Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Stop The Killing (Mostly) UPDATED

Americans are dropping to gun violence so fast it’s making my head spin and stomach turn. The bloodletting has reached epidemic proportions of late, with mass killings in homes, nursing homes, immigrant centers and even church retreats all over this gun-loving nation of ourn. I feel like it’s 2006 again, but instead of getting arrested for DUI, everyone’s going on their own killing sprees.

One of the
shootings involved a guy armed with an AK-47 (assault weapon) lying in wait for police to show up at his home. It’s been said he was afraid of the “Obama gun ban” that’s on its way (he’s likely also afraid of Obama’s socialist/Marxist agenda, his planned Muslim caliphate and his national service slave/drone army; he should be afraid of the Easter Bunny, too, because he’s just as real a danger). You can dismiss the shooter as a lone nutter, but remember, a lot of people share his concern. Gun sales are way up. And three cops are dead as a result of one man’s paranoia and a weapon he should never have been able to procure.

Now is a scary time to live in America. It’s clear we need to immediately take serious, effective steps to reduce violence within our borders. At the same time, I think there are some places in the world that could use a little more of it. (Re-read that if you need to.)

Yet another cargo ship has been
hijacked off the coast of Somalia, this one with at least 20 Americans on board. Piracy has become so frequent and – seemingly – so easy in the region that it’s turning into a bad joke. The typical scenario is this: a half-dozen guys armed with machine guns and grenade launchers zip out in a speedboat, seize a ship and either claim its cargo or demand a ransom for the release of the vessel and crew. On occasion, these men take time out from their shipboard hijacking duties to observe religious holidays. Let it never be said pirates are devoid of values!

For the life of me, I can’t understand why a few of the world’s powerful, armed nations can’t simply blast these pirate vessels out of the water on sight. A few guys in a small boat? I am seeing minimal ammo expenditure here. We’re allowing a few bullies to hold the entire school hostage, and it’s embarrassing, frustrating and mostly preventable. A single, well-aimed shot (say, in the direction of the speedboat’s fuel tank) from even a small gun on a plane, helicopter or military ship could put a stop to an imminent hijacking.

Any surviving pirates would then be given the opportunity to fill up a shark’s belly, or to have their own lungs filled with the ocean’s finest briny stuff. Yes, an essential part of this battle against the pirates is a “no rescue” policy. We have already wasted far too much time on these people. Let the pirates back home get the message that we’re done with them from the sight of their buddies’ bodies washing up on the beach.

I would say the same thing were this to be happening off the coast of a European country instead of an African one, lest anyone think my cavalier attitude toward the pirates’ lives to be racially motivated.

And then there’s Kim Jong-Il. Remember the little Asian dictator so desperate to stay in the headlines that he performs needlessly provocative
missile tests from time to time? It’s his way of saying, “Since I don’t have much of my own, I will f*ck the world with this baby. You complain and threaten sanctions, but you know you love it, b*tches!” People of North Korea: Why don’t just smother this guy already? Have you never heard of pillows, or does your “Dear Leader” not allow you to have those? We’re one palace guard away from restoring sanity and security to the region. The world needs – and awaits – your initiative.


boneman said...

It's true. Ranting is up, quiet time down.
Oh well.
I had my jump at it yesterday.

Still, I can't help but to think some of the worse of what's happenning is due, in part, to our really fantastic communication skills.
I mean, folks have always been bad at each other, only we just haven't heard so much.
Now-a-days, if someone gets killed and stuffed into a suitcase on the other side of the country, we hear about it here.
(Personally, I wish they were that fast to tell us the cheapest gas station to use)

Still, a weapons ban, eh?
I'de hate to be the officer in charge of fetching those weapons.

I kind of go along with the idea that the law was put into place to refute that very action. To keep our own government from overwhelming us.
Still, there do seem to be a lot less murders in England and Canada.
Then again, that one guy in Canada that sat next to a cell phone user on the Greyhound one night, then cut off the guy's head and started chasing people around the bus with it.

(crap like that will bring the "eeeuuu" out'a anybody!)

boneman said...

wow. Talk about being a prophet!
Bogs, the report back went something like this

...and after pirates attacked the ship and gained partial control of it, suddenly the Americans were in charge again.
The captain of the ship was captured, but....

and that was all I heard.
All I could think of was you were right.
They evidently fed the pirates to the sharks.

dianne said...

I have noticed there has been a lot of violence and killing in the US on the news this week, more than usual but I know violent crime happens everywhere.
We have very strict gun laws here but that still doesnt stop the underground element from getting hold of firearms to commit crimes, though it has certainly helped.
The problem being the kinds of people who can obtain these weapons, like the nutters and just the plain hate crimes which we have had recently had with the criminal element in the biker gangs.
What is the world coming to?
I saw the story about the hijacking of the cargo ship, I agree just blow the pirates out of the water as soon as they approach the ship, no great loss.
As far as Kim Jong-Il is concerned I would put him on my hit list of people who should be eliminated along with Robert Mugabe, who serves no good purpose to anyone by being alive.
I know that sounds harsh and I dont condone violence but these despots just make their people suffer and they are dangerous. ♡

Pete Bogs said...

Boney -
I suggest using knockout gas when confiscating assault weapons… the former owners would wake up groggy, pissed and AK-47-less…

That Canadian beheading was messed up, to say the least!

good to see you, man!

Dianne –
I imagine a lot of these horrific stories are making the international news, and it probably confirms for many the notion that Americans are a bunch of dangerous gun nuts… part of my purpose here is to let the world know that’s not true… some of us see the problems easily accessible guns can and do create…

Here’s some more good news, practically from my own backyard:

“Marie Moore had a history of mental illness and had previously attempted suicide and been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital in 2002 under the state's Baker Act.”

Just the kind of woman you want playing with guns at your shooting range(!?)

Woman kills son, self at shooting range

LeftLeaningLady said...

Pete, you should show your face more often around here. I pop in every week or see to see if you are here to visit.

Thanks for the link to that awful story, I was going to mention it and you saved me the trouble.

I do believe in gun control, to a degree, but I also believe it is a waste of time and tax dollars to make more laws when the ones we have are not being enforced. Let's legalize drugs, which will up our tax base and lower the # of people in prison and then, once we are enforcing the gun laws on the books, we can see if we need more.

Great post.

Pete Bogs said...

LLL - I support the legalization of some drugs and certain other forms of vice... some because I think it's no one's business, but also for tax revenue it could generate... I often wonder how those who fight tax hikes would respond if a proposal were made to tax more things (by allowing gambling, soft drugs, etc.) rather than raise taxes... would they chose their opposition to vice over their opposition to higher taxes?

regarding my visits, I started writing a few Bogsblog posts in recent days, only to drop them because I wasn't into it... however, when "moved" to write on something I see it through... I couldn't not address all the violence going on, and some other things that were irking me (the "Mostly" section) in a Bogsblog post...

thanks for your kind words... I am thinking about trying to add a subscribe option for Bogsblog so that people will know when there is a new post, and not have to check back all the time... that's especially handy when there's such a long gap between post... we'll see...


Bird said...

but bogs - the easter bunny IS really, truly scary. i'm avoiding that sucker this weekend at all costs.

now why you pickin' on pirates? we all know pirates are charming rascals out for a good time. I mean, really - haven't you seen the Pirates of the Carribean? C'mon now. Surely these pirate stories are nothing but propaganda. Somali pirates - ridiculous! Everyone knows pirates are from Great Britain!




why is the rum always gone?

Pete Bogs said...

bird - no doubt people wouldn't have a problem with these pirates if they looked liked Johnny Depp...

if caught, I believe these folks should be made to star in the next big pirate porn epic...

Jack K. said...

Bogster, good to see you posting again. Your infrequent postings suggest you are gainfully employed and have little time for these niceties.

You are not alone. We are all feeling frustrated by the violence. From this frustration can come violence. Just look at the words voiced in the comments to this posting.

I know that I share many of the same views.

I'm not sure which news program that made comments about taking on the Somali pirates, ABC I think. They indicated that the expanse of the ocean to be covered is too vast for the kind of military presence needed. There was a comment that it would be more effective to take out the pirates at their base of operations.

The pirates have gained hero status there. Just like in other distressed neighborhoods, the "lowlifes" are the ones with the money. When they share some small portion of it with the destitute they become heroes. Besides, to take military action on the soil of another sovereign nation would be difficult.

I must admit, the judicious use of a couple Predator drones would do wonders. How's that for releasing some frustration energy?

There may be some other ways to look at things. This should give you some hope.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - good to see you!

the issues of attacking a sovereign nation are a concern - that's why stopping pirates at the source is problematic... all the more reason to smash them to bits out there on international waters... I do realize, however, that the ocean is vast... but aren't there designated shipping lanes that the freighters (and pirates) stick to?

it seems, from your description, that these pirates are modern-day Robin Hoods... just hoods, actually... lol... they certainly do know how to attract the ladies...

typical - "bad boys" with money get all the girls, and poor schlubs like me ask for a "table for one!"

Somali women flocking to port in hope of marrying pirates

PS: thanks for the links!

Pete Bogs said...

happy to hear the captive captain has been rescued and most of the pirates killed... hopefully they threw their bodies to the sharks...

Ardlair said...

Blogdebogs reborn!
I drop by , and you have posted.
I post now and then too.
But mainly then.

Anyway, my nostalgic sentimentality will now yield to my usual carping, critical, irritating analysis.
Some things never change.

Why do you suggest that the solution to violence is violence?
Is that not where the real problem lies?

As the great man said " An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind."

The Somalian pirates story is just one sign of the developed world's neglect of Africa. Somalia just doesn't have enough to interest us.So we ignore it. If they had oil, we'd doubtless have found a way of "regime changing" them. Or if they suggested that they had Bin Laden living in a cave somewhere within their borders then we would have 30000 troops and a few billion dollars worth of hardware in situ.
But when it's just anarchy, poverty, starvation and the odd plague, we couldn't give a XXXX.
Until of course they take a few pops at a few yanks in a big boat.

Then we really get serious.


Think I'll go back to Twitter.

Love ( non biblical)


Pete Bogs said...

ardlair! nice to see you...

I rarely make exceptions to my belief that violence makes more violence, but seriously, I don't know what else you can do with people like these pirates... hopefully it would just take a few
"beatings" to end the piracy, and shipping could return to normal...

I don't think the West deserves blame for Somalia's problems, however... there are enough coups, droughts, diseases, etc. over there to make life miserable for anyone without the white man's influence...

K9 said...

ive had trouble getting work. do you think the pirates will take me? grrherhahahaha

good to see ya out and about. hope you had a good easter.

K9 said...

NYT today:

The National Security Agency intercepted private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress last year, government officials said in recent interviews.

much more.

are you libs going to stand by this napolitano witch hunt?


but but but if Obama does it, it must be necessary

Pete Bogs said...

K9 - good to see you!

I read that about the NSA today, and it infuriated me... however, I don't believe this was part of the president's policy, nor was it sanctioned by him... if it were, we wouldn't be likely to have heard about it just yet, if at all...

whereas, it was part of Bush's power grad... he felt it was within his power to do it...

another post is boiling within in me... the coming days shall see if that happens...

Karen said...

"For the life of me, I can’t understand why a few of the world’s powerful, armed nations can’t simply blast these pirate vessels out of the water on sight."

By now you know that Prez O did just that, blasted 'em right the hell outa the water!

(those above deletions were me... sorry)

Lil Bit said...

I dunno if violence is up or if we're just hearing about it more.
Violence has always been around and I'll go out on a limb and say more laws won't change that.

Pirates ain't new either... and history is doomed to repeat itself.

Wow, I'm just the chipper one today, huh? LOL

Nice to see you posting again, Pete.

Pete Bogs said...

karen - nice to see you!

lb - I'm not advocating new laws regarding piracy - just killing more pirates... it would seem like these ships could be better defended, or defend themselves...

down with pirates... arrrr!

nice to see you, too... ;-)

Pete Bogs said...

PS: lb... I do think an assualt weapons ban is a good idea... make them harder to get... all they're good for is killing a lot of people quickly...

dianne said...

Hi Pete dear I was thinking about you today and all of your travels...what fun it would be and to have seen Ireland twice. :-)
Anyway I watched a late movie the other night,'The Departed' not even a movie I would usually watch and heard this music, its loud but I thought it was great, so I thought you might enjoy it as well...

I usually dont watch violent movies almost always stay with the Jane Austen, love , romance and happy endings genre but recntly saw two raw movies which I was surprised that I liked and laughed at...have you seen 'Snatch' and 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'?
Sometimes I even surprise myself. ♡

Pete Bogs said...

dianne - I have seen The Departed and Snatch... liked both, though I am not necessarily a crime film fan... I also liked Layer Cake with Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller...