Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pardon Me?

Scooter Libby's inevitable appeal of his conviction for obstruction of justice is just delaying his inevitable pardon by President Bush. Not that Bush would do it for Libby’s sake, though, but to save his own ass. He knows that Libby was long privy to all the inner workings of this White House, and could easily spill the beans on any manner of malfeasance perpetrated therein.

A pardon for Libby would not only protect the president, but would further expand the power grab he’s undertaken since he took office six years ago.

Considering this president’s dictatorial leanings, I actually think Congress needs to work harder to limit presidential powers through binding legislation (the only kind worth a damn). In terms of pardons, I think the president should be very limited in what he/she can dole out.

Meaning, they aren’t allowed to help a former boss, a boss' co-conspirators or benefactor buddies.

A good example of where a pardon would be appropriate (and permitted) is one of these cases I've heard about where a black man was convicted by an all-white jury and is still sitting in jail after 20 years despite the fact there's strong evidence of his innocence. In other words, to right a clear injustice.

Another appropriate use would be one of these cases where an 18-year-old guy has consensual sex with a girl a year or two younger than himself. It may technically be statutory rape, and he’s convicted as a pedophile and registered as a sex offender.

These are both examples of gross miscarriages of justice. The president's pardon perk shouldn't apply to anything he damn well pleases, but only to such cases. (Obviously, the specifics on acceptable/unacceptable pardons would need to be worked out.)

As for those who object to a pardon for Libby, I strongly suggest getting proactive on the president’s ass with a torrent of phone calls, letters and emails. Just say "no" to official unaccountability!


Jack K. said...

(Obviously, the specifics on acceptable/unacceptable pardons would need to be worked out.)

Here is where vigilance will be absolutely necessary. Whose scoundrels will be on the work out team?

Otherwise, a very good idea. Let's see if we can attract others to support it.

Hellpig said...

A pardon for someone who is the victim of a leftwing witch hunt for a crime that never took place,you dont see the problem of charging a man with a crime about a crime that never occurred?

yeah let is ass free,afterall Clinton did it

Hellpig said...

only difference being Clinton's guy's were guilty

Pete Bogs said...

jack - good points... I don't care who's on that team, as long as they pick the right specifics... and enforce them... :-)

hell - no guilt was found in the Whitewater and Paula Jones cases after years and millions of dollars (much of it your tax money) was spent... and if Bush does pardon him, it won't be for the reasons you stated... he doesn't have that kind of mind...

Anonymous said...

Does the name MARC RICH mean anything to you?

Pete Bogs said...

anon, hell - "Marc Rich" does mean something to me... check the links I included... Clinton, Bush and Ford are all in there... this was not a partisan posting... I want to remove this perk for all presidents, because it's been misused... they should only be allowed to use it in certain instances... re-read the post!

Jack K. said...

Go gettem Bogs. Your responses are right on the money. I thought most Republicants would recognize a witch when then they saw one. After all they are quite masterful at that endeavor.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - wouldn't things be better if we just put me in charge? lol

have a good one!