Friday, May 25, 2007

Crist Almighty

Miracle of miracles! I have actually grown to admire Florida’s Republicant governor, Charlie Crist. Believe or not, it’s not so much about parties with me, as it is policies. It's just that one party seems to so consistently be on the wrong side of policy.

So, why do I write in praise of Governor Crist? Integrity compels me. I am willing to criticize my own when they do wrong, and praise others when they do right.

Let’s look at a few things Chuck's said or done since taking office in January of this year:

Crist has
invited state education officials, who were often excluded from having a say in education matters under former governor Jeb Bush, back into an advisory role. (read: informed policymaking)

Crist has appointed Democrats to a number of positions. (read: bipartisanship)

Crist told supporters that an attempt to put a gay marriage ban on the books in Florida was a waste of party money. (read: common sense)

pushed for paper ballots to be used in elections statewide. (read: fair, verifiable voting)

wants state documents to use plain language, so everyone can understand them. None of this “Henceforth and forthwith…” crap. It’s Vatican II at the state capitol. (read: transparency)

supports stem cell research. (read: health and science over myth)

Could it be some of these things that make some Republicants
believe Crist is actually a stealth liberal? I don’t know, but I sure like the idea.

Hey, he has tried to cut property taxes and bring down insurance rates. I’d think consternatives (and everyone else) could find something to be happy about there.

Perhaps Crist’s biggest coup since taking office, however, is nabbing a former Mrs. South Carolina as his girlfriend. Yup. A fella can't help but admire him for that.

I didn’t vote for Charlie Crist, but if he keeps up the good work, this registered Democrat just might do so come next election.

PS: I am looking forward to meeting my fellow Blogger Summiteers this Sunday in O-Town! Wear some suncreen, as I'm a bit shiny.


she said...

i will know you bogs! my picture is on chickory - im hiding under a hat but you'll get it. i hope they serve guiness! i better call! im looking forward to it. cya soon grrr

Jack K. said...

Pete, sounds as though you have gotten a Governor who just might be able to get some things done.

The thought just occured to me, was he another low key operative for the Dems?

Just a thought.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - welcome back!

you may be right about that... though I figured I'd recognize another D.O. (Democratic Operative) right off the bat...

Infinitesimal said...

blog summit.....

I want DETAILS!!

DID you go nude?
DOES Auntie wear a granny clampett bun?
WAS She/K9 wearing her hat?
use your narration description skills Boggsy

Pete Bogs said...

all in good time, young contessa...

LeftLeaningLady said...

I have not decided if I like this guy or not (no, I didn't vote for him), but I sure am grateful to still have homeowners insurance and Crist and the Florida government are responsible for that. I was cancelled in Jan and the new law says that I can not be cancelled for no reason.

Maybe I should do a blog on the insurance crap in this state. That would be uplifting.

Pete Bogs said...

LLL - make it so!