Sunday, September 09, 2007

South By Southwest

Remember the good old days when Mom (Mum for our English and Australian friends) and Dad got gussied up just to go on a plane trip? Dad in his suit and hat and mom in her gloves and pearls? Hey, if you’re possibly going to meet your maker you want to make a good impression, right? Mom and Dad looked great, personal comfort be damned.

Mom and Dad would be most ashamed of Kyla Ebbert, who was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight (not while
in the air – calm down) for “revealing” clothing (a miniskirt). Ebbert was eventually let back on the plane, and remained covered with a blanket throughout the flight. It seems there were “concerns” about her appearance among some other passengers.

Southwest explained in a letter about the incident that they try to accommodate passengers “with heightened sensitivities.” Presumably not to prescription drugs, but to the human body.

Above: Some Southwest flight attendants after hours.
The woman in the middle is exhibiting what in Bogspeak
(the Bogsian lexicon, which also includes such words as "consterno")
is referred to as the "killer panty shot," or KPS. This was likely
one of Miss Ebbert's offenses.

I am reminded of my own post about what’s “offensive,” wherein I asked why the rights of the offended always seem to trump the rights of the “offender.” I’ve never heard a good answer to this question.

I always got a kick out of watching dinner scenes in
Leave It To Beaver (ohhh… kinda suggestive name, wasn’t it?). You know, where everyone dresses like they’re going to a wedding just to eat a casual meal at home?

I particularly love images of Victorian Era picnics, with everyone dressed to the nines to sit out in the bright, hot sunlight. "Such bloody Victorian prudery!" I can't believe an entire generation didn't die of heatstroke.

Too many Americans are overdressed, self-righteous control freaks. As for me, the next time I get on a plane I’m wearing a frickin' kilt. Just call me "Mr. Stone."


she said...

hey! you tricked me. i thought you might've posted a pic from your nudist colony. grrherhaha

er...i have to disagree on american dress. im not bothered by revealing clothing but i am offended by outright slovenliness. people dress like dirty laundry day at the mat "i just rolled out of bed" and now i ready to travel. and sit next to you and eat boiled peanuts and paint my nails.gross.

flip flops, ratty hair, clothes too tight, dirty, reeking filthy sloppy americans. i have to hand it to the euros buddy they DRESS everyday. well. isnt any one else sick and damn tired of people sloggin around in shapeless t-shirts and raggedy jeans?

i'll take all the june cleavers you got. and i think dressing for dinner is appropriate and considerate. nobody wants to take in the crack of your ass, your thong riding up while trying to enjoy a nice meal.

you dress act civilized.

Pete Bogs said...

"you dress act civilized..."

this is why Disney made us dress up for Grad Night in the May heat... we still acted badly...

you must recall my post about women showing their butts in public? I hear you, but I want change to be a grassroots thing, not a mandate...

hygiene's a different matter altogether... I say kick stinky, dirty people off the plane - preferably in mid-flight...

Euros dress every day, but don't necessarily bathe every day... I think the latter is important...

sorry about the nudist resort (colonies are for ants and lepers) thing, but it's strictly no cameras allowed...

Jack K. said...

When I first saw the photo, I was almost sure that the woman in the middle was the one who was required to get off the plane and rearrange her attire.

Go figure.

I suppose you can dress as you will in the privacy of your own room.

I, too, am offended by the folks who think slovenliness is next to perfect. Yuck.

I had a group commander once who thought that the Brigade slogan should be, "Go clean as you go.

she said...

er...dont they excomunicate tolerant libs like yourself for making such harsh judgements of your eurobrethren? how dare you criticize the fragrant-challenged? its not their fault you's bush's. global warming= more pit vapor. grrrrherhaha

the last flight i took, the person on the gangplank in front of me had "juicy" plastered across an ass that was seriously testing the fiberal ingegrity of faux velvet. but i couldnt look the train wreck in "the fugitive" grrrheha

pretty soon you will see people arrive at the airport in bathrobes and slippers (or the dreaded flip flop) with rollers in their hair.

sloppy dressing is an affront to your fellow man - a visual repulsion, like plastic bags caught in the trees along the highways.

" go clean as you go" rot on jack! and never get out of the boat. grrrherhaha

good to see ya bogshond!

Pete Bogs said...

some people wear clothes they have no business wearing... I think thongs and other skimpy clothes should be licensed only to those with the right bodies... sorry - wearing sexy clothes doesn't make an unsexy person sexy...

but, in general, I don't want anyone dictating fashion... I love this town in LA that just established fines for visible bra straps... fascists!!!

Aunty Belle said...

Licensed only fer the right bodies?

Who's makin' that call, Bawgs? Now yore own prejudices is showin'. Whose ter say? Iffin' a fella wants to show his fleshy crack and reach up over ya' to put his bag up, displayin'his hairy pits, but no muscles in a muscle shirt--he must think he fine-- who's ya to say other wise?

See? trouble is the first minute you attempt to set a standard, the question then is who names the standard?

I'se on the Dawg's team on this--cover up yore stuff, folks. Clean stuff.

As fer dinin'---ever' day cain't be formal, but round heah, nobody is seen at the table wif' uncombed heads, dirty shirts, flashing underarms or fingernails that could grow corn.

Pete Bogs said...

AB - Whose ter say? I would volunteer to check women's attire for appropriateness, though I am a liberal with that term... lol

again, sarcasm fails to come through on the Web... I am against people deciding that for others... but I still like to give my readers a good-natured ribbing...

as for hygiene, that was never part of the Southwest flight incident, nor my topic... I'm all for coming to the table clean - but comfortable...

wait... uncombed heads? just what do you mean? how could you be so insensitive to me?

lol... see? sarcasm just doesn't always translate on the Web...

Bird said...

poor june cleaver was in desperate need of therapy. it's all fine and dandy to dress for the family dinner- but when you frost a cake with chocolate icing in a white chiffon dress and pearls - you're clearly in need of some sort of intervention.

last international flight i took (the return leg of a trip to thailand) was wretched. packed plane and oh dear lord, never have i smelled such smells. of course, i flew a day after that incident in london and the airlines had banned all liquids and pastes on the plane: no toothpase, no deorderant, no cologne, etc. on the plane. this led to quite a sorry statge of affairs on an overcrowded, 14 hr flight. yuck!

i pray the rules have been relaxed as i fly off in december to thailand once more. but perhaps i should consider getting to asia via my own wing-power, after all, i am a ...bird.


Infinitesimal said...

points to consider:

Was the young lady pulling a Britany? (no underpants)

Was the offended party a woman?

If the offended party was a woman, was her husband the guy across and one row up from Britany copycat?

Was he playing pocket-pool?

Was the little girl who sat in the seat in front of him who kept looking back to the seat behind her traumatised by the game of P-Pool?

Was it the girl's mother who complained?

Were they taking off from the bible belt at the time?
(that's the only reason I can make of a MAN doing the complaining)

counter points to consider?

Pete Bogs said...

contessa - my understanding is that she was wearing undies... the funny thing is, there were a couple of accidental KPS's during the segment she did on the news... didn't help her case, but I don't think she really did anything wrong...

Kate said...

note to self... avoid Southwest Airlines when

Why were people looking up her skirt anyway??? Perverts! lol

Mr. Stone or Mr. Spears! =]