Friday, June 29, 2007

They're Trying To Kill Us, I Tell You!

The “Red (Chinese) Menace” is back and more dangerous to the stability of the United States than in the 1950s or at any other time in history.

Not too long ago China declared war on us, but they did so quietly. Their weapons of choice were not ICBMs, but everyday consumer products. Their goal: To bring us down over an extended period time, almost unnoticed, with a gradual, underhanded attack.

The proof? They're sending us defective tires that will lead to deadly traffic accidents. Not enough for you? They're also sending us deadly toys, toiletries and dog food. No sir, not even man’s best friend will be spared in this war.

Well, this decadent Western fellow has taken notice, and he’s pissed off! I can no longer sit back and allow the global Chinese conspiracy to sap and impurify (sic) all of our precious consumer goods! Toys? Children’s toys, Mandrake? (Is it any coincidence that mandrake is also a root the Chinese use as an herbal remedy?) And toothpaste? Talk about your fluoridation!

At least a few goverment agencies are finally starting to wake up to this war.

In retaliation for these unwarranted, unilateral acts of aggression, I refuse to watch even one second of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Take that, commie rats!

PS: Earlier this month I reported on Genarlow Wilson, a 21-year-old man who was incarcerated for receiving consensual oral sex from a 15-year-old girl when he was 17. A judge has now denied him bond, after another judge had previously ordered him released. If common wisdom holds true, what may be happening to Mr. Wilson in prison right now is far worse than what he did to get in there in the first place. That, and the court's reversal both, in a word, suck.

PSS: Although laws in Muslim countries banning the unnecessary removal of the clitoris ("female circumcision") are hit-or-miss, Egypt has now banned the practice. Good on them!


she said...

bogs, you are vegetarian so you might not have noticed in the groceries how much shrimp and fish come from china now. the FDA has finally cracked down on chinese imported fish.

guess how the chinese raise fish? they fill a ditch with fish....there are so many in there they can hardly swim...naturally there is a ton of fecal matter in the they deal with that is to dump a bunch of antibiotics into the ditch.


how do i know about this? the brother of a friend contracted hepititus which was traced back to farm raised shrimp from china. imagine how much gak can be stored between the shrimp meat and shell.

globalization! it's working well isnt it?

did you see the story about the tainted glycerine from china that panama imported? they used it to make cough syrup. killed 300 children before they figured it out.

americans think they should be able to buy a perfect tomato 365 days a year....if we would eat locally and with the seasons i know we'd all be much healthier. but the demand of every food at every time requires lots of importing.

this past trip to the ranch in IRC i received a very detailed lesson on what it takes to bring food (in this case bananas and oranges) to market. it is astounding the care and effort taken to offer quality food that is safe, hormone and pesticide free. but of course, it costs more than imports which come from nations without the regulations we have.

spoiled americans want everything to be cheap. this is the demand on the dark side of supply.

sorry for the lengthy comment. all we need now is a jack comment and you've got another full post.

Pete Bogs said...

she - there are no word limits for comments, except for trolls!

I link to a story about the fish ban in the post... didn't know about the cough syrup thing... that's messed up!

it looks like I have yet another thing to add to the list of reasons to hate China - poor product regulation... shame, and the may such bloody good cameras... (not1)

Infinitesimal said...

my family (step) is from Hong Kong, and they do not care for the Chinese either.

Another way that China is slowly advancing is to fill the American universities with students. The government pays the high international tuition rate and then expects the newly educated students to return home and help the government.

Which, in and of itself seems harmless, but the majority of international students at my university are Chinese, and they Chinese international student population is about one third of the population.

So, it is a little concerning.

About the cough syrup thing, I had heard of that, it was the same glycol thing as was in the toothpaste, basically antifreeze.

and a final thought.

A thing that makes America great?

Free range clits.

gotta love 'em

Pete Bogs said...

mmm... free clits...

Bird said...


so scooter libby has scooted out from under a prison sentence and into liberty just in the nick of time.

what say you, oh scribe, of this turn of events?

Jack K. said...

she calls it right. Nothing like the free(?) market economy.

Infini, raises an interesting perspective. I wonder whether an education will "taint" them in some way?

bird, I just heard about the commutation of the scooter man. I wouldn't be surprised if all of those folks who backed Libby will also pay his fine, too?

I also wonder if we are on the cusp of the fall of the "American empire"?

Just some thoughts.

Keep up the good works, bogs.

Pete Bogs said...

bird, jack, et al - my latest post is all over this Libby thing... Jack, I think you are right about friends paying the fine... Libby will face no real punishment...

Aunty Belle said...

Chinese'd products and globalization--ya'll C'MON! Git yoreself a copy of "Another Turn of the Crank" by poet Wendell BErry--very short read and will change yore outlook on buying and eatin' locally.

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - I know a global conspiracy when I see one... more tainted foods have just been discovered... children's snack...

thanks for the book tip...