Friday, August 10, 2007

Further Fragmentation

Ice Cream Man Moonlights As The Candy Man
Mister Softee, say it ain't so! As a young lad in Brooklyn I always excitedly scrambled home for some cash when I heard the ice cream man’s incessant tune growing near. But nowadays I’d need to grab bail money if I wanted any of his frozen treats, since a New York ice cream truck operator has been busted for selling something other than soft serve ice cream – hard drugs. The old neighborhood’s changed a bit since I left. “I’ll have one Heavenly Hash, please!”

Thank You For Printing
According to one study, toner particles from computer printers are as
harmful to human lungs as cigarettes. If true, we must certainly put an end to printer advertising on TV, which impressionable children might be watching. I’m always shocked and saddened to see these addicts who get right off a plane and immediately hit the “print” button. But I don’t feel bad for those inconsiderate people who insist on printing documents at the next table while I’m trying to enjoy a nice meal. There ought to be a law, I tell you.

Power Trip
has sent a DVD containing works by major science fiction writers on a trip to Mars. I certainly hope they used the right region coding for the Red Planet’s DVD players. I wonder if the Martian players run on 50 Hz or 60 Hz current. And do they have those weird plugs, as in the UK and Europe? I hope someone thought to include a power adapter in the package.

As If!
A college study was conducted to determine and distinguish men's and women's reasons for having sex. As if anyone needs a reason to knock boots, an activity with which "reason" often has very little to do.

Unconventional Wisdom
Shouldn’t “redouble” be synonymous with “quadruple?”


LeftLeaningLady said...

A nice little Friday round up!

Please make sure you print the results of that study. I am sure we are all interested in knowing WHY we have sex!

Pete Bogs said...

LLL - thanks... for the scoop on the sex study, click on the link within that section of the post...

she said...

yeah really. i hope they didnt send blueprints. for cri-yi what are they trying to do grease the wheels for colonization and the harvesting of humans? thats a great sci fi movie screenplay right there: the collosal blunder of intergalactic diplomacy

re: printer ink. i grew up in the days when school tests were printed by mimeograph. and everyone would sniff the pages...a practice immortalized in the movie fast times as ridgement high.

as far as the sex survey, seems kind of cut and dry to me...the why of sex. i gotta try for a grant. if you can get funding for the obvious then, damn!

Pete Bogs said...

she - they may have indeed compromised us for any future invasions, by giving alien species an idea of what we THINK they are like... we may be in for a surprise!

I remember mimeo... purple pages, as I recall?

cut and dry - you mean the sex, or the survey? I hope the latter... a top answer, though not THE top answer, was "it feels good"

next up: why do humans eat food?

hullo kitty said...
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Mara said...

10. I was "in the heat of the moment" on the ladies list.

Im surprised I would have thought this would have fallen under the mens list.

Nick said...

I wish I still thought hash was hard drugs

Infinitesimal said...

Does Mars have those funny plugs like in the UK.......BRILLIANT!! har har, a knee slapper

and as far as knocking boots... I will share a quote written in big letters on the sidewalk of one of my highschools (Grant HS in Portland OR)

I think it was written by dark and brooding Ernie, who I was crushing on.... but I was not in town long enough to find out.

Here is the quote:

"How Can You Think Rationally About Emotions?"

Jack K. said...

I may be misinformed, but I thought that the way in which CD's and DVD's are "read" makes the herz cycle irrelevant. We send CD's and DVD's to our friends in France. They seem to have no difficulty.

As for the sex study, I guess the "scientists" have run out of other animals and plants to study. snerx.

I knew about MJ in brownies, but never in a bomb-pop. What will they think of next?

Pete Bogs said...

nick - welcome... they were selling coke, and not the cola kind...

infini - thanks for your approval... that's a good quote... I think the study was an unnecessary one - it's kind of a no-brainer, literally, why people have sex...

jack - you are correct about the power source not affecting the play; I was just having fun, as I am wont to do on this site... regional coding may be an issue... is there a galactic coding?

Bird said...

I read something recently - somewhere- perhaps it was this very study -that said men and women have the same reasnos for wanting/having sex- i.e., LUST. Yes, lust is the root cause - not love - lust. Of course, I think the thing I read said lust drives love to.

Who has time to ponder why? Better to be busy having than pondering why one has.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - I agree - let's drop the studies and start freakin' it!

Jack K. said...

I also understand that there might be galactic coding, but I am not yet cleared for it.

I did mean to comment about your need to develop a sense of humor(soh). tehee, giggle,guffaw, and snerx for good measure.

I am working on my soh too.

As for the discussion of lust vs. love, bird has the answer. flap, flap, swoosh and whatever birds do. snerx.

she said...

no no bogshond. its because of the mute monday ring. dont lose that bloggy feeling! in fact im going to delete all my image heavy posts so the page doesnt take so long. grr

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs, hey, I'se jes' checkin' fer vital signs.

Looky, iffin' ya ain't careful, somebody could become a squatter on heah, ya' know--write stuff ya' ain't happy bout'......ya better c'mon up fer air, Sugar. (Else I'se gonna post a dozen conservative rules of engagement! HOWL!!!)

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - I'm around... I just don't have a lot to say right now...