Monday, June 11, 2007

Muck-About Monday

Today is the day the Senate will attempt to hold its long overdue "no confidence" vote against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. I say attempt because, while most Democrats and even some Republicants have called for Gonzo to resign or be replaced, many of the latter value party unity over anything else... justice... honesty... integrity... and will likely block the vote. Not just vote no, but pull tricks out of their bag to forestall the vote from even taking place. WTF?

Above: Having faced no consequences for
authorizing torture, illegal detentions and illegal wiretaps,
Gonzo brazenly lights up a doobie in front of reporters.

Yes, there are crooked Democrats in Congress. Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) is one very prominent name associated with corruption. What's missing from this case is Democrats defending him to the last, and alleging political motivation behind the investigation into Jefferson's activities. He's already been kicked off committees and people on both sides of the aisle have called for him to resign.

Whereas, before the 2006 switchover of Congress the Republicant-run ethics panel tried to pre-emptively protect colleagues like Tom DeLay and others from the brewing corruption shit-storm by loosening up the rules and firing the panel's all-too-effective leadership. When they were forced by Democrats to change the rules back, they simply sat on their hands and ran out the clock. DeLay was not reelected, so no point in taking any action then, right?

As for Mr. Jefferson, if he's guilty of anything (thousands of dollars in a refrigerator is kinda suspicious) I hope they convict him and send him to the dee-luxe cell block on the hill.

Meanwhile, according to another liberal blog (but attributed to WaPo), the US military is said to be embracing a Korean model in Iraq. Who exactly is this Korean model? Is she more of a runway model or a magazine cover girl? Was this embrace welcome, or was it inappropriate contact? Perhaps the most important question, however, is what the hell is she doing in Iraq?

Speaking of affection, some pundits are conducting a love affair with
2008 Republicant presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a very public way. According to one, Romney has "shoulders you could land a 737 on." That same columnist previously stated that Romney has "chiseled-out-of-granite features, a full, dark head of hair going a distinguished gray at the temples, and a barrel chest." What he forgot to mention was Romney's big, strong arms that hold you tight and keep you safe from the world, close to his beating heart, which forms a backbeat to the rising and falling of his chest.

Oh, did I just type was I was thinking? Oops. I briefly got lost in Romney's glow. And I suspect that admirer expects the American voting public to do the same; screw substance, we need a real looker in the White House, eh, ladies? We have people on the right creaming over Romney, yet the very same people chide Edwards for being too dapper. WTF?

Hair gel is no substitute, though, for vegetable oil, which is what a train just unveiled by entrepreneur Richard Branson runs on. At least in part. In addition to minimizing harmful emissions that contribute to global warming, the train makes one hell of a good chicken wing.

And finally, the CIA (an agency once headed by kinder, gentler President George H.W. Bush), is hoping to project a kinder, gentler version of itself to the public. How? By trying to influence TV producers, filmmakers and authors to show the CIA in a more positive light. (A word to the CIA: Don't talk to the producers of 24. They'll only make things harder for you.) I hope that "influence" doesn't involve anything untoward like, you know, waterboarding. Whatever they do, this sounds a bit propaganda-ish to me.


Bird said...

wow - this is quite a bit to absorb here bogs.

the vote of no-co was blocked, of course. what a surprise, eh?

mit rommeny. oh baby, oh baby, oh baby. but despite everyone creamin' in their jeans, he doesn't stand a chance. he may be handsome, but he seems to be very confused about his stance on ...just about everything. not sure what he stands for quess it depends on what he's running for and when. what a crock.

how about paris hilton for the republicant nominee? she's found god now i understand... so she should suit the fundies just perfect. of course, no one will cream in their pants over her now that she's minus her make-up and moisterizer - better stick with romney.

OHMIGOD! i've said the p-word. oh no! forgive me, forgive me!

flap/flap/SQUAWK! said...

so ... water boarding and other techniques of persuation have now moved to hollywood? lol.

on the notion of fried chicken wings from an environmentally friendly train ... i love the irony. it amuses me.

and hey - what's this i hear about the vote actually entailing consideration of substance? ptosh! its all about the hair gel and hard-on, ain't it?


i hear paris's big medical emergency was the fact that she stopped eating, pissing and shitting for fear that one of the prison guards will photograph her sitting on the toilet.

too funny. i'm with judge judy on that one. beauty's fades. dumb is forever.


Jack K. said...

Isn't it Ron White (Blue Collar Comedy) who has proclaimed, "You can't fix stupid"? If so, who cannot be fixed? Many of the folks you named or alluded to Bogs.

bird, p-word? perfect, paris? I must be dense. tee hee giggle snerx.

t.r.m., right on, right on.

I have assiduously avoided watching the debates. They are less exciting than watching paint dry. Besides, watching paint dry is much more educational and informative.

Having pondered the fried chicken wings proposal, I may have to change my mind. Aren't fried foods deleterious to one's health?

Enough with the ramble, yet.


LeftLeaningLady said...

If Mitt Romney even gets the nomination on his looks and John Edwards does not get elected President based on his, there is no justice in the world. Not only is John a very goodlooking man, but if you listen to him with your eyes closed he sounds like Mathew McConnaghay. Mmmmmmmm

Pete Bogs said...

bird - Rudy has some of the same problems as Mitt, and more... ties to corruption, etc.

red - I had actually joked when Paris was released that her "unspecified medical condition" was that she couldn't go to the bathroom... had no idea I was right!

jack - you're right... some people are beyond repair... I've not been watching the debates, but reading the reviews and watching some of Jon Stewart's commentary... brilliant, of course...

LLL - he's dreamy, isn't he? and so good to the poor, too! looks and compassion... sigh... LOL

Sanford B. Hines said...

I wish Lou Dobbs would run.

Pete Bogs said...

sanford - not handsome enough...