Thursday, November 08, 2007

If I Were A Gay Man, Ya Ha Deedle Deedle, Didle Didle Deedle Deedle Dum

The House of Representatives has passed a sure-to-be vetoed bill outlawing workplace discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation. The Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is intended to prohibit discrimination against homosexuals in the hiring, promotion and termination processes.

Unless you can read minds, I don’t know how you’d stop someone from discriminating during hiring. Can you really say why they didn’t hire you, unless an employer tells you flat out that he doesn’t like “you people?”

I’ve never gotten a proper promotion, so I can’t say what that process is like.

I have, however, been fired. And when I was, I found out I had to just (in a manner of speaking) suck it up, as state laws permit private companies to fire anyone at any time for any (or no) reason without penalty. So while I laud the House effort, I’d also like to know what law protects my straight-white-male ass from being unjustly fired?

Lest you think I’m leaning consternative with this notion, it was actually that dismissal, in part, which led me to become a card-carrying Democrat. I do believe in equal rights, but for me, too.

ENDA was naturally opposed by many Republicants, whose objections were along the lines of rights of businesses blah blah blah religious exemptions blah blah blah immoral lifestyle choices blah blah blah. No surprises there. And the Homophobe In Chief will certainly pleasure those lawmakers with his veto pen.


ArtfulSub said...

You're an idiot. But, in the unlikely event you live to be 40, you will be a member of a "protected class". And eligible to sue your employer as such.

That make you happy?

P.S. Adding alleged "homosexuality" to the list of protected classes will cost taxpayers approximately 13 billion per year.

Some of us can think of better ways to waste 13 billion.

ArtfulSub said...


No you don't have to say " I don't like you people" in order to be bankrupted by a pre-employment lawsuit filed at taxpayer's expense.

Pete Bogs said...

art - thanks for clearing that up!

she said...

a private business has every right to hire and fire at their pleasure. thats why it is private. in the same way there can be an all male golf club....i never understood the women who want to force themselves on them..why not make a female club then? this makes about as much sense as hate if intention means any more when the victim is dead and cold.

Pete Bogs said...

she - apparently they have the right to screw people over as they wish, too... I was told the company was closing its doors; for some reason, my boss didn't have the courage to tell me only I was fired to be replaced by a $7/hr. employee... and my final check was about $100, and the two weeks vacation I earned lost... I understand why some people walk back into work and shoot their bosses - many of them are total assholes... I agree in principal that you should be able to run your business as you see fit, but we should not enable or sanction unethical employers... we should boycott them, sue them, and make it generally hard for them to operate... they deserve it, after all...

PS: how did art decide I have less than a year to live?

she said...

bogshond: i will reply in full on your last comment later...but for now you didnt hear the auqadots story?? you'll love it! a toy manufactured in little dots are used to make art kind of like the old lite brite ...but when they are ingested..they turn into the same thing as the date rape drug...rophynol or whatever. swear to God!

Pete Bogs said...

she - oh, I did hear about the date rape drug in the toys... just didn't know what they were called... didn't want to do another China product blog so soon - it's getting too easy...

she said...

like fish in a barrel..i know you hate OT so enough!

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs, on balance, Sugar, doan ya think that we have way way too many
protected classes of thangs? Mercy, what if I put together a political block of gum flappin' grannies who demand to be given their "fair" chance to git the best jobs?

I hears yore angst--and agree that straight white men-folks is the number one target of discrimination in this nation.

But bidness gotta run to be a bidness. AN' bidness needs to be free to hire nad fire accordin' to what it takes to stay in bidness (As long as it is legal). SO, hooray fer the veto.

Bawgs, runnin' a bidness ain't simple. Uncle has Pork Rind processors what gripes night and day about a "fair shake". The best fair shake is fer Uncle not to go under so them gripin' chorus-ers can keep they jobs. Bidness decisions cain't be made fer one person or ten person's sake--it gotta be made fer the sake of the WHOLE enterprise. (natcherly I'se speakin' of them small one owner establishments, not a NYSE Goliath.)

BTW, memo to the gay subculture: iffin' we gonna git some non-discrim fer yore account, then youse folks need to quit hirin' only gays ...pretty weary of places whar' a gay HR manager or owner is the most bigoted human on the block, hires only others of its persuasion.

Aunty Belle said...

P.S. Onc't had a fella name of Hammer what tole Uncle that he din't see why no brain surgeon made more $$ than Hammer did, seein' as how they both worked 8 hours a day. Din't seem fair, thought Hammer, since both worked "equally" hard.

Young folks we take on all seem to be mystified by what it is that is the magic button for the "pass go" status. Looky, chickens, here is the answer: How hard is it to replace yore skill set?

Add to that yore character: does ya work a full day, or does ya loaf whenever ya can? Is you reliable or does ya git to yore desk or post 10 minutes late but never ten minutes early? Meet yore deadlines? Does ya git along wif others or is ya a trouble maker? On balance, is ya a credit to the company, is ya addin' to the bottom line? if so, youse valuable. A keeper.

Iffin' they's a WHOLE lot of yore skill set out thar', youse gotta be on yore toes eve'r minute, cause somebody else is lookin' to do what ya do, only better and wif' better attitude.

But iffin' what ya do is not so easy to come by, and is critical to the functionin' of the bidness...well, then, now ya got somethin'.

Brain surgeons make a whale of a lot of $$ because they ain't that many of em' around. An' when it comes to brain surgeons, none of us'uns want one that was hired on an "equal opportunity" basis.

Pete Bogs said...

we need fewer protected classes... it's a shame that people don't treat one another with dignity, causing someone else to force them to adhere to rules... these protected classes wouldn't be necessary if people weren't so damned prejudice...

I think businesses should not only have to operate legally but ethically... workers should have some recourse when are dismissed without reason, and in an unethical manner... aunt b, the examples you give are for dismissal "with" reason... I am writing of situations like I've personally encountered, which are too complicated to explain here... suffice it to say, the business was not run ethically, the dismissal wasn't handled ethically, and a worker should have recourse in those instances... I do not think anything goes when it comes to hiring and firing, unlike my unprincipled consterno compatriots...

Aunty Belle said...

I'se hearin' ya''s jes' that whose version of "with reason" is the one we could codify?

Bird said...

oh my heart weeps for the poor white man who is so discrimminated against.

oh yes, the dominant gender and class in this country is suffering immensely from oppression and discrimmination. this is damned laughable.

i'm not saying that sometimes a white man doesn't get caught in a trap - but PULEEZE, the deck is stacked in his favor.

poor thing.

by the way bogs - you may have well lost out unfairly on a job - but do you think the fellow replacing you at a reduced rate of pay is making out any better? you were both screwed.

Laws protecting people from unfair firing do indeed exist. And yes, businesses can hire and fire at will - my contract with CSU and the communiyt college I teach at is never guaranteed - they can let me go in the first week of the semester if the class doesn't fill. is that fair? not really, but it is what it is. on the other hand, the educational powers-that-be would look quite unkindly on me if I bail from a class the first week of class - or even a few weeks before. and yes, i knew that going into the profession - but that doesn't make it right. i have a strong union at CSU that works mighty hard to protect me. the union at the communiyt college level is gutless. i've never had a class withdrawn from me at CSU without the program coodinator working mighty hard to replace it. at the community college level - they just don't bother. Oh, so sorry - we don't need you after all.

back to business (cause lord knows, education isn't run like a business and there is some small belssing in that)- yes indeed, they must make decisions in order to stay in business, but that doesn't mean they should stay in business by exploiting others.

back to those poor oppresed white boys - discrimination against white men in the work place is somewhat of a rarity - compared to discrimination against minorities, women, gays, and older folks (with older women suffering more than older men - though they get screwed as well sometimes.)

bush and his cronies just recently (this term) made it even harder for women to sue their employees for wage discrimination.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - I think all need to be protected... wouldn't not doing so be discrimination?

I hear the deck is stacked in my favor, but I don't see it... nobody's just handing me anything...

ArtfulSub said...

Arghhhhhhhhhh. The ignorance level of Employment Law reality in here is mind-boggling.

An actual conversation involving a State Agency charged with "protecting" employee rights and a noble Troll.

State Goon: I'll need a complete breakdown by RACE of every employee at your Pennsylvania properties.

Troll: But the moron who filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in Crayon is suing based on the Americans With Disabilities Act and the even more mind-boggling Pennsylvanians with Disabilities Acts 1 thru 33. They aren't making a claim concerning race.

State Goon: Doesn't matter. I need that breakdown and it can't be just an estimate. Estimates are WRONG.

Troll: But, because it's ILLEGAL to keep records concerning Employee's self-designated RACE, it would HAVE to be an estimate.

State Goon: You can observe the Employees and write down what YOU THINK their Race is. Here at the Pennsylvania Commission on Human Rights we consider that and ONLY THAT an acceptable way to estimate.

Troll: But I'm in Texas and we have 1100 Employees at 4 locations in Pennsylvania. About 600 of them are part-time or seasonal. And our industry has a 70% turnover rate. It would take me about 4 weeks to actually eyeball and GUESS the race of every employee.

State Goon: Rules are rules. We need factual reliable data obtained by that Pennsylvania State approved "look at them and guess" method.

Troll: You like factual data, huh?

State Goon: Facts rock my world, yo!

Troll: Here's a fact. The Pennsylvania Commission on Human Rights gave "Authorization to Sue" edicts to ONE HUNDRED PER-CENT of all claimants from 1992-1998.

State Goon: That's because in each and every case there was overwhelming evidence the Employer was guilty. Just like in your case.

Troll: So, there's really no point in my wasting my valuable time complying with your rediculous orders?

State Goon: Not in the sense that it could alter our 4 year "winning streak" on behalf of the oppressed.

Troll: But the claimants very seldom wind up WINNING anything.

State Goon: Who gives a shit about the claimants? I've got a cushy do-nothing job here and we need to look busy when it comes to budget appropriation time.

Troll: Thanks for Nothing.

State Goon: Hey, I'm from the Government and I'm here to help!

Bottom line end-to-our VERY TYPICAL story?

The employee couldn't even FIND a private practice Lawyer who would argue his absurd case and had to represent himself in arbitration. He received ZERO in compensation.

The approximate cost of defending the case (almost all due to complying with archaic EEOC and PHRC guidelines) was about 50,000.

And now unthinking leftist idiots want to ADD "homosexuality" to the list of protected classes so highly efficient outfits like the EEOC can "protect" people.

And some noble Troll will be told to personally eyeball 1100 employees and GUESS which ones are homosexuals. Cause the Gov needs those reliable stats, yo!

By the way, Pennsylvania IS a "Right-To-Work" and "Employment-At-Will" State. Those words were rendered meaningless by leftist freaks decades ago.

Pete Bogs said...

art - those words still have meaning, last time I checked...

all this nonsense wouldn't be necessary if people would treat one another with respect... but too many people have too many prejudices... I'd prefer not to have anti-discrimination laws the way I'd prefer there not be seatbelt laws... people should be smart and civilized enough to do these these on their own...