Monday, July 14, 2008

I QUIT! (A Declaration Of Independence)

Please click below for a special communiqué from Pete Bogs in Jamon Province.


Jack K. said...

Bogs, you present a powerful statement. Kudos to you for standing up (OK, you were seated during the presentation) for your beliefs.

You might want to send a link to the appropriate Democratic big wigs. They need to hear this.

Thanks for sharing your views. That is one of the reasons I committed my life to the military. People deserve the right to be able to speak their mind. You might remember Abbie Hoffman's response to the judge about yelling fire in a crowded theater when there was no fire, FIRE!!!

It didn't help his cause in court, but did make his point about free speech.

Keep on truckin' blogger friend.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Pete, you are so right. Everything you said was 100% spot on.

I agree with Jack. Send the link to the appropriate party members. You can even send it to Howard Dean. Not that he will reply to anything you say, but there is a tiny possibility he does check his email.

Take care of yourself and keep us posted!

Lil Bit said...

Wow, that's some declaration!

Ok tho, call me consternated, lol... but aren't nearly ALL politicians corrupt, full of crap, and full of themselves, regardless of party affiliation?

.... well, maybe except some Libertarians. LOL! ;)

Luving the shirt there, Bogs! =)

Pete Bogs said...

jack - thanks for your comments, and your service to this country... nice to hear from you...

LLL - thank you! do you think Messrs Dean et all would understand my BogsSpeak?

lil bit - true, but the guy we've got now is the worst of the worst... Dems were supposed to put a stop to that, yet they have only helped him... as I said, they blew it...

K9 said...

yes they did blow it bogshond.

one hardly knows where to begin. first of all, clintons impeachment was not for a blow job but for lying to a grand jury. liberals love to act like he was victimized by a puritanical nation. no, he was undone by his own stupid choices.

impeachment was a light sentence considering he should have been shot for failing to act on one terrorist attack after another. he was a narcissist who wanted to be loved and made few hard choices. and therefore would not act on:

1993 bombing of trade towers
khobar towers 1995
khobar towers 1996
us embassies in africa (several) 1998
uss cole 2000

making him personally responsible for the 9/11 attacks since the entire thing had to have been planned during his admin...thanks jaime gorelick you dumb ass wall builder

during the 9/11 commission hearings madeline albright said

You, senator, I know, were the only person that I know of who suggested declaring war. In retrospect, you were probably right.” i can provide source for this it is on CNN transcripts.

meanwhile, Clinton refused to drill anwar and offshore...saying it would take ten years, ten years that would be here now. thus making us slaves to the house of saud because we cannot even utilize our own resources. and then liberals have the audacity to claim this war is for oil. where is it bogs?

nevermind also the childish cries of bush lied your own demoncratic representatives voted for the war. i guess the fact that several thousand tons of yellow cake has been found in iraq doesnt impress you. sort of kills the victim status of one total asshat joe wilson and his not undercover wife plame.

your demoncratic congress comes in in 2006 and does such ground breaking things as make the senate cafeteria go bankrupt (grrherhahaha! very nice nancy) name a few post offices and raise the minimum wage. woo hoo. so much for their energy plan. and what was that about getting out of the war?

liberals are like those dopes in new orleans wondering why nothing ever gets better..."i mean, weve elected demoncrats for forty fucken years things should get better." yeah. better just like obamas 15th district in chicago. check it out bogs.

now with bobby jindal they have a shot to dig out from under the damage done by their corrupt ans slack ass reps.

on to W. W deserves to be impeached for failing to execute the war properly and for running up a big ass deficit. and for blowing vincente fox every chance he got. and the saudis. and now calderon. and for failing to act in a conservative manner.failing to stop a foreign invasion. failure to articulate the ideals of conservatism or even the rationale for actions.

i cannot blame you for declaring yourself no longer a demoncrat. they did disinfranchise yall...and will do so anytime they see fit. theyre the ruling class...not public servants. but they count on your vote without delivering anything!

whatever they do, i am certain you will still vote obama. they ever have to do anything they say they will? no.

speaking of obama, you should read about the messiah on a website written by people who actually live in his district!

but its not as if there is a choice. i mean all the things i know about obama doesnt make me like mccain one bit more.

i cut the cord long ago on party. i will never ever ever give money to the RNC. i will support candidates at the local level but that is all. and that is whatever candidate is best -regardless of party.

you look good on video bogshond. and its always nice to see you.

K9 said...

correction: the district obama represented was the 13th.

Pete Bogs said...

k9 - Clinton lied about sex... he was wrong to lie, but the point is how can we allow a president who lied about something so much worse to keep his job? Clinton was impeached but not removed... by comparison, Bush should receive a life sentence... but then again, the rich and powerful don't have to pay in the same fashion as others do... by failing to impeach the bastard, they have made it clear that anyone who comes after Bush can do at least as much wrong and get away with it... it's a bad precedent to set...

the point was not Clinton as victim, but Bush as criminal getting away with murder in broad daylight...

by the way, it was Clinton's impeachment 10 years ago that got me to switch from NP to Democratic...

I believe Albright said that... it's clear she is speaking in retrospect... in hindsight it is often easier to see things... like me finding out a close friend of mine is a serious alcoholic... I've known him for years, been out with him many times, and have seen him tie one on now and again... have also seen him act irrationally and embarass himself in public... maybe I should've figured out a few years ago that he was an alcholic, but I didn't... I didn't put all these fragments together until it was made clear to me - he went into rehab...

part of the problem with the attacks during the Clinton era was a lack of solid intelligence... whereas a George Bush either made his up (yellow cake in Niger... Powell knew he was lying when he spoke) or distorted it to his liking ("Find an Iraqi link to 9/11, dammit!")

Cole happened a month before the election... intelligence agencies would not and did not confirm the culprit on that until after Clinton was gone... you see, he was unwilling to shoot first and ask questions later... that's wise, in my book...

if we encourage more oil drilling we discourage investment in alternative methods... Bush and his corporate benefactors were just itching to benefit from the current crisis, and today Bush had a go at it... completely transparent gesture... he wanted to do this all along... oil rigs? not off my coast!

Obama's not the messiah... I am quite disappointed with him of late... he voted for the FISA legislation - he's one of the people I am speaking to in this video, K9... as for voting, this declaration does change things... I may sit out the election... probably what I will do is wait to see the results coming in, and if they are close head out to the polls... I will vote for Obama, if only to keep McCain "100 years in Iraq" out of there... but only if it's running close...

but I have let this turn into a post about specific Dems... this post is about my former party... all I can hope is that Feingold will run next time!

Dems did vote for the war... they also voted for FISA... there are certain things you cannot touch in this country, as they are too sensitive politically... you can't even APPEAR not to support a war, as that translates to some as not supporting the troops, and that's traitorous to the common mind... you also can't appear to want to control guns in any way... there are many other "can't touch this" issues, but I am commenting not blogging here...

for you, it's about years of Democratic history... I have been happy with the Democratic Party up until the last couple years or so... and those years have been so bad - I mentioned some of the most egregious mistakes - that I simply cannot support them anymore... I decided a few months back that two issues would determine my future in the party - the Florida vote and FISA... both have now come to pass... and I am out... have been to the election supervisor's office yet to change on record, but that really was my Dem voting card I cut up... sad it came to that...

K9 said...

wait.......did i run off off topic? grrrherhahahaha okay bogshond. good reply. im surprised there is an actual card for you to cut up!

Bird said...

bogs - i hear ya! i switched from dem to green shortly before the start of the war - i was fed up with the damn dems not standing up and fighting against it all. over and over again - they are wimps.

and the recent fisa crap - geesh - they actually have a shot here to stand up and they sit down.

k9 - hahaha - offshore drilling and anwar? c'mon! that's no solution - doesn't in any way help our situation short or long term. what it does do is take time and money away from solving the problem - oil is not the answer.

i am an obama supporter - but he has pissed me off too. but i don't expect my party or my elected officials to always be in lock step with me. but there are some things that are not tolerable.

nonetheless, i will vote for obama (even though my vote in CA really doesn't matter).

but bogs - about the florida thing - you weren't disenfranchised by the national party - you were disenfranchised by your state officials and by clinton - who decided to ignore the rulings even though everyone was forewarned. all florida had to do was abide by the rules. even at that - half your state's votes, if i recall, are in at the convention - a compromise.

here's a link of interest, perhaps,from THe Onion - i bet you've seen it. but perhaps others have not:

now, i must get back to my non-blogging, my poetry writing and my winging about - off to NYC in a day or two. look for me at Nyurician Cafe - the cutting-edge of slam.

Bird said...


what the hell is this Democratic voter card? i don't have one - i don't need one. i just show up at the polls. seems hinky to me. what the heck is up with florida anyway?

K9 said...

bird: why doesnt your california vote count? and what, you arent excited about cynthia mckinney? grrrrrherhahahaha

this economy runs on oil. i agree we need alternatives. but while we are transitioning we need to get out from under the saudis. the environmentalists are bankrupting this nation.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - as I see it, it was the party rules that compromised my vote... therefore I blame them... I don't want just half a vote... I did not brake any rules and don't want to pay for anyone else's mistakes...

btw, I will be in NYC on 7/26... sounds like I'll miss ya, though... enjoy...

LMAO about the video...

k9 - I don't trust the leaders of this country enough on a transitional plan... they'll say, after new oil rigs are put up in ANWAR and the Gulf, that we've got the infrastructure built, so why not continue to use it... the evironmentalist obstacles you're talking about are a form of tough love... of sticking by their guns... personally, I don't believe we'll ever get away from fossil fuels unless we put some serious investment into alternatives... we won't do that until we decide oil is no longer something we want to pursue...

Aunty Belle said... OKay--I'se admittin' I snickered at the video--the ire of it, but youse fun to wahtch Sugar Bawgs.

Onc't a gain I'se late to a good food fight.

But fer the record of the blogdebogs:

Clinton lied to the Grand Jury. If we let folks git away wif' that, then no grand Jury will ever matter again. NObody seriously thinks WJC was a decent man or a decent president . He is a crook--still to this day. Gettin' the Sauds to pay hom 1 million to come talk about how great the Sauds are--PUHleeeeze.

Daawg is right--Clinton allowed US to be attacked wif' not so much as a ho-hum. Coward. Slime.

On WMD in Iraq--now folks, ya gotta wquit sayin' they weren't none--the dang sure were, and the UN's own monitoring snoops said so, and the UN spent TEN YEARS passin' resolutions to sanction Iraq and interrupt the WMD build up.
( heh-no kiddin' I was in Gen Assembly when one of the resolutions was passed 1999.)

ALL of this LONG before GWB rides over the horizon. Then he is makin' a move based on not only the CIA, but the Brits and the Italians.

Bush did not lie about the WMD. Plame was a deliberate set up for the advancement of joe and valerie. Even dems agree now--it was not Rove or any Bush inner circle, but Armitage who was the song bird, but EVERYBODY already knew.

Truly, truly Aunty has a contact in Virginny who hangs wif these folks--no kiddin', the carpoolers knew that valerie was toutin' her retirement from a "secret" job at every party on the circuit. Yawn.

I ain't makin' kissy face wif the republicans in D.C. Nope. I'se mad as a hornet that McCain (who is a nice guy, but no conservative) is the nominee--gag. I detest the RNC's incompetence. Woan give 'em a farthing.

An' GWB irritates the hail outa me fer not givin' real shock and awe--iffin' ya go to war, then go full bore and git it done, buster.

On drillin' dang it, yya'll OF COURSE we need to drill-it daon take NO money from newer methods--gimme a break. The newer technology will attract massive $$$ because the growing economies of India and China will surge demand for energy. Ever hear of an energy glut?

No? reckon why? Cause the world will use all it can git. That is a herring--no oil drillin' takes $$ from alternative energy development. Sounds nice, but it is not a market reality, only an Obama sound byte.

But Obama is a pure marxist-he doan even nod at socialism on the way to his radical Saul Alinsky style Marxism.

Heck, Aunty thinks New YAwker knowed EXactly what it was doin' wif that "satirical" cover.

The problem fer liberals (as distinct from loons) is that they know they's in a corner over Obama. They need some sly way OUT. So...heh...they will find ways to undermine the campaign--jes' wait and see how many more of this sorta thang shows up.

What is funny here is how much we DOES agree on. If we's gonna be free people in a free nation, we gotta hold ALL politicians accountable--it ain't yours (libs)against mine (conservatives) , but the pols against the folks.

Pete Bogs said...

“Clinton lied to the Grand Jury.” Yup… but as the great bumper sticker reads, “When Clinton Lied No One Died”

See my explanation about this above… it’s not a “Clinton was innocent” message, it’s a “Bush has done far worse” message… in other words, do you execute the man who murdered one person and parole the guy who murdered several??? A little clarity amid the muck for you, there…

And in case you didn’t notice, I’ve been all about the accountability at the highest level ever since I started this blog… and it ain’t partisan, neither… who was the liberal who posted a scathing blog about New York liberal Democrat Elliot Spitzer’s hypocrisy and crimes? MOI!

“On WMD in Iraq--now folks, ya gotta wquit sayin' they weren't none--the dang sure were, and the UN's own monitoring snoops said so, and the UN spent TEN YEARS passin' resolutions to sanction Iraq and interrupt the WMD build up.”

There were WMDs… but after the first gulf war they started to dismantle them…

“Bush did not lie about the WMD.”

The whole Iraq conflict began as a lie… “Find me a link between 9/11 and Iraq” was his demand… it began with a lie, all else that followed was part of the same lie…

“An' GWB irritates the hail outa me fer not givin' real shock and awe--iffin' ya go to war, then go full bore and git it done, buster.”

In the right country, while he’s at it… (Afghanistan) whatever happened to that fella, um, Osama Bin Laden? We seemed to forget about terrorist enemy #1 once we decided to add Iraq to the mix…

“Sounds nice, but it is not a market reality, only an Obama sound byte.”

I don’t get my ideas from Obama… I don’t even listen to him of late… I am expressing my own clarity amid the muck here…

“But Obama is a pure marxist-he doan even nod at socialism on the way to his radical Saul Alinsky style Marxism.”

I don’t know that’s true… further, I think you are too stuck on labels… Obama is not going to turn this into a Marxist country, and to align him with some of the people who have practiced that is just crazy…

“The problem fer liberals (as distinct from loons) is that they know they's in a corner over Obama. They need some sly way OUT. So...heh...they will find ways to undermine the campaign--jes' wait and see how many more of this sorta thang shows up.”

You sense some buyer’s remorse on the part of liberals? I’m not seeing it… and who else is waiting in the wings to run at this hour… no, every liberal knows Obama will be 10x preferable to the man we have now…

Btw, thank you for mentioning that you laughed at the video… I “doan” mind, as anyone can clearly see even that serious announcement is tinged with humor…

But you, like the dog, have turned this into a “bash Clinton” treatise, in keeping to consternative form… this is about the entire party, not individuals, and my disappointment with its most recent actions… plain and simple… I quit…

K9 said...

what?!? we have to bring up clinton because of the context! its not (necessarily) about bashing him but backtracking to show how we got to this point - in the same way obama will blame W...(and every president to follow for a long time for their future inability to break the stranglehold of this insane corrupt do-nothing congress.)

now...heres a design find just for you. a serbian night club a droog will appreciate .... follow me

Pete Bogs said...

k9 - how we got here was the inaction of this Congress... this Democratic Congress that failed to stand up to and penalize Bush, and caved in instead... Clinton (Bill) was out of the picture before any of the problems happened for me...

the bar is NIIICE... I could visit it and flash my big American... wallet around and bring me home a bride to this land of freedom and plenty!

but the bar is missing the requisite sculptures of nude women on all fours which double as tables... now that's class!!!

boneman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pete Bogs said...

boney - thanks for coming by and sharing your views... I just had to leave - I'm too angry an embarrassed to call myself a Dem anymore...

boneman said...

no, really, boneman...tell us what you really think.
C'mon boy. Y'all got an opinion. It don't stink.

Really, though, professional politicians make my blood boil.
Like to take everyone of them and drop them in boiling oil.

But, going off like that never helped any cause
Like if the dog pees on the trash can, can't just cut off his paws.

So, how 'bout the liberal republican?
Is there such a thing? Should be, was once, m'man.
Teddy rode the hell out'a them materialistic business jerks!
And he did it all and got rid of government perks.

So, maybe we can do it again, and soon, I hope.
Cause I'm just about as fed up with that murdering, lying dope!

(and, Bush junior, too!)

There now, that wasn't so hard, was it? no I think not.
I just needed to cool off with a lil tea, course, it would be nice to have some pot.

Oh, now boneman, can't be talking like that, it's too American, you see.
Yeah, talking about liberty and freedon gets to old aunty.

Just how many mouths does that old lady have, anyway?
It seems like just the other day
she was saying all men are equal, but wait.
Before she said that isn't true, that's what she state.

Oh, foo, I don't care, how about you? I'll bet not.
It still gets down to those lazy bastards we all got.
Politicians, professionals all, as terrible as bin laden
Yeah, that's what I said, and I'm tired of them coddlin'
Up to the taxpayers teat for free lifetime drinks!
Every danged one of them, and all nazis (that's repubs, a) stinks.

boneman said...

nothing like a cold glass of tea
t'bring the nice out'a me.

Pete Bogs said...

boney - Guinness does that to me...

en Guinness veritas...

I am not aware of liberal Republicants... but then again, I wasn't very interested in politics until the early 90s, that ratcheted up in '98 and '00, and then again in the last few years... but I can't call myself a member of one of the "ruling parties" anymore... not all politicians are bad - just MOST of them!

boneman said...

I keep trying to make it short...
but it's like there's a beautiful naked woman in front of me, and it just gets longer and longer...and I ain't talking about m'nose, either.

OK, here's the thing.
The morons in congress haven't gotten the balls together to oust bush junior.
We're the ones at fault for that.
Yeah....c'mon. Own up.
All of us.

The last great republican was a liberal. Theodore Roosevelt!
Damned fine man, and absolutely wouldn't put up with the modern nazi republicants, now!

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs wrote:

"how we got here was the inaction of this congress"


Note to voters:

Democrats took control of Congress in 2007:oil was $50 a barrel
corn $2 a bushel.


Crude oil is $134
Corn is $6.50.

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - nice one trying to blame that on Democrats... Bush has had a tight grip of the reins since day one... which is part of the reason I made this announcement...

I rememeber seeing the prices go steadily up and up and up as far back as early summer '06... I remember because I was driving all the way to Orlando to work then... Dems didn't have Congress yet, and since they "took" it they've only had about a one-vote majority...

PS: the "inaction" was the failure of this Congress to take on Bush...

boneman said...

you're right, Bogs.
And, by God, I thought I'de just be a quiet mouse for some people to run over, but, dang it, there's one small thing that deserves attention, here, that you may have overlooked.

And I'm sorry if this steps on green party backers...libertarians....whatever.

Out of congress, too, but right now, getting them out of the white house is the most important step to be taken.

Tell me I'm wrong.

Splitting up[ and searching for other answers right now will bring them right back into the white house.
If McCain wins, they might as well paint the white house RED.
Might as well use the very blood of the soldiers they're murdering now.

I'm the heck off the bench....
Republicants have been posting the New Yorker cover of a cartoon?
That's worthwhile. Real important business there, eh?
Auntie has been puking her lies at us all for better than a year, now.
Well, until November, all that's getting posted at Grabbing the Bull by the Horns (and that's exactly what I'm going to do) is just what kind of man is McCain?

-a lying
-two faced
piece of work
-that scares his own party
-scares the military leaders
(best phrase I heard so far:)
-makes Cheney look like Ghandi.
And getting those very nazis the heck out'a there!

Once the nazis are out of office, I think a concentrated effort to get things turned around in the rest of the government is called for.
Hey...who knows.
Since this must be a 'big' election (because I don't hear any kind of responses from senate/congress) maybe we can get our cake AND eat it, too.

Dang, I think the absolute best candidate for Vice President would be Ron Paul!
At least HE respects our troops, respects the American public, and by God, at least he speaks truthfully.

And all without a single cuss word or that danged fake accent!)

boneman said...

Thanx for getting me 'off the bench', Bogs.


Pete Bogs said...

boney - McCain is slipping up (verbally) a lot in his speeches and appearances... doesn't help dispel the notion that he's "getting too old" to be president...

PS: thanks for picking up the lingo, i.e. "Republicant"

K9 said...

i agree about mccain. its obamas election to lose. i mean short of him being filmed oozing out of a body snatching pod, he is a shoo in.

Pete Bogs said...

recent statements by Iraqi leaders aren't helping McCain any - they agree with Obama!

Lil Bit said...

Good lawd, so much politific pontificating goin' on around here! Yikes, my eyes are bleeding. LOL ;)

The price of gas isn't EVER going back down to under $2/gal no matter WHO gets elected or who "runs" Congress. Probably not even under $3.

When, oh when, will this nation catch on to the notion that there ARE more than 2 frikkin' political parties???
I am sooooo tired of the 2 party system that I could just spit.

*hocks a loogie*

I feel much better now.

Lil Bit said...

ps. I didn't spit in Bogsville.... I spit over on the Republicrat fence.


mean dovey cooledge said...

vote a straight poultry ticket!

we got foghorn leghorn, henny penny, and allahs blessings with every crow. a chicken in every pot. baskets of eggs. peace. and prosperity.

dovey '08

Pete Bogs said...

lb - now that's a woman! "spit like a man," as they said in Titanic... lol

I've long felt the nation needs more than two viable parties... if that had been the case, maybe Bush wouldn't have ruined the Republicant Party...

alas, I am a man without a party now... and I am happy about it...

mdc - welcome! I like your platform, but can you promise me your opponents will not try to smear you with "bird flu" allegations?

mean dovey cooledge said...

if they do, i will infect them with my dirty salmonella bomb.

boneman said...

we do know a liberal republican, one who bows to the will of the people....Arnold.

Pete Bogs said...

boney - get your ass to Mars...

Sanford B. Hines said...

Bush = McCain = Obama = US Government

Pete Bogs said...

sanford - that's some "fuzzy math," as Bush would say...

Infinitesimal said...

welcome to the anarchy bogs.
i am real tired, but will come back to review... I liked what you said about impeachment.

What is your take on the bilderbergs?
(or is it 'burgs'?)

be back later tonight

Infinitesimal said...

K9, who was she speaking of? (the "senator")

.....during the 9/11 commission hearings madeline albright said

You, senator, I know, were the only person that I know of who suggested declaring war. In retrospect, you were probably right.” i can provide source for this it is on CNN transcripts.

Infinitesimal said...

K9, the oil is in IRAn, we are trying to get to it through Afghanistan and Iraq. This is the reason for the nuclear armament in Iran. THEY seem to know what is going on.

(remember, Bin Ladin was in afghanistan, and then suddenly, it was Sadaam in Iraq.

I have a collection of the propaganda used to transition us from hating Bin Ladin to hating Sadaam.

they are both hate-worthy, but the point is, the war itself seems to be about invading Iraq. See if I am not right in about 10 years time. (after Obama's 8 years)

I LOVE YOU K9 you have very excellent and valid points.

I like to tussle with you in the yard though, it is good exercise.

Ohhhh, 13th district eh? gimmie the dirt on that guy K9, have you done the anti Obama post yet? I want to see it.

and this:

"i cannot blame you for declaring yourself no longer a demoncrat. they did disinfranchise yall...and will do so anytime they see fit. theyre the ruling class...not public servants. but they count on your vote without delivering anything!"

is a fucking GEM my friend.
I agree!!! here here!!!

I also choose to support the best candidate, regardless of party.

Peple think because of my name that I must be a hippy trippy dippy chick.

But my grandfather was a republican and I had to learn to see both sides of each view just so as to get along with the entire family at dinners and such.

PS, love the use of "asshat"

boneman said...

so.... has anyone mentioned to you that Howard wants to see your video? Howard? Howard? Howard who?

boneman said...

(ps, Mars?
oh...i just got it.)

We won't have enough fuel to start that shopping mall on Mars, jus yet.

K9 said...

vanille check your email.

boneman said...

name three liberal Republicans....
Arnold Schwartzenegger
Ron Paul
Joe Lieberman


Actually, we best get used to the new laws coming up soon (six months or so)

I reckon it'll be a capital offence to use the 'N' word, so, probably we shouyld be practicing...

Pete Bogs said...

contessa - thanks for coming by...

k9 - u2

boney - thanks for the tip! I want to post my video... but there's a 2-minute limit!

boneman said...

you've heard me say I'm from Indiana and they are as bad as Florida?
Actually, they're worse.
What? You want an example?
On my blog at the top there's a link, 'Guillotine Time'....I pulled a headline and the second paragraph of the Indy Star.

K9 said...

bogshond i saw a story that florida and michigan votes will be delivered to obama by superdelagates. can that be right?

Pete Bogs said...

k9 - I haven't heard anything... have not followed the news, though have heard about the tire pressure story and the McCain-Hilton row...