Monday, October 15, 2007

Pick Me, For I Am A Scab

If a planned Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike goes ahead at the end of this month, timely shows like The Tonight Show and The Daily Show will immediately be impacted, as their material isn't written and produced months in advance as, say, a sitcom's material is.

I say avoid the pain: Jon Stewart, let me write for you. You know you want to. My friends and fellow bloggers can vouch for me; I got the mad satirical skillz, yo. Who can afford ethics when it comes to one's writing? Let some money-grubbing union bastard's (um, I mean, legitimately aggrieved fellow scribe's) loss be my gain. Call me, ok?


Bird said...

what's this bogs, breaking ranks with your brothers-in-arms?

shocked. appalled.

wasn't aware of a possible strike, but I say - pay those writers more!

writers are the court jesters and the consience of a country - or at least - should be!

Pete Bogs said...

indeed we are! ;-)

Bird said...

alright bogs, i was counting on you for a little amusement in between grading stacks of essays - but you've let me down.


where the heck are you? better get back on the writing task.

your fans await you.

flap/flap and back to those damn essays now!

she said...

go to hollywood. that is where you are needed. they recycle old tv shows. they make movies based on toys and rides at disney world. for cri yi.

(i lived and can type even!)

LeftLeaningLady said...

Just popped in on my way to being an old married lady. I am all for your writing for the Daily Show. It is funny now, but would be better with your skillz.

C you in a week.

Pete Bogs said...

thanks, all!

she - careful, dog... it's cats that have nine lives - the undeserving bastards! lol

LLL - my congrats to you and the lucky fellow!