Monday, May 14, 2007

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Ruin It For Everyone Else

When President Clinton agreed to the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in 1993, I supported his decision. Not because I thought gays shouldn’t be able to serve in the military, mind you, but as a compromise with what remains an intractable American institution (the military). Mine was a “lesser of two evils/best they’re gonna do” support.

As the years have passed, my attitude has changed. It’s wrong to keep people out of the military because of their sexual orientation, and that should be the official, accepted policy. I think the reasons against are pretty lame, and verge on admitting that the US military machine is an inherently homophobic institution. (How else to explain the current situation?)

John McCain's recent
comments about gays serving openly in the military being an "intolerable risk" to the morale and cohesion of the service are an example. And those comments got me thinking back to a notion I had some years ago.

Ardently anti-draft since at least my teenage years (and while there was not a lot of talk about it then as there is now, I would be required to register with Selective Service like anyone else of my age and gender), I once realized the benefit of being gay in regard to compulsory military service.

They won't take you. Yup, as long as open homosexuality is forbidden in the military, you'll never be drafted. So, overturning this admittedly discriminatory policy has a downside, too.

I'm probably too old to be drafted now (though things change, as needed), but if I weren't, I'd totally feign the gay thing to avoid going to war. Totally. Especially if it were such a senseless, hastily entered one like we're in now.

How to "gay up?" I do have a Depeche Mode CD around somewhere, and plenty of Elton John. That'd be a start, I guess. I'd probably have to get a consultant to round out the presentation, though. A kind of Queer Eye For The Conscientious Objector Guy.

But let's not let it come to that. You fellas lay off your foolish quest for "rights" and "equality;" you're ruining it for yourselves and for us faux-mosexuals out there. Remember, even now, with a war on and a troop shortage, America finds you more disgreeable than they do defeat.


she said...

"gay up"? i bet we'll never see THAT bumper sticker on a pick up truck. you need a tank top and some short shorts. and those shoes with the squared off toes that look like boats. i think you already have the right hair. if they are going to be as desperate for soldiers as you think, you'll have to do better than depeche mode. (right, faggots?) grrherhaha

LeftLeaningLady said...

"faux-mosexuals" I love it. I have an 18 year old and will put make up on him and put him in a dress rather than sacrifice him to this BS war if policy does not change. The part that amazes me is that supposed intelligent people don't seem to grasp that homosexuals have served in the military since the military began. Does John McCain not realize that not all the men he served with liked women? Did that hurt cohesion? How are homosexuals hurting John McCain? What they do in the privacy of their own home is their business! Let's worry about things that are important, poverty, global warming and the fact that over 3000 soldiers have been murdered in Iraq.

Pete Bogs said...

she - I could, um, drag the clothes I wore to bring down Mark Fol... er, I mean, Mike Farley, last year, out of the closet... the cutoffs/wife beater/construction boots thing...

LLL - I once knew someone in a similar situation, and she said that she'd shoot her son in the foot before letting him get drafted... she was just "uneven" enough to do it, too! here's hoping it never comes to that, nor what you suggested...

Bird said...

hahah - gay up.

objectors during the Vietnam War also tried that approach - didn't work and of course, few tried it, as back then, the label carried quite a stigma - especially to a true-blue heterosexual.

funny thing though - you know - the military used to be segregated - and when a push began to desegregate it - many claimed that doing so would disrupt the unit.

probably did too.

at first.

so what?

didn't mean the military shouldn't have been desegregated.

my dear she, i am not sure in what sense you use the term "faggots" - many gays would consider it offensive. how do you intend it? (just asking.)

she said...

bird: thats a joke on one of bogs' past posts called "right-wingers are so gay" its a reference back on ann coulters dig on john edwards, and its directed to bogs

please dont hit me.

or send me to re-education/sensitivity/diversity aversion schlock therapy

look, if it helps i got tickets to cirque de soliel and shopped at IKEA too.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - she is clearly under the influence of alcohol... she should be pressured to resign for those comments...

she said...

er how about just a tearful admission of "mistakes made" on entertainment tonight?

Pete Bogs said...

she - that would be acceptable... be sure to request "privacy during this trying time," and let everyone know you plan on devoting more time to your family...

and yes, do say "mistakes were made," not "I made mistakes," as the passive voice implies less guilt... lol

Bird said...


I am not sure if I can associate with you at all - (though truth be told, I have some Ikea items at my roost - but they're from a former life, when i was a wanna-be yuppie and couldn't resist those clean and CHEAP Scandinavian designs!).

regardless, i must send you a "re-education book" with a red cover - you're overdue for reprogramming - hahahahahahahaha!

or perhaps a session at the museum of intolerance (the thing really exists -it's totally weird and an example of liberalism run amok! yes, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!).

bogs, bogs, bogs! the things you countenance on you blog. my word!

and flap/flap/flap!

Sanford said...

I'm Gay, I'm Gay, I'm Gay.

Bomb, device, weapon, explosive, time, tnt, secret, code, missile, dead, satan, zero hour, ground zero, airplane, high jack, Sudan, Iraq.

Pete Bogs said...

"bogs, bogs, bogs! the things you countenance on you blog. my word!"

tolerance is one of my virtues...