Thursday, September 27, 2007

An Afternoon With Ahmad Man

Lawmakers from NYC to DC are up in arms over Columbia University's decision to host Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for a speech and Q&A session earlier this week. Some have even suggested pulling funding from the school as punishment.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who was particularly vocal in his criticism of Columbia, apparently didn't watch the speech. University officials invited Ahmadinejad there and basically tore him a new one; it was no warm hero's welcome. It seems to me Republicants and consternatives in general would've enjoyed the opportunity to question him as speech attendees did.

It's safe to say Ahmadinejad didn't make any converts, he simply made an ass of himself. "We don't have homosexuals," he stated in response to questions about the oppression of gays in Iran. The audience loudly laughed this off. He also said Iranians are "friends with the Jewish people." This from a man who denies the Holocaust and says Israel should be wiped off the map.

My feeling is, it was ok to let the man make his speech. If we see him as an enemy, his own words can be used as a weapon against him. Again, he merely looked foolish, not powerful, behind that podium. And this was one of the few opportunities anyone had to question him without restrictions. We don't get those opportunities with our own president!

If funding is pulled from Columbia because they hosted a controversial comedian, only the students will suffer. Do we want to penalize college students, who are trying to get their lives started?

I wish the consternatives who are criticizing Columbia could've worked up as much anger when their patron saint sold weapons to Iran (remember 444 days in captivity), then pardoned his own henchmen.

Left: After a visit to New York City's Apple Store, Iranian President Ahmadinejad tries out his new "iLoon" MP3 player.


LeftLeaningLady said...

I blogged on the same thing, Pete, but my point is that WE (USA) didn't make any friends with Colombia inviting Ahmadinejad here and them making fun of him. Rude, crass Americans.

Pete Bogs said...

LLL - how often do you get a chance to give a guy like that the what-for? lol... I would've been more polite in introducing him, but let the gloves off in the Q&A... people like him (and our president) are shielded from tough questions from average people... it's good for them to get a dose of reality once in a while...

she said...

amazingly....i think it was rude to sandbag him as the columbia president did. i agree that by merely letting him say what he did say should be enough to demonstrate who we are dealing with. and we have on record one crazy remark after another from him and the mullahs.

later at the UN he said he didnt care what the world body does...theyre goin nukular. we know what the dinner jacket is about. by the way, i would love to see the UN out of the US. let it go to geneva.

i think you are right...the introduction was inappropriate...and i agree with the arab take on when you have a guest treat them as such. like you said; the Q and A it would have been the moment for the free for all.

but even the dinner jacket was treated better than the minutemen were. see for yourself on youtube. there's some crass ass action for the LLL.

bogshond...we have a leash on trout when she rides in the convertable...thanks for looking. she's a doggy dog isnt she? grrherhahaha

Mara said...

From an outsider looking in I cannot believe anybody is defending the decision to invite that creep anywhere in the USA to speak.

Where has the pride and the sticking 2gether gone?

Whether you like it or not he and his ilk are at war with you and indirectly killing your soldiers on a daily basis.

And dont come back with the free speech argument, that is a lamey in my book.

He is and always will be the enemy.
And you lot make fools of yourselves and invite him to spew his venom.

What happened at Columbia would not happen at Sydney Uni. or any other Uni in Australia for that matter. Nor would it happen in that morons country.

This guy would kill the lot of you for 2 bob and still you indirectly defend him. Starting with homosexuals, of course.

God Bless America - Unbelievable.

Infinitesimal said...

Riddle me this Bogman---

What ever happened to that old guy who was running Iran? I am not world events buff, i would need prozac for that.... but I thought for sure there was an older be-turbaned guy running the show over there last year.

What up wit dat?

Pete Bogs said...

mara - nice to see you again... he is indeed a creep, and I think I make my negative feelings about him clear... but some people are using this to political advantage, and it's insincere and self-serving... the chance to call a dictator to the carpet? what an opportunity! as I said, we don't even get to ask questions of our own leader...

no one has addressed an important question here - cut off funding to the university?

contessa - they're going slightly more secular these days... I think they voted this guy in...

LeftLeaningLady said...

He agreed to come here and be questioned, I am fine with the gloves off part of that. I am refering to the introduction. And this is still America NO the funding should not be cut off for the University, I don't care what they would do in Australia. I don't live there.

He is obviously crazy and just listening to the part where he declared there are no homosexuals in Iran and the other blurbs were enough to show his insanity.

This guy is an elected President, but there is still a be-turbaned guy the Ayotollah (spelling?) who is in charge of the religious sect and (from my understanding) really in charge of everything.

she said...

W gets asked everything bogs. its hillary that gets soft-balled all day long.

i am in agreement with mara...almost 100%....particularly the free speech bullshyt defense....that is a right for US citizens.

unfortunatley he is entitled entrance into the US by virtue of the UN meeting. i would not have extended him an invitation to columbia if i were the president, but once they did i believe there is an appropriate way to introduce a guest....the point being it is a reflection of us rather than a reaction to him.

the mullahs are running the show. the dinner jacket's the front man. just like everyone thinks old skool neo-cons run W, just like george soros runs the dems...the power of should be sufficient evidence. i think once you reach a certain level in politics they all start to be the same thing. im serious.

LLL: well at last he cleared up the big debate.
homosexuality is not genetically determined; its geographically determined.

to the funding: i would say to columbia for fed funding your righteous stand for free speech should be universal. meaning the school must also allow voices on the right to be heard including the us military branches reps.

did you happen to notice where which statements by the dinner jacket were cheered by the students? they were:

when he said iran had a right to develop nukes
when he refused to answer whether or not he sought to destroy the state of isreal
when he accused the US of supporting terrorism

the only times the students booed was (you guessed it) when he failed to support homosexuality (more specifically, sodomy)


Pete Bogs said...

she - when does Bush ever go in front of a hostile audience of regular people (not press) who can ask anything they want? NEVER... he stacks his audiences with supporters... and like Ahmad, Bush doesn't answer questions directly... Hillary is lambasted regularly from her own side for supporting the war authorization...

I made no mention of free speech, did I? I don't think I did...

by law the military already has access to all univesities that receive federal dollars... look back at my "military marketing to kids" posts for more on that... they could come and speak - they probably do - and like this Ahmad visit, there'd be a share of protesters outside...

PS: I wish my high school had allowed both sides to talk at our school... did I blog this already?

she said...

no bogs i was talking to mara on the free speech thing. i totally disagree on W not getting burned. how about every single day in the press.

Pete Bogs said...

she - when someone like me can ask Bush any question I like, I'll agree with you...

hullo kitty said...

hi guys ....

You may not live in Australia Left Lady however, we are in this stupid War on Delusion with you.
Like it or not.

Having that "natty rat" stand up in front of your young and impressionable is an afront to all of us. He is the enemy.

And She, I agree Bollinger should not have done what he did. On the backfoot no doubt with all the negative press surrounding the invite. The man is a hypocrite.

The US in general is very conscious of the rest of the world's perception of them.

Dissent is good to a point, however from an outsider looking in the US seems to be imploding.

Pete Bogs said...

hk - from my insider's POV, some people in the US have always done thing that caused disagreements with other people here... I think that's part of democracy...

I think our role as a leader in the world, and any kind of role model for other countries has severly diminished, and most of that is due to the out of control man running this country... yep, he deserves the blame...

hullo kitty said...

you gotta point there

actually Bush comes across as a wimpy type man.

and stubborn.

Bird said...

i didn't see/read the introduction - but frankly - so what?

he's mad in his head - and he didn't have to accept the invitation to begin with. what? did he think it would be a cake walk?

ohmigod, am i turning into a neo-con?

no, impossible. free speech lame? for shame! let the idiot come and speak. i'm sick of this "we have to stand together" bullshit. wellthen, you stand with those of us who say it's the right thing to let idiots air their views. who cares if he's not a citizen? as a citizen i want to hear his stupidty - let it be clear and plain for all to hear.(free speech is not just about who says what, but what we get to listen to).

yup - what happened in Columbia wouldn't happen in Iran - and I'm proud of that. the US is far from perfect - but we are still an open society - and god bless us for that!

who the hell is defending mad-in-his-head? what i read is that some were not pleased with the introduction - that's not defending mad-in-his head - that's saying we should have been better.

but we were pretty damn good!

God bless America.
Go red, white, and blue.
Free speech - yahoo!

Pete Bogs said...

bird -

"what happened in Columbia wouldn't happen in Iran - and I'm proud of that. the US is far from perfect - but we are still an open society - and god bless us for that!"

right... nor in America, if it were our own president... there's something to say for the chance to confront and question a man like this...

as far as him being the enemies, I know some righties are beating the drums for war with Iran - as if we could afford that - by ratcheting up the rhetoric against the country... last I knew we were fighting Iraq and Afghanistan... we've been told Iran is supplying weapons to insurgents to kill US soldiers - this information comes from the same people who said Iraq had WMDs and was behind 9/11, so how can we believe any of what we hear?

and speaking on 9/11, most of the hijackers were Saudis, yet we're giving money and arms to those motherfuckers... that country is no democracy, it's a brutal dictatorship... can you say Saddam Hussein?

Bird said...

perhaps we should take a lesson then from Columbia - and invite our beloved president to speak there. i can only imagine the introduction.

hullo kitty said...

Yep, God Bless America ...

Pete Bogs said...

bird - he'd never accept... he doesn't do "questions"

hullo - not sure if He exists, or if He has blessed us, but we need someone's help for sure...

Auntybelle Cracker said...

Hoo-whee! Ya'll has said near about all they is ter say--one way or t'other.

Mara and Hello Kitty--ya'll is fine folks ter come say the good thangs. I'se grateful.

Only thang I would add is t hat what happened is that the Iranian film clips show Ahmadinejad "telling America" what Iran is gonna do to 'em..see? IN the Middle East they's usin' this Columbia thang against us--propaganda whip the jihadi frenzy to defcon 4

God Bless America? Well folks, He has, but what's been the response?

One last thang...been in D.C. , had a Hungarian fella fer a bellman--maybe 60 years old...he hates Soros--said he left Hungary ter escape such as that evil man.

Pete Bogs said...

AB - we use propaganda, too... we're making quite a bit of it in this war... I hate Soros ever since he smacked me to the ground... paid me well, though

Polly said...

Interesting post and fascinating comments on this topic.

Keep your friends close and loonies even closer, don't you think? Show them what real 'freedom of speech' them the true colours of democracy by example.

Having watched a programme on Tehran I found it interesting the people are just us. They are NOT their leader...just like I am not John Howard and I know Bird is not Georgie porgie.

So I guess out of all the comments Bird speaks for me.

Don't behave as the idiots behave...behave better. Better than bullies, better than redneck power pussies.

You, USA showed how to behave by inviting Iran's president to speak. THAT is the point.
Let him open his mouth and really prove what a ridiculous stand he makes....

More speech means more reality.
Let them speak and prove their twisted attitudes. Bush does it all the time!
Thank heavens for the left leaning loonies blogging all around the world!!

Infinitesimal said...

No, I disagree with She, many many many political leaders in the US have screened Q and A, and do not answer free for all forums like at Universities and such. I think that's what Bogs was saying