Monday, November 05, 2007

Moon Day Madness

Give Peace Protesters A Chance
Dozens of Illinois high school students are now facing expulsion for staging a pro-peace sit-in at their school. Military recruiters and ROTC instructors still roam the halls freely, however.

Next Stop, Pakistan?
Now that Gen. Pervez Musharraf has put his country under martial law, arrested dissidents, dismantled parts of the government and cut off communications with the outside world, will President Bush send Coalition-Of-The-Increasingly-Unwilling forces to free that country from its tyrannical dictator? Shades of Burma/Myanmar anyone? Musharraf only needs to kill some peaceful clerics to complete the comparison.

If You Must Read In The Can...
Don’t read the Koran, or the penalty will be… well, there seems to only be one penalty when it comes to Islamists: death. A man has been executed in Saudi Arabia for desecrating the Koran by placing it in a restroom, and for adultery. Bush could send troops there, too, but I understand he and the Cheneys like to do Cape Cod with the Saudi royals in the summer.

Hell No, They Won't Go
The State Department is reinstating the draft, with a plan to send unwilling diplomats to serve in Iraq. How does the fact that some diplomats are referring to this as a “potential death sentence” square with this administration’s assertions that things are improving in Iraq? And what does it say about their confidence in our mission there? Let the “unpatriotic” brickbats start flying. Meanwhile, I suggest reluctant diplomats head to Canada.

Whither The Fashion Police?
Just because he won’t allow women with short skirts on his planes doesn’t mean the CEO of Southwest Airlines won’t dress up in drag, complete with humungous, phony breasts, for Halloween. Honestly, should anyone take fashion direction from this man?

Turbulence Interruptus
Singapore Airlines is offering suites complete with double beds to passengers on its Singapore-Sydney route. The airline is among the first to take advantage of the spacious new Airbus A380 aircraft, but its passengers are being admonished not to take advantage of the accommodations to become members of the Mile High Club. When you consider how much a first-class seat costs, these suites must cost a small fortune. For that amount, I not only want to have sex on the flight, I want the airline to provide me with a flight attendant of my choice for said activity. No coffee for me; I'll take the TWA tea.


ArtfulSub said...

I strongly suggest you attempt to get your "news" from reliable places in the future.

Pete Bogs said...

art - which of these pieces is inaccurate?

she said...

bogshond: im not sposseed to type much so i am going to comment on one blurb at a time...which should drive up the comment number nicely!

on #1: the difference is military recruters are in the choose to talk to them or not but it doesnt take away from (theoretically) instructional time.

a sit in before or after school seems fair. btw the chicago indymedia link wouldnt im not sure if the sit in was during school hours or not. the only way an expulsion seems likely is if in effect the sit in is in place of classroom....same as skipping.

you know kids will do anything toget out of class...i mean if a war rally meant missing calculus or "health" then you might see a good crowd.

Pete Bogs said...

she - I think the school administration had a problem not only with the method but the message... and my point about the recruiters was that school will allow one side of the story and not the other... that is precisely what I experienced in HS over 20 years ago... sad to see little has changed...

Lil Bit said...

um, if you pay for the airline suite and close the f'ing door... how do they KNOW what you're doing in there? - got spy cams or what? LOL

.... and LMFAO @ the kid sex video below this!
What's not funny, tho, is the fact that it nearly IS at that stage, where kids are growing up toooo damn fast.
What ever hap'd to teens being happy with giving/receiving stink finger? LOL!!! ;)

Pete Bogs said...

LB - I imagine the whole "no sex in the private suite" thing is on the honor system... they say they're not soundproofed, but most planes I know are pretty noisy from the engines alone... I think you could easily get away with doing the nasty... they should just have a "stuff your face in the pillow to muffle the noise" policy...

kids do know too much... the link I made on that post to the thing about Halloween costumes is an example: all the girls' costumes now are "sexy" ones...

Bird said...

nice little news round up hre bogs. i have not been paying much attention of late - so thank you for updating me on all the news that's fit for blogging. hahaha!

those high schoolers in illinois are getting quite a civics lesson. they went down to the demonstration and got a bit more than their fair share of abuse.

since expulsion is the result of their protest, there's no need to keep it sane and peaceufl - time to storm the administration building and burn it!

the time has come for violent revo-luuuution.

'coz the times they ain't a-changin'.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - my pleasure... fight the power! (i.e. the principal! lol)

she said...

bogshond wanna come over and play "aqua dots" with me? grrerhaha