Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sex Madness Grips The Land

Genarlow Wilson, 21, was about to have his 10-year prison sentence, of which he's already served two, vacated earlier this week when the deal suddenly fell through. His crime was, as a 17-year-old, receiving consensual mouth whoopee (CMW) from a girl of 15. A two-year age difference does not "aggravated child molestation" make. Nor should it require one of the parties to be registered as a sex offender for life. I know married couples who are 8, 10 or 15 years apart; why is that not a crime?

That Wilson ever saw the inside of a prison for this is truly unjust; that he now may be staying there longer after being told he would be released is pure madness.

President Bush's candidate for Surgeon General, Dr. James Holsinger, is taking a lot of flack for some homophobic writings from his past. In a document he wrote for the United Methodist Church called "Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality," Holslinger discusses the dangers of "gay" sexual practices, some very extreme (emphasis mine) and some more common. Some sexual practices certainly are more risky than others, but Holsinger seemingly fails to note that many of these acts are not exclusive to gay couples (nor are they practiced by all gay couples). This glaring oversight reveals more about Holsinger's bias against gays than it does about gays themselves. Hey Mr. President, how about a candidate who isn't an ideological freak, for once?

This is a guy who C. Everett Koop's critics would love, but confirming him would be madness.

And former CBS News anchor Dan Rather has criticized current anchor Katie Couric for "dumbing it (the newscast) down and tarting it up." CBS Chief Les Moonves shot back at Rather, charging his comments were "sexist." But anyone who's watched the mainstream media as it went into a frenzy over the Paris Hilton story while giving Iraq, the G8 Summit and immigration secondary status knows Rather is right. Further, Rather was not referring to Couric when he said "tarting," but to her subject matter. In response to Moonves' comments, Rather said that the former "knows about entertainment, but he doesn't know about news." Oh no he ditten! Snap!

Many have been calling the media to the carpet over failing to give important stories appropriate weight. It's nice to now hear that from one of their own. The continuing slide of news into tabloid sleaze, especially when so many significant things are going on in the world, is pure madness.

Make love, not stupidity.


Bird said...

the role of a free press in a democracy is to inform the citizenry so we can make educated and informed decisions about our governance, and to speak truth to and question power. our "free" press no longer fulfills that role.

chalk it up to the commodification of information: the 24 hour news cycle,capitalism run amok, commericalism, and our own effing stupidity have all contributed to this malaise which is killing us.

now, about sex madness... we need more of it - in a different fashion - hahaha! it is, after all, the 40th anniversary of the summer of love.

Jack K. said...

You mean there is a world beyond Paris?

I think there might be a pun in there somewhere.

It used to be that a free press was considered unbiased because all of the individual biases balanced out each other. Now we are required to take sides and be polarized. Nothing like getting the citizenry riled up at each other to help them ignore the ignoramuses they voted for. And, hey, if a little(?) mention of Paris helps, why, that just might be icing on the cake. (How is that for a little sexual perversion?)

Ah, Yes, the summer of love. Do you wanna do the Nasty? All you have to do is ask your preferred partner. tee hee. snerx.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - media consolidation is to blame, too... there are plenty of outlets, but if they're all owned by the same conglomerate then the message becomes a homo genuis... I mean, homogenous...

yeah, I like traditional form of sex madness... the title was a kind of bait and switch to get attention, though all the content is related to a kind of sex madness...

jack - these stories are indeed enjoyed by the real criminals out there, as they take attention away from them...

Infinitesimal said...

why did you tag this post with "STD's"? ....Oh, right, Paris Hilton is mentioned.

I KNOW he ditten mean Couric was a tart, nobody could make that mistake.


Pete Bogs said...

infini - that, and the "dangerous gay sex practices" that are more likely to cause AIDS... there's more in that linked story... said...

media conglomeration ~ quite so. here in vancouver one company owns the 2 major papers. same BS, different format. a goodly portion of the population puts little stock getting informed from the majors dailies. instead, there are many small, independent rags/papers that have cropped up. and these become the best source for balanced, appropriate coverage. i suppose every cloud has its silver lining.

i wonder why paris hilton and american idol make the headline news, considering the atrocities and grave situations taking place around the world.