Monday, June 18, 2007

They Ought To Call It A “No Sense” Policy

It couldn’t have happened soon enough for me. After some years of enforcing “no (guns/drugs/etc.) tolerance” policies to ridiculously literal extremes, some US schools are starting to experience a backlash. And let me tell you, I hope whomever is swinging the whip is lashing them hard.

Until now, if you were a renaissance faire enthusiast and wanted to be pictured as a sword-wielding knight in your yearbook, or you brought a water gun or your own prescription drugs to school, or you brought plastic army men to graduation, you were facing some hard time, buddy. But a few schools are wisely reexamining these blanket policies.

What I want to know is, why did we never hear from the NRA on these outrageous policies from the start? Remember, they support unfettered access to guns. These young Americans have rights. Many states have no minimum age for gun ownership, even though out of great concern for the kiddies they do keep cigarettes and lottery tickets (which can cause nasty paper cuts) out of their hands until they’re at least 18.

Seriously, I imagine some of these schools would look upon farting in class as being akin to exploding a biological weapon, and punish it accordingly. So, no more franks and beans in the lunchroom menu; that’s just coddling the terrorists. No more ISS (in-school suspension) either. Call the DHS on their foul asses!

Why do I write about this? Because I have zero tolerance for unreasonable zero tolerance rules. It’s this same type of thinking (i.e. not thinking) that puts people in jail for having car keys in their hands when they’re drunk. (What is that, anyway, conspiracy to drive drunk?) (PS: No, I've never been arrested for anything.)

It’s this total lack of reason in making the rules (often formed in an emotional environment after a tragedy), and adherence to them (by design, zero tolerance ties the hand of the person enforcing it) to the exclusion of all common sense that I find unacceptable. All intelligent people should.

It’s also this kind of crap that went a long way toward making me into the iconoclast I am today. It illustrated to me that those in authority (from the local middle school all the way up to the White House) don’t always have a clue about what they’re doing, and hence are not to automatically be trusted or respected. Smart, sensible rules, non-preferential enforcement and reasonable punishments are the only remedy for that, from my point of view.

So schools rethinking these policies is a good idea. I would say the same for our society in general. I mean, does anyone really want more Pete Bogses (sic) running around out there?


Jack K. said...

In response to your parting question, I vote a RESOUNDING YES, YES, YES!

Let's have more pete bogs running, walking, driving, reeling around drunkenly, etc.

You have a way of getting to the heart of a matter that makes sense.

BTW, ever thought about running for a local office? I certainly enjoyed my four years on the local school board. The only reason I didn't continue was because of Maryann's health. She retired, is healthy and we will travel. That's an order.

In case you missed it somewhere in the foregoing, I agree with your premise.

Keep on truckin'.

Pete Bogs said...

thanks, Jack... it's funny you should ask me about public office... I was thinking of doing a post on this very thing, and the challenges I would face... not just financial, or the fact that I'm very liberal... it's that I believe we're still in a country where a single, childless, non-religious, vegetarian man is a tough sell... those things shouldn't matter, but candidates send out flyers with pictures of their families and their religious affiliations for a reason - those are prerequisities for many voters... maybe local elections are different than national, but I don't know... but thanks for bringing it up! I still may consider something like that... I wanted to join the local county government's "citizens advisory board" some time ago but the meeting hours don't work for working people!

LeftLeaningLady said...

Pete, I am with Jack! Yes! More Pete Bogses(sic) running around. My son just turned 18 and I hope I have raised him to grow into the type man you are... sane, rational, questioning and literate!

Run for state government, you've got my vote!

Jack K. said...

If you want a family photo get one taken with lots of folks of different backgrounds. After all, aren't we all family?

Some families have horse thieves and others kings.

Go figure.

Anyway, you got my vote.

Viva la Liberalism!!!

Pete Bogs said...

LLL and jack - thanks for your kind words... I will look into an exploratory committee... :-)

she said...

bogs compared to new york libs who want to PAY students to pass the basic exams and to get a library card and for for attendance, YOU are conservative. actually Bogs, i dont think you're all that lib in the way i think of it.

Pete Bogs said...

she - you kind of lost me on both points there...

Bird said...

what's this - PAY students to get library cards, to pass exams, to attend school? WTF?

I thought a student's "paycheck" was a report card.


Not only that, I'm on a new kick - I ain't toleratin' nuthin' no more!

flap/flap/swoosh-swoop and
wait for it ...

a big green stream of birdshirt (but not on you bogs!)