Monday, November 26, 2007

I’ll Miss Him A Lott

Pete Bogs is not the only controversial figure who will soon be leaving his post. Mississippi Republicant Senator Trent Lott is departing Congress before the end of his current term, citing "other opportunities."

What could these opportunities be, I wonder? Will he become a high-paid lobbyist, keeping that revolving door between Congress and big business spinning? Perhaps he’ll become a consultant; if so, he’s certainly smarter than I, as I still haven’t figured out what one does. Or maybe he’ll become a professional keynote speaker? I’m sure Liberty University, Bob Jones University (BJU) and a few other traditional institutions would love to have him as their resident commencement address giver-in-chief.

Lott was not only once an actual cheerleader, but was also a proud cheerleader for the pre-civil rights South. Man, how we really blew it with that desegregation nonsense! I will miss Lott's quaint beliefs on racial equality and his spray-on hairdo.

Lott's departure adds to a growing list of Republicant Congressmen (and presidential cabinet members) who are leaving Washington, DC for greener (i.e. the color of money) pastures. I am picturing rats leaving a sinking ship... and heading straight for the bank.

Next post Wednesday: Two more to go!


Karen said...


haven't been here in awhile, but whatda ya mean, you're leaving!!!???!!!

huh, huh, huh!!!

say it ain't so!!!!


Lott can leave.... gooooood riddance, but not youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!


Pete Bogs said...

karen - I'll be here all week... will be browsing blogs after that but no new posts for the foreseeable future... nice to see you here!

she said...

not yet!!! i just got back! this friday? dag bogshond.

when i saw the label confederate i thought you might be writing about the dishonorable demoncratic senators robert byrd or maybe algore senior. yeah. lib elites really are experts at instructing on racism...they are EXPERTS! matter bogshond.
i wont miss punk ass trent lott.

anybody who could punch a chad for the marxist shakedown jerks on the dem roster is committing treason. but i am just as happy to see the losers in the republicant wing get out too. these arent conservatives bogs. theyre rinos and i say good riddance.

i wont say that to you though. i would like the hear how you are planning to apply your free writing time though.

Pete Bogs said...

she - Byrd has since "found God" and Gore, Jr's gone a long way toward making things right with this world... sins of the father, you know... I won't defend racists, and i don't care for Byrd and his past... but he ain't leaving yet...

Friday's the day... another post Weds, though...

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