Friday, November 23, 2007

In Mixed Company: The Latest In Religion, Politics And Sex

HOT! Chinese firefighters are taking heat for accepting sexual favors as bribes. I will take a pass on the obligatory firehose joke here.

NOT COOL! A 19-year-old Saudi woman who was gang-raped has been given 200 lashes (and not the eye kind!) and six months in jail for being in a car with a male who was not her relative. Despite international pressure, the Saudi Ministry of Justice is standing by the verdict, as the "charges" against the woman have been "proven." So fucking what? You people are barbarians who have no place living in the 21st century! When is President Bush going to order an invasion of Saudi Arabia to free those oppressed people?

“Look at you, holding hands with the man from Riyadh...
Would you care to explain?”

HOT AIR! Kyla Ebbert, the former Hooters waitress who was nearly removed from a Southwest Airlines flight for wearing a miniskirt, is thumbing her clothes at the airline with a nude, um, spread on Next stop, her own talk show or CD? My apartment, perhaps? (I kid; she's a made-up ho.)

PROGRESS! Though stem cells have now been
created from skin instead of human embryos, I’m sure the Catholic Church will still find some reason to object.

TRANSGRESS! Why not covet your brother's wife? Because you could become a father-uncle, and that's confusing. But it didn’t stop Earl Paulk, head of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester Church from “knowing” his sister-in-law and
“begetting” a son-nephew some three and a half decades ago. Church may be a place for family, but this is ridiculous. Oh, the seeds we sow when we sow those seeds in bed.

Above: Tennis wunderkind Maria Sharapova awaits
the boarding call for a Southwest Airlines flight.

BUSTED! Warren Jeffs, leader of a branch of the Utah-based Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has been convicted as an accomplice to rape for arranging a forced marriage between a 14-year-old girl and her 19-year-old cousin. That’ll show these religious sex maniacs. I have some attractive cousins, but come on!

WELL, DUH! Former Bush spokesman Scott McClellan has written a new book in which he claims that, not only were Karl Rove and Lewis “Scooter” Libby involved in leaking the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame, but Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and Bush’s chief of staff Andrew Card were all directly involved. Feeling guilty about all those years of denial, Scotty? You lying bastard. Enabler!!!

THE PASSION OF THE CHEAP LABOR! Christ may have suffered on the cross for our sins, but some Chinese workers have had a pretty rough time themselves while creating depictions of same. St. Patrick’s Cathedral and other churches have apparently been selling crucifixes made in Chinese sweatshops. I’ll give the churches (which have since suspended sales of some items) the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t know from whence the merchandise came, but we’ve seriously got to stop buying stuff from "those people" (the Chinese). They probably make the Christ figure out of lead.

Above: Scott McClellan answers a question about his IQ.

SPILL IT! Presidential Candidate Rudy "Mr. 9/11" Giuliani's consulting firm, Guiliani Partners, has been reticent to reveal a complete list of its clients, explaining that some of those clients have requested their identities remain private. How can we be sure there are no Al-Qaedas or worse, Bernard Keriks, among the bunch if Rudy won't fess up? If we must have a president with a lisp and a comb-over, we should at least be sure he's on the up-and-up.

There! Now who says it's not polite to talk about religion, politics or sex in mixed company? I found that quite stimulating.

Next post Monday: Three more to go!


ArtfulSub said...

Regarding "Progress" the greater question is:

When will the politicians of the Traitor-Democrat Party-of-Filth acknowledge the MANY breakthroughs that have made their unholy grail of FETAL stem-cells obsolete?

When will they acknowledge that PRIVATE dollars are FLOCKING to the more advanced stem-cell technologies and AWAY from fetal lines?

When will they stop running despicably dishonest Ads exploiting the suffering of Michael J Fox and others?

When will the STOP LYING by saying that Republicans "banned" stem-cell research?

Truth is anybody who WANTS to spend their own money to conduct fetal stem-cell research is free to do so.

Pete Bogs said...

art - Don't condemn the use of stem cells from unsentient blobs of goo as murder unless you're going to condemn war at the same time. That's one of the great hypocrisies of the right that they've never been able to contemplate.

Jack K. said...

You would, bogs, you would.

guffaw, chortle, lol, LMAO

ArtfulSub said...


Moderates and Conservatives have condemned many Wars and acts of War-like aggression against the unarmed.

For example, we condemned the Sudanese Army using tanks, helicopter gunships, and fixed-wing aircraft against unarmed Christians (and animists) in South Sudan. While the Clintonista Regime was lobbying for an increase in Foreign Aid to that Government.

President Bush, by the way, made the decision to LIMIT FEDERAL FUNDING of fetal stem-cell research because a distinguished panel of (mostly) Scientists CORRECTLY asserted there'd be bang-for-the-buck from other MORE ADVANCED research.

Again, there was NO BAN. And there is NO BAN.

Among the panel was Charles Krauthammer, a Jewish Physician who suffers from a disease thought likely to be curable eventually with stem-cell techniques.

So much for your Bigoted Rant about the "Catholic Church".

Face the facts, the traitor-democrat party you are blindly loyal to has BLATANTLY LIED about the issue. And crassly exploited it for political gain at the expense of BETTER research.

4 years-ago MOST Scientists agreed that the more advanced stem-cell research was BOTH more productive and LESS ethically questionable than the failed fetal-tissue approach.

Today, about the ONLY Scientists who still make the "fetal is better" claim are those being PAID to conduct that out-dated research.

Unless, that is, you consider asshats like Harry Reid to be "scientists".

Pete Bogs said...

art - my comments about the backwards-ass Catholic church are not bigoted; I was a Cath for many years, too many, and have seen that church work its "magic" on my own family, and on the rest of the world...

PS: I wish we could've used private funds only to search for Saddam's nonexistent WMDs!

PSS: how the hell did Clinton come up in this? oh yes, no consterno can hold a conversation without using that name...

Aunty Belle said...

Oh now Bawgs... Sugar, to condemn fetal stem cell research as murder, while in support of a justified force against aggressors is not hypocritical a'tall.

The crucial difference is INNOCENT life.

All killin' ain't murder--when ya deliberately kill an innocent being with all knowing forethought, THAT is murder. When ya kill in self defense or kill monsters whose rampage must be stopped--that's a justified use of force against a GUILTY party, an' the purpose is to PREVENT greater bloodshed.

(notice,I ain't sayin' which instances of justified force I mean--I want to keep mah comment to the principle, not any polly-ticks)

As fer the idea that human embryos are a blog of goo--that is fallacious on its face--if ya leave it alone it does not bear out the "blob" descriptor, but is --surprise! a baby.

An' jes' fer accuracy's sake, the Pope is 100% in favor of adult stem cell research. It is an ole (and tiresome) strawman to try to set science against The Church---even in Galileo's case the Church did not say he could not teach his theory --since a monk named Erasmus already had done jes' that--but only that he could not teach it as
1. proven fact
2. as invalidating scripture

Not to get technical, but Galileo wanted to infer *theological* points as well as, the Church, which has always taught that there are four senses of scripture ( literal, allegorical, anagogical, and moral) told him to stick to scientific findings...but her were bull-headed and prideful.

Admittedly the PR wonks at the time did a poor job of making that case to the world at large...even so, Galileo's confinement was a posh house in Rome--not some dank cellar in th bowels of some church.

AN' fer a fact, Artful is on the money--er, the money that is, is on the stem cells that WORK--and fetal ones is to unstable, doan produce and have no marketability....

so ask yoreself, why, why, why do the libs insist on laws and "rights" to embryonic stem cells when they doan work anyway?

Ah, yes.....because it adds to the growing force of law against life in all its forms--it coarsens our social / cultural view of the preciousness of life. It makes it easy for the living grow comfortable with cannibalizing other humans for greed or personal needs. We are lulled into thinking iif it is legal it must be moral.

Yeah...well, offing the Jews was legal too in Nazi Germany.

Oh dear...this is a big issue, but please think on it some--if we can accomplish great medical feats without killin' human embryos, isn't it a cause fer excitement?

Pete Bogs said...

PSSS: did I use the word "banned?" I merely said a new way of harvesting stem cells has been found, and that the church will still probably object to it in some way, like they do other good ideas such as birth control...

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs, of course a former Catholic can be bigoted against the Church, as Garry Wills and Frances Kissling and cohorts all attest.

Looky--fergit what flawed --even evil--folks do in the name of religion(ANY religion) Look instead to *what the religion teaches* (As shown about Islam on the BACK Porch).

A famous pundit said "The Church has not been tried and found has been tried and found difficult." Yeah, no joke.

Thang is , it ain't easy to be a true Christian. Those whose personal failures spill over on others (like yore family) are not an advertisement against the faith, but an example of exactly how hard it is to live accordingly.

Judge the faith by what it teaches, not the mistakes of its believers.

For a mediation on that same idea, think: If a US president sells info to the Chi-coms, does that make the Constitution invalid? Nope--it only shows that even at the highest levels the people under that constitution can be weak, greedy, immoral buffoons.

Doan judge the Church by those who can't or won't live by her teachings. To do so is bigoted.

Aunty Belle said...

Ah...grrr GRRR!

Honey Chile', looky, have ya even READ Humane vitae? Why ya wanna be against somethin' ya doan know much about?

Youse really wrong here-- the Church is IN FAVOR of ADULT Stem cell research. Said so YEARS ago. Youse wrong, and contrary-minded on this point when ya try to paint the Church as scientifically backwards BEFORE YA EVEN CHECK TO SEE WHAT the position actually is--thas' a bigoted approach, sugar.

Looky--jes' as an exercise in curiosity, read Humane vitae--you will think of birth control differently afterwards. Here's the link:

Bawgs, Aunty wants ter tell ya true--the massive PR movement against HUmane vitae came from the Rockefellers who sought (and received, via the US Ambassador) an audience with Pope Paul VI to advise the pope not to prohibit the pill--why? because them Rockefeller boys had invested millions in the pharmaceutical company that was developing the pill--and their major purpose
(in their own memoirs ) was to stem the tide of "third world peoples".

Of course, the huge irony is that first world people used the pill the most, so now the first world is dying of underpopulation and the thrid world will perhaps be the "meek who inherit the earth".

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - I have tried to read some Catholic writings, such as the catechism, and found them confusing and lacking in any kind of clear, concrete message... it's fitting that the name of the document you posted would be in Latin; an obsolete language of two millennia ago... I could say the same about the church... it's definitely living in the past... it's a monarchy and a patriarchy...

it's members of my family (who often were following Catholic doctrine) as well as my own experiences, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the abuse of children and the sheltering of their abusers, selling their soul to the Nazis in exchange for peace - I could go on and on - that are wrong with the church... overall, I find most Catholics feel they are heaven-bound Christians because they follow the RITUALS of the church: go to church on holy days, keep a few crucifixes around, eat fish sticks on Friday, pray the rosary, go to confession, etc. too few of them actually live a decent life, which is the most important (and hardest) part...

yes, the pill is the contraceptive of the middle and upper classes... in other countries, a few things keep the populations from using them, apart from cost: their own religious beliefs (they've often been shamed away from using them, even at the cost of contracting AIDS) and the unwillingness of consternative (US)/Christian groups to distribute them... naturally, they are rare in the third world...

Pete Bogs said...

PS: I wasn't saying a former Catholic can't be bigoted against the church: I was saying that I am not an uneducated third party...

Infinitesimal said...

hi boggsy

i am so sleepy

dont go away ok?
i will come back tonight.

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs: "PS: I wasn't saying a former Catholic can't be bigoted against the church: I was saying that I am not an uneducated third party..."

Honey, ya doan mean to be, but ya is an uneducated third party.

From the top:

If scientists use Latin, is they 2 millennia outdated too?

Humane vitae is written in plain 8th grade English, I think ya' can manage it. The thang is, iffin' ya try to throw up "It's in Latin--it's not modern," ya's tryin' to find a flimsy hall pass--sorry.

It is in plain English and until ya's read it, ya cain't really have an "educated third party" opinion.

It ain't a monarchy nor a patriarchy:
1) if it were, thangs would go better and we could throw freaks masqueradin' as priests into a dungeon.
2) it wouldn't be the biggest institution that set women free --free to inherit, own property, marry who they wished and rule nations. (oh, and be canonized)

I cain't speak to yore family or their fidelity or yore experiences. I can be real sorry iffin' it weren't a good experience, an' I am.

As I say, parallel to the US Constitution and way of life, if one American has a bad experience of Americanism, that ain't warrant for flushin' the COnstitution which is carried out by flawed humans who screw up here and there. I'se terribly sorry for any distress youse had over any of it. Truly, I am.

History (including the most modern, contemporary sources) have debunked the Inquisition as the great Black Legend that the Protestant world recorded. (assume you mean the Spanish Inquisition, not the horror that Protestant Elizabeth and her cohorts unleashed on England, or that Calvin dished out? Recall, for example, how them poor pilgrims came to these shores--to escape an unhinged English monarch whose religious persecution was far greater than anything the Spaniards knew of)

Let Aunty hasten to add, that in the 1500-1600s religious disagreements meant political wars...thus, when Protestant England hurled accusations at Spain for the Inquisition--it was more politically motivated than religiously motivated--but the historians today laugh at the numbers given, Bawgs. Statistically impossible--it was written as political propaganda, not facts.

The Spanish Inquisition as generally understood is a myth--so says Edward Peters of U.Penn's Medieval History department in his definitive book published by U.California PRess (Berkeley)

Peters points out that the often used History of the Inquisitions (by John Stockdale, 1810) was "intended explicitly to prevent the acquisition of political rights of
Catholics in Britain."

Simply stated, with the advent of source criticism and the more stringent historical methods of contemporary scholarship, as well as greater access to old records, the Inquisition as portrayed to most of the English Speaking world, by British writers is mostly politicized bunk.

And for accuracy, let yore ole Aunty note that the idea of "inquisition' is not evil at all, it is from REPUBLICAN Rome (not Imperial Rome) when an inquisitor looked into the facts between plaintiff and defendant--that is, made inquiry into the veracity of the claims made. The Church adopted the model of democratic Rome (not Imperial Rome) as a means of inquiring about heresy (another word that is not evil--in the original Greek is means "choice"-- the choice of another belief.

Bawgs, at bottom the need for an inquiry into heresy, was that in SPain there were those who sought to convert only for political or financial gain (to fit in to a Catholic culture). Such persons who were not truly believers were not disciplined for their lack of belief, but for their false declarations. Those of different faiths were not at all molested...only a person presenting self as Catholic and deliberately falsifying the authentic teachings.

Imagine if a few republicans got into the DNC's draft committee and started agitating for a different platform more in line with the Republican platform? Would there be some inquiry do ya think???????

Already dealt with Galileo--get a good reliable history, and novelized silliness like Galileo's Daughter doan qualify as no history book.

Yep, youse 10000000% correct--any fool followin' mere rituals is a sham an' a shame. They ain't no more Catholic than a flat picture of You fair likeness of You.

As fer contraceptives and the Third World, darlin'--on this yores truly is a certified expert. No foolin'--in real life one o' mah akshul engagements was wif' the World BAnk honchos whose burnin' desire was ter make shure "fewer brown babies are born" in those nations what got some World Bank loans--see, darlin' Aunty is an' eye-witness to them loans what decrees that a nation MUST sterilize and /or provide long term contraceptive medications to 20% of the women between 14-40, or no money.

Thas' right...the big ole World Bank is a population bully--iffin' a nation needed roads or schools or clean water, it COULD NOT merit a loan unless it agreed to mutilate its women against their wills/ knowledge. That is pure vicious , prejudiced extortion. The whole thang is so bad --the UN does the same--that the UN finally apologized for it's nightmarish horrors in Peru.

Ah, dern it...I hate to git on such a soap box..but I'se riled real good that good folks doan know what is happening.

Chile' for real, they's more access to contraceptives throughout Africa than access to sterile gauze pads and neosporin. Why? Well, you tell me--if there is plenty of contraceptive devices and medicine--fewer babies...and if there is no sterile bandages or antiseptic ointment, then lots of "brown babies" die from simple infections, doan they? Or lack of clean water.

Iffin' ya really really are curious, google up Uganda an' how they have lowest AIDS rate--based on new abstinence and fidelity programs as well as clean health habits. It is Uganda that turned back a million UN (color appropriate) condoms when the UN delivered them--guess why. The condoms were perforated! A million compromised condoms might cause how many cases of AIDS do ya reckon?

BAwgs, darlin' it is ugly out thar'. Aunty hates rippin' back the curtain on cherished ideals--I does understand that many people have *good will* when they urge contraceptives for Third World nations--but it doan work at all the way you imagine it. It jes' doan't.

Sat Nov 24, 04:25:00 PM

Aunty Belle said...

One last thang, an' I'se gittin' outa yore hair:

Honey, the Catechism ain't confusin' is simply the ten commandments, the Creed and the Lord's Prayer--that's its main divisions.

Bawgs, I'se firein' last chance notes here, since ya's goin' dormant--so may I make a wee suggestion? Jes' fer the satisfaction of findin' out iffin' youse right wif' yore rejection, in the quiet time of the night, ask yoreself iffin' the rejection is on account of what bad people done while wearin' the mantle of "Catholicism"?

Or is it on account of the teaching of the Church askin' ya to keep sex holy, an' fer marriage, doan kill babies (to cover over that sex outside of marriage), doan kill old folks or the infirm, to give God His due, to work a fair day for a fair wage, to pay a fair wage fer a fair day of work, to avoid envy and covetousness, etc.

What I sees is sometimes people doan wanna say that they like their lifestyle, thus they disagree wif what the teaching of the Church is--rather they point to bad people who dropped the ball as their excuse for not being a Catholic.

Okay, thas' enough haranguing of our beloved Bawgs..I'se not goin' do it no more--promise!

Pete Bogs said...

infini - nice to see you again... I'll be here all week...

aunt b - I am glad we agree that the World Bank is evil...

there are so many things, as I said, that the church has done that I just can't give it any respect... this whole pedophile thing should've bankrupted the institution, but it's far too wealthy for that... Bernard Law should be IN JAIL, not just out of a job... again we see, as in the political arena, the powerful people at worst having to step down, but not really having to face any serious consequences - and you know how I hate that!!!

four of the five priests from my Catholic grade school have since been defrocked because of their illicit interest in boys or male prostitutes... I dealt with these men on a daily basis, and am at least happy none of them tried anything with me... but that doesn't mean my uncle's brother, a priest who was the head of his church's youth group, didn't make suggestive remarks to my brother and I... my brother basically told him to go to hell, and I hope he does... we were teens at the time, so it's not like we would've succumbed to him, but still... he tried...

PS: those condoms weren't perforated, they were "ribbed"

PSS: let's talk about some of those other things on this post... one little sentence started all this arguing... LOL... I guess I should enjoy it while I can...

Polly said...

God you are good.
Bloody brilliant piece put together and marked with a stingingly brilliant closing.

You put me to shame in my attempt at writing.

Please don't go.

You are needed here in the land of the none thinkers.

First Ardlair and now you.
what am I to do???

Pete Bogs said...

polly - many thanks, and nice to see you again... that's the best endorsement I've ever had... if I find I am able to resume blogging and take care of other things at the same time I will...


she said...

i am thinking of the canon ad where the pomeranian says "yes yes a see you tennis champion" ..and "no, YOU come on" i like that ad.

Kate said...

At least Maria Sharapova is not Scotish like Britney Spears!*wink Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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