Banana said...

Great post! I agree 100% with everything you said. It boggles my mind that not everyone could think this way - seriously.

Bird said...

Ah Bogs ....

I've had to turn my face and ears away from the debate. The raging looneys (who actually DO, I think, care about people not money but are clearly invested in remaining ill-informed, fearful, and easily manipulated) were driving me over the edge. I am now completely jaded - most people are indeed, stupid. Sigh. And the rest of us are not any better - as we have allowed them to take over the debate - and will allow them to sink healthcare reform.

Where the hell is the media? I am convinced now - it wasn't just Bush that doomed our democracy (or Nixon, or any idiot in between the two) - it's the media that's sunk our boat. We do not have a thriving democracy because we do not have a media that provides INFORMATION instead of entertainment. We do not have an informed citizenry.

So I give up. At least for now.

But nice to see you in the blogosphere. And yes - I was in Italy this summer - the whole month of June - absolute heaven!

Pete Bogs said...

LB - Hey there! Are ya hitched yet? Thanks for the comment. Nice to see you again.

Bird - I tried to stay out of it, but the pervasive stupidity (Nazi rhetoric, etc.) just got too much to handle. Basically, I built a post around the central question, "How is providing health care different than providing defense for your fellow Americans?" I built a hell of a lot, actually - about 1000 words. Took me longer to sort out some tech issues than it did to write.

You are right, though. Media holds back information, provides misinformation, and then covers a whole bunch of non-news shit (Paris Hilton, etc.) in between. Sad state of affairs.

Good to hear from you.

boneman said...

Well, it probably goes withoyut saying I don't keep MY mouth shut! HA!
...and, sorry, bird, but you missed a major point there...From Nixon came the direction of the republican't party. (or, if on youtube, the republiKKKan't party() and I don't mean from when he was president. As a VP, that moron began with the coming out party with Joeseph McCarthy...the rather be dead than red, the don't qusetion the governmet, don't ask questions or you're evil...
As a president, he kept it up..most notably when he had a highly specialized panel of doctors, psychologists and internal physicians study the effects of marijuana on people. The end result was, no. It wasn't any worse, and in most cases, way less worse than alcohol, tobacco, and, in some cases, salt or sugar intake. He threw it out, and hired another panel of less learned folks and even ended up replacing one of them, until he got the result he was after.
Reagan armed, trained, and supplied bin laden. we see what that got us.
can it get worse?
Bush junior made dollars hand over fist by selling F-16s to the only radical Islamic country in the world that had nuclear weapons...only, before that they didn't have any means of deployment.
Guess they do, now.
So, two presidencies down the road (will it take that long?) are we going to see a stealth attack of F-16s rolling into major populations stoked up with nukes each? Banzai and poof! A whole city destroyed?

Being quiet is what will get that and many other atrocities done. So...sorry.But I definately disagree with the stay quiet and wait for it to blow over tactic.
It didn't work in Germany in the late 20s. It won't work, now, either.
OK, on the other hand, you look a little lighter floating by in the air. You been eating those new fangled low-fat minnows?

Bogs! You old Scot!
Found the Guiness factory and just won't come back, eh?
If I could get that far, I'de be tempted to make the jump over.
Probably spend a time or two in the big tunnel, visiting Amsterdam. You know of course, that's where the biggest Van Gogh gallery in the world is, right? But, Dang! What fun!

I went the other way with my message, though.
Oh, same ends, to be sure.
Just, I turned around and took my letter from the White House and have been making it into a simpler, easy to read (even included music) piece.

...but, I'll be danged. I think I got another flagging.
Morons will use ANY excuse to off a liberal republican, I tell you.
I think I should sue.

Pete Bogs said...

Boney - Good to see you! I don't pretend to understand most of what you say, but I think I got some of this. Misinformation comes from many places, but I blame people for being willing to believe just about anything if it fits their world view. Stupid fools!!!

Been to Amsterdam. Great time, short trip. 'Nuff said.

Jack K. said...

Pete, thank you for this posting. I have been giving some thought to the issue and had not gotten to the point you have. I liked it so much I posted the questions on my blog.

Pete Bogs said...

Jack - Many thanks! I don't think the common goal of national defense and health care is brought up very much. I certainly haven't heard it mentioned in the current hubbub. I'd like to pose that question to some universal health care opponents.

Karen said...

"I honestly can’t remember any issue eliciting such vitriol here"

It was bad when the Clintons were in office but nothing like it is now. I truly believe the rethugs hate President Obama so much, they will do ANYTHING to bring him down.



Pete Bogs said...

Karen - I am speaking mostly about these raucous, even violent town hall meetings. The media rhetoric is as bad as it ever was under Clinton, but I don't remember pushing and shoving. People are really getting nutty about this important issue.

dianne said...

Yes I agree with you also, you are the richest most powerful nation in the world and you dont have 'social medicine' is a basic human right for all people to be able to get medical treatment regardless of their income,race or social status.
Our Medicare system here is not perfect but anyone can get help in an emergency at a public hospital and its free or go on a waiting list for some less acute surgeries.
We have medical centres and some doctors who 'bulk bill'that is where the cost is paid for by Medicare via taxpayer contributions.
We also have private health insurance which you pay for yourself,you do get a tax break for
paying for your own health costs.
Its all very complicated like all of these issues, but it allows you to go to a private hospital and have the doctor of your choice or as a private patient in a public hospital...sometimes it is of great benefit if you have a child with an chronic illness.

Carl (aka Sofarsogoo) said...

Very impressive post, Pete Bogs. (I got here from LLL's place.)

Yesterday I attended a health care town hall forum here in my rural Virginia county, and it backed up my contention, which is close to what your commenter here, Karen, said. In that forum the opponents of health care reform repeatedly brought up their opposition to government-run programs. But not only do I generally approve of government programs but also I think that those are code words meant to hide their real meaning of Obama-run programs. I don't see how there can be any doubt that a great deal and maybe even the bulk of the opposition to health care reform is being done out of a burning desire to invalidate the results of the 2008 election.

Karen said...

"I am speaking mostly about these raucous, even violent town hall meetings."

So was I.

Pete Bogs said...

Carl - Thanks, and welcome! Yes, people are challenging the president's legitimacy, even saying he's not an American. Absurd.

Karen - Got ya!

TROLL Y2K said...

People smart enough to know that the Traitor-Democrat Party of Filth's proposals are not about helping people but are instead a craven power-grab.

1) Barack Obama

2) Every democrat member of Congress.

3) Me and everyone else with an IQ in the triple digits.

People who think the Traitor-Democrat Party of Filth really believe their proposals will help more people while costing LESS.

1) Bogs.

2) Other people as stupid as Bogs.

Pete Bogs said...

TrollY2k - it's against my better judgment to engage a troll in conversation, but I will just say this: if you're thinking about a power grab, you must be still living under the secretive, intractable, shady Bush administration...

PS: welcome!

JaneEyre said...

Our healthcare system is in a remedial class by itself. 20,000 people die in the US each year because they can't afford to see a doctor. 700,000 a year go bankrupt because of their medical bills. The whole culture in which we have and care for our children, ourselves, our elderly is utterly dysfunctional. Emulating countries that are doing things right with healthcare is a good step toward improvement.

Pete Bogs said...

JE - Exactly. There are those who insist such a system would never work, but how do we know? We haven't tried anything else. It has worked elsewhere. Closed minds are keeping us from a potentially better way. Those who think our current system is best are not the ones who really need help; they are the ones who are keeping others from getting what they need. Sad.

Jack K. said...

Greed, power and racism are a potent combination. Not everyone believes in them. Look out for those who do.

LeftLeaningLady said...

I just popped in to see if you had had time to eulogize Teddy yet. I take it from Carl's comment you have popped in to see me recently?

I am working on a post on this issue, but who knows when I will have time to finish it?

Great post.

Pete Bogs said...

LLL - Good to see you! I have no plans to post on Kennedy's death, but do wish him R.I.P.

I did indeed stop by your place recently. Thanks for coming over to see us!

boneman said...

well, I found an Al Franken (being a bit more quietly spoken than Mr. Frank)

'course, I'm beginning to get more to finding words than videos.
Folks, though they appreciate the entertainment, may be losing the impetus from the videos.
For example, Lewis Black pointed out the smirking smile Bush junior used to flash everytime he spoke of attacking Iraq (no matter what the citizens of this country, or the rest of the world, for that matter, thought or wanted) and it didn't really express enough response.
But, in reading his book, I came across that piece again, and the words were way more powerful. it the more sophisticated we are, the more primitive and barbaric?

boneman said...

the more interesting overlapping ideology system is;
the party that advocates death and destruction (presumably under the guise of some higher conscience), also despises a woman deciding for herself whether or not to keep a baby (yet again from the same conscience), but denying the concept of helping those of poverty status (which actually should be a note in that same conscience, so, I don't know where they can even come up with the idea that it's acceptable, as the same conscience that is supposedly followed calls for helping those who cannot help themselves)
And, as would have to be for an overlap of three items (killing, not killing, not saving) an inconsistency with whatever source is the frame of reference.

Now, let me restate the problem, and then, the answer.
The problem is taking of life (any Muslim from another country) for their difference of opinion.
To not take the life of a fetus, even if the woman wants that solution (isn't that also a "nanny state"?)
And then not helping those who need help but can't afford it.

Notably, a bible is used in reference to each
(#1 an eye for an eye, #2 thou shall not kill, #3 leave the dead to bury the dead) but all three times they are used incorrectly.
A true Christian would bend over backwards to not kill.
A true Christian would not stand in judgment of another (even if it seems a sin) because the ONLY judge is not man.
Lastly, a true Christian would draw to himself (or herself, dear Auntie) the sick, the ailing and the lame, and would not deny them help and comfort for lack of funds.

Now, another funny thing has begun to occur withing the republican't camp, and it is no small wonder that it hasn't raised its ugly, nasty head BUT.
Bogs has declared this a noncombatant comments post, and I shall abide to that end.

But be aware of your own misconceptions and failings, Trolly2kchef artful sub haiku master ...whatever your name is at any given time....
Consider those many names, sir.
There was also one known as Legion (for we are many) and it was the many evil souls dwelling within him that went out to the pigs.

Pete Bogs said...

boney - I think a lot of people are showing their true natures with this health care debate, including consternative members of my own family who consider themselves devout Christians... that they balk when our country tries to make efforts to help the "poor, sick, suffering" shows just how devout they are... why is it godless liberals who are leading the charge for universal care, and not those who claim to follow Christ? I alluded to some of them in this post - they bring up money/taxes as their biggest objection... money before people is how they really feel, though they'd vehemently deny were you to accuse them... it's ongoing inconsistency/hypocrisy like this that pushed me to raise my blog (i.e., start blogging) in the first place...

it's always a pleasure to see you... and regarding noncombatant posts, I simply ask that people here not attack each other directly (except for me; I am fair game for attack, as I am host and not guest), but to do it indirectly through criticizing their views... we'd have no dialogue here otherwise... troll y2k simply attacked me but did not counter any of my points specifically... sounds like a person without much to say...

K9 said...

what a surprise! kinda dull not to have even ONE dissenting POV.

thank god for bird! right on. the media are a disaster. i agree with bogs in that of all things health care is the hornets nest? the bailout was the final stake in my heart. i will never look at anything the same again. however, why do you not address obamas total full of shitness on patriot act, expansion of the war, hiring wall street as advisors and having czars and lobbyists in the white house? you guys overlook all the broken promises. its pitiful.

bogs, stop by the yard if you can. i need your memory. you too bird.

karen: true to form. your hatred of all things not leftist are legendary. namaste out of your mouth is a joke. racism is the argument of infants.

i thought dissent was the highest form of patriotism? LOL only when you agree with the dissenters, right?

instead of waking up to the reality of our situation - that washington is all the same people over and over again - you guys remain party spokes hacks. and not one thing have these guys ever delivered on. LOL

boney- are you capable of writing anything with economy? grrrrrherhahaha

K9 said...

oh bogs, i guess you are not going to allow my comment to stand - even though you know my observations are TRUE.

K9 said...

wait! i missed troll. okay. two dissenting POV's

TROLL Y2K said...

I would attack your specific points if I could find them in your hate-fueled Strawman-intensive diatribe.

IF your central point was to say that National Defense and The Traitor-Democrat-Party-Of-Filth's Power-Grab are on equal Constitutional footing, I say you're very wrong. And the founders would think you were insane to believe that.

If your tertiary point was that a completely different sort of National Health Care plan works half-way decently and is fairly popular in Denmark, I'd have to ask a question to give you an opportunity to flesh out that argument.


What's the link? Do we have THAT much in common in 2009 with the Denmark of the 1940s? Is the Democrat's plan anything like theirs even on paper? Have you even read the Democrat's plan?

The truth is that The Republican Party (which includes 2 Physician Senators) has made several good proposals that actually WOULD lower health care costs and increase access to good quality treatments. Did you read them?

K9 said...

three other things:

the demoncrats have the votes to pass it. why dont they? they want republicant COVER for this *dog* of a bill.

if obama wants to fix the problems of health insurance and the corruption of medicare and caid, then why not do that now? you dont need a new bill to compel health insurance companies cut people off for getting sick or punishing pre-existings

finally - iu the UK and other socialized medicine countries - people with money buy quality health care out of pocket. so you still have a health caste system.

TROLL Y2K said...

Bog's readers are even dumber than he is. Pathetic small-minded sheeplings.

Pete Bogs said...

k9 - I am the first to say how disappointed I am about a lot of things Obama is doing... failing to prosecute the criminals who ran this country for 8 years is one of them... if he fails to deliver a good health care plan, that will be another big strike against him...

my friends overseas, and I now have many, are very happy with their healthcare plans... they don't think they're perfect, but what is? and they think it's odd a country with our stature doesn't have something similar... and I agree with them...

you are right about posts needing dissent... I have been waiting for some... you know all opinions are allowed here... just no attacks on other guests, like TY2K is doing...

TY2K - government control of healthcare - and we're only talking about a public OPTION, not requirement - is hardly a power grab... certainly not on the scale of illegal wiretaps, torture, etc.

but, nice try...

I haven't read GOP proposals, and don't plan to... here's why:

1) whoever proposes it, I will not be happy without a plan with a public option... I know none of theirs would even consider it...

2) I don't trust the motivation of Republicans here... I think what they're concerned with is:

a) the appearance, suggestion or possibility of something resembling socialism... which is ridiculous because no one is suggesting Soviet-style socialism here... our closest allies are socialists, and we don't seem to have an issue with that... they are just clinging onto their Cold War mindset... oh yeah, and that Cuban embargo is going to start working any day now... let's keep that, too...

b) that their corporate benefactors in the insurance, pharmaceuticals and other related industries stand to lose money, therefore THEY stand to lose money... it's not about people at all, but it should be...

one of the silliest straw man arguments regarding healthcare has not had much play since the 2004 election - the importation of cheaper drugs from Canada... safety concerns, yadda yadda yadda... Canada isn't a third world country, it's a modern one... but the Rx companies couldn't come up with a genuine reason for people not to be allowed to get drugs cheaper from our neighbor, so they go with the (irrational) fear argument... pathetic and predictable...

Pete Bogs said...

k9 - regarding Democrats not passing the bill... I think people are scared of any real, significant change... the politicians are scared of this issue, as their constituents are... this is true on both sides... so the answer is fear of change, even with the possibility things will be better, keeps America from acting wisely on everything from assault weapons to healthcare to liquor laws...

Aunty Belle said...


Pete Bawgs the dust done been kicked up
Heah---hey Sugar Pie how ya been?

I drifted over from the Dawg's yard whar'
Ya stopped in and was so sweet to leave
Me a hidy-do!!

Y'aint gotta gues mah views on health care
Hee hee...

TROLL Y2K said...

But it will be a Power-Grab. A classic Chicago-Style patronage and extortion power-grab. If you think the people HIRED to "administer" the "Public Option" will be selected based on their knowledge and competence, you obviously have never been to Chicago. Or examined the hiring practices of the Obamanation to date. More people dependent upon the Traitor-Democrat-Party-of-Filth because they wind up in the "Public Option" program IS a power-grab. More people who are close-to-impossible to fire WORKING FOR the Traitor-Democrat-Party-Of-Filth as "administrators" IS a power grab. A Health Care Market where cash contributors to the Traitor-Democrat-Party-Of-Filth have WRITTEN THE RULES and enjoy unfair advantages over more innovative potential competitors IS A POWER GRAB.

As for your second rant, I'd suggest you take a look at which insurance and pharma Companies are giving money to which politicians and which causes.

But I know you're too much of a lazy sheepling to get the facts. Hint 1: The pols getting the most money are all Democrats since 2006.
Hint 2: They don't give Chucky Schumer all that cash because of his pleasant personality.

You've proven you're a lazy sheepling by not reading the proposals of the traitor-democrat-party-of-filth (written by AFL-CIO,SEIU, ACORN, GE, and political hacks). And not reading the proposals by Republicans (written by Senators who happen to be Physicians).

Reverend X said...

Long time, eh? I m digging your point. You make sense, but we won't be getting a decent health care reform in this decade no matter how great the need and honorable the task. The Repugs have never been the Domocrats prime nemesis. Te Democrats have only themselves for that job. Even if they held every seat in Conress, they are incapable of doing anything worthwhile. Why? Well, how many factions has the Party split into in the last 10 months? I honestly don't know but I would guess at least 10. So now we have an ineffectual multi party parliamentary situation populated with people who have no idea how to compromise. They will micro manage their own destruction. Bummer.

Yuppers. Obama has followed a long trend of Presidential Adherence to the Uber Policy. Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama has seen drastic polar shifts in political lingo and support base demographics with out any variance of governmental actions and outcomes. All one party acting like psychos who hate eachother. Brilliant!! Too bad the brilliance is the magnifying glas they are holding in the sun above us!!

Your Patriotism and Pride in our Democracy comes off a bit unsettling.
A Democracy is a Nation ruled by the will of the Majority of its population. The vast Majority of the US willed the democrats into total control of this country. You call them the "The Traitor-Democrat-Party-Of-Filth". Due to the aforementioned democratic process, the Domocrats can not, in any f'n way, be described as "Traitors". Thus ends your remedial political science lesson for the day...

Additionally, define and validate the "Filth" label, please. I know it helps you emphasize your lisp when you say it aloud, but here in written form it just makes your argument that much more counter productive.

With all sincerity, I am begging you to stop writing your political opinions and their self realized justifications. I am not asking this for me or for my agenda. I am begging you to stop being a detrimental force (Traitor as defined properly) to your own Party. Stick with the TMZ genre Celebutante in the Newz stuff that blousy lil gay boys like you know and love so much. Whoer yourself to a red carpet somewhere and stay the FUCK out of the important Public Discourse. You are a noisy little thorn in the side of rational populace. All you will ever achieve with your current plan is to piss off everyone and render them incapable of hearing, understanding or compromising with anyone else. You have talents. Go with what God gave you and write indepth and scathing reviews of Reality Show stars and their children's drug habits.

Be Talk Soup. Do not allow yourself to become Tucker and Dipshit from Crossfire. OK?.

How ya doin Baby? I've missed ya. I will be stopping by soon... Promise.

With Love,

Pete Bogs said...

Aunt B - Nice to see you again. I have to say I expect your personal spiritual values to guide you, not your political ones. The two are incompatible.

TY2K - I'm not a Democrat, and I'm not happy with the party, but I know Republicants are far worse for America. They are unapologetic in their greed, xenophobia, and general objection to all things good and rational. Speaking of which, you seem incapable civilized, rational discourse. So, did you enjoy disrupting the town halls?

The Good Reverend - Nice to see you again! Yeah, Dems have the White House and Congress and won't do much substantial with it. I hope there is still time.

boneman said...

well, I am a bit confused, actually.
This is the same health care plan presented by the R party a few years into the traitor's run at office...just before he started selling F-16s to Pakistan, right?
But because the D party got a couple of points included (probably to match what the rest of the world was doing...if someone is here from out of country, they too get health care) and for that and the sheer fear to charge the ultimate rich their fair share of taxes, he vetoed it...(that is how it went down, right?)....

So, that's the government. And for whatever reason, they are a pack of weasels (I have a great story line for that if I ever get around for it)...but.
How do individuals stand?
And, I don't mean in that fake double talk some folks use.
(I am not a traitor if I served my country. SOME folks still have NOT, it seems, but are quick to use up rhetorical claptrap)

Rather, in plain English...
Do folks believe we should help the poor get medical help?
(Yes. I certainly do)

Should men be in charge of women's free choice of their bodies?
(No! Men are so much the problem already. They should get NO say whatsoever)

What about war with another religion? Go or no?
(Absolutely do NOT base a war on one fantasy objecting to another fantasy!)

What about that bin laden jerk?
(Haul his ass out of those mountains and beat him senseless for all I care. Shoot him as many times as possible letting him live!)
( worse side. Sorry. I realize that it is a direct attack on a weasel, a direct attack on a good friend of the bush family, and possibly will get me in plenty of trouble with blackwater, but, screw that! He deserves nothing except to be dragged out of those damned hills.
Possibly pout in jail with his good friends, the bushes, the cheneys, the rumsfelds....)

Is it so hard to take a personal stand?
Must it always be a slight against a group of weasels who only want to eat up resources for themselves, anyway?

Can I leave a link for showing their butts for what they really stand for?

(some ask me why I post political commentary in a humor post. Are you kidding me?
It's the government! That's why)

(danged weasels!)

Pete Bogs said...

boney - political commentary is perfectly suitable here... I can't imagine the Republicants proposed anything like this under Bush, as it seems to go against their inclination to be greedy bastards who feel for no one...

I want bin Laden captured. The people who started the war forgot about that fucker when they turned attention to Saddam. Hurrah, Saddam is dead, but bin Laden, the man behin 9/11 (the reason for us going to war in the first place) is still walking around free and laughing at the West... I hope Obama's efforts in the increasingly unpopular Afghanistan conflict yield results...

boneman said...

yeah, but I forgot some things

How come I'm so quick to call for death?
I think the longer he lives in a cell, with translators reading the names of the dead he created (some actually Muslims. Go figure!) the better the punishment.
That way we never have to dirty our hands by doing the despicable thing he did.

I have heard there's at least a couple books that show that bush family and bin laden family have ties.
Funny that this is never put out for folks to see like the gibberish coming from the other camp.

And, I didn't mean to scare away two of your antagonists.
Maybe when it comes to putting their names to the actual concept instead of screaming obscenities at other's parties, they are less likely to respond.
(or that becomes their statement..."I don't/won't respond")
Kind of like shining a bright flashlight into a room of darkness.

None-the-less, I hope you are also enjoying visits to other close by lands.
The Netherlands with 11 (?) parties sounds very interesting and not polarized at all.
Sounds like the more parties involved, a truer Democracy can be found easily, and the weeds of tyranny squashed so much quicker, too.

Plus I hear pot's legal, so when all else fails, folks get together and just laugh a lot!

Pete Bogs said...

boney - the film Fahrenheit 9/11 also describes links between the Bush and bin Laden families... and I agree that more (viable) political parties would be good for America... occasionally an independent gets into high office, but typically you have to be in one of the two major parties to even be noticed... we continue to see things in black/white and left/right terms...

I think fiscal consternative Republicants should've spun off the xenophobic, "so-called family values" bloc that focuses on social issues with hypocritical, often nonsensical viewpoints... i.e. the religious right..

Reverend X said...


Here is a decent link to the Family Ties, plus it has Bin Laden's only verified response to 9-11 and the FBI's statement of "No credible evidence" linking UBL to 9-11. Thought you might like a quick review of the facts at hand.