Friday, August 31, 2007

McCain On Public Assistance

Presidential candidate John McCain's campaign is bringing in so little money that he's now eligible for public assistance. The notion of a representative of the party that hates "entitlements" such as welfare needing financial assistance from the government to run his campaign is indeed delicious.

At least McCain knows where he can find his next meal.


Polly said...

For some it is called 'welfare' or a 'hand-out' or 'dole'. For others it is 'pension' or 'benefit' or 'tax-break'.
All in all it is the is only the recipients power that changes the 'look' of welfare...and all in all who knows when we ( who live in wealthy countries) may need assistance?
Never deny others that which we may need ourselves one day through no fault of our own...
But a politician needing it to run a campaign???
Now that is confusing!

Pete Bogs said...

polly - presidential candidates can qualify for financial assistance here... the amusing part, for me, is that as a Republicant (sic), McCain represents a party that would prefer people help themselves when in need, not feed from the taxpayer trough... if he indeed accepts the public funding, it would be hypocritical in my view... just as when Bush "won" in 2000 by having a federal court overturn a state court's ruling... yet Republicants resent federal interference in state matters... (except when it benefits THEM, apparently)

LeftLeaningLady said...

Republicans resent anything that does not benefit them. I didn't hate McCain in 2000; I thought he might have a chance in 08, but he has come out of the closet as far as his true beliefs and I wouldn't vote for him if you paid me.

Hypocritical, Pete? Show me any of those running for that party who aren't. Flip flopping like Thompson and Romney are the least of my worries; it is the ones who speak to the lowest common denominator and convince them that they care for their votes and then shit on them that make me vomit.

Pete Bogs said...

LLL - I used to like McCain... Republicants were crazy for picking W instead, and we've all been paying for it ever since... said...

All politicians are hypocrits ~ its not in their nature to be any other way. After all, politics is all about lying to gain power and status ... its long stopped being about caring ... was it ever about that? I doubt it. After all, power corrupts absolutely.

How fitting, then, (in a twisted way) that these pigs get to feed from the trough. How grotesque that they think we're stupid enough to believe any of them want to help anyone but number one.