Monday, March 05, 2007

Ladies, I Thought We Had An Understanding?

A madame for high-priced call girls in the Washington, DC area is set to sell her phone logs in order to pay for a legal battle with the IRS.

Deborah J. Palfrey refers to her former business as a "high-end adult fantasy firm which offered legal sexual and erotic services (emphasis added)." But come on, anyone can read between those lines.

Weighing in at 46 pounds, the phone log is believed to include some heavy rollers, whose jobs, reputations and families could be lost were they to be connected to illicit activities. There are no names in the phone records, but one can easily track a specific phone number back to, say, a residence, if one wanted to.

This is outrageous. I mean, whatever happened to client-call girl confidentiality?

And what about us little guys, who don’t have the money to launch PR campaigns to save our asses? No one believes us when we say it was a drinking problem, for which we are now seeking treatment and God's forgiveness, that caused us to order out for some companionship in a moment of loneliness and weakness! Pleeeease don't do this!


In all seriousness, I believe most johns, powerful or not, expect that their "transactions" will be held in the strictest confidence by their service providers, not that their phone numbers will be sold off, or their exploits detailed in a tell-all book.

Think of the chilling effect this sale could have on the trade when men realize their private predilections may become public. Ms. Palfrey may want to consider the harm she could do to the business. Girls gotta earn a living, and boys gotta get 'em some.

What happened to the love of the craft, anyway? Sadly, today’s prostitutes seem to have lost grasp of the standards of their profession.

Dedicated to "Sweet Sue," "Schoolgirl Sally," "Tokyo Tina," "Boobarella," "Crimson Dynamo" and the "Trapeze Twins," with whom I performed my patriotic duty during my Democratic operative days.


Jack K. said...

Do you think law enforcement will adopt this technique in an effort to stop prostitution?

A unique approach, I must admit. snerx.

I salute you for the sacrifices you made during your operative days. snerx, snerx.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - they already have, at least in this area... it's called "John TV," and it involves the local police posting photos of men arrested for solicitation on a public access station... embarrass them into giving up the pursuit... too bad they probably ruin some lives doing that, too...

as for my sacrifices, it was a tough job, but someone had to do it...

Hellpig said...

That's why I always use cold HARD cash......rookies

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

let's see; we have "cheaters" and now utube videos of crimes, sexploits and drug use....and thats just the kindergarteners!

ive often wondered about the show
"cheaters". i mean, do those idiots sign off on allowing themselves to be broadcast for the skanks they are? could they show it without their permission?

*i'll do anything. just look at me*

this is the most exhibitionist age ive ever seen in my short time here on the spinnin' ball. i heard on npr (oh crap i was listening to that?!??!) that the new kids coming up were a thousand times more shallow than even baby boomers. wow thats hard core.

discretion has gone all dino on us.
bogs! word veri??!!!


Pete Bogs said...

hell - so you're saying a personal check was a bad idea?

k9 - and you're saying those men on the list are asking for it?

I wonder the same thing about Cheaters... and Cops, for that matter...

word veri gets turned on when I start getting spam... a temp measure...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

no i am saying that descretion is a dying concept. there was a time when clientele was protected. but now in this climate, where fame and infamy have been mistaken as analagous, anything is fodder for exploitation, and we have people ready and willing to sell anything and damn the poor schmoes caught in the net. no integrity on the pro's end.

in las vegas where it is a legal profession i think this wouldnt be the case or business would die.

i figure if a guy has to turn to a pro then you gotta throw some compassion his way. (no disrespect helly.)


Pete Bogs said...

k9 - I'm just razzing you...

I think Vegas adopted their slogan "What happens in Vegas..." for a reason... meaning, their madames and hos will keep it on the QT, on the down low, and very hush hush...

Pete Bogs said...

in other words, "Our hookers know how to keep their mouths shut... that is, when appropriate, of course..."

Hellpig said...

none taken dawg sometime a man just has to get his freak on

infinitesimal said...

Booberella? Snerx??

I heard that a similar situation was going down in L.A.

I guess maybe just MAYBE
men should not be paying another woman for other young women to suck them off?

I dunno, call me crazy?

Perhaps they should just go to Vegas or actually find ONE woman to fall in love with? ONE actual mistress they could trust even?

ohhhh, how radical.

Otherwise, OWN it you limpdickt lame-O's.

Big whoop, you got sucked off by a sex worker.

Oh, wait, I think there was a reference to the ruining of lives? the dishonesty and the possibility of it getting back to the wives?

Awwww, poor baby.

the wives may find out they are potentially at risk to being exposed to 18,000 other dicks worth of STD's.

If I had a husband, I would want to know. I would rather know than not know for sure. Then i could spend all his money and we would BOTH be happy about the situation, and, when the news broke, well, who cares? Like Hillary, i would stand by my man, in my FABULOUS new Manolo Blahniks.

Anonymous said...

Religion Shoud BE abolished Mother fuckers. god will not save your asss.

Pete Bogs said...

infini - welcome after a long absence... I take it my little tongue-in-cheek (partially) post didn't sit well with you? yeah, paying for sex is not ideal... but it is the oldest profession, and shows no signs of going away... there will always be a demand, you see... and, whether or not it is illegal or morally wrong, I do think you are paying not only for sex but for discretion... love and marriage is great... it's not something everyone can find, or desires... nor is sexual satisfaction always part of a relationship... ideal world: we all get as much sex as we want, and any kind we want... real world: sometimes we are not fulfilled by what we have, whether that simply be pleasure, or emotional fulfillment... in all, I'd say it's a "valid" pursuit for both parties involved, but not recommended for many reasons, including some you mentioned...

anon - huh?

infinitesimal said...

well yeah Bogs
but here's my deal

a) raging PMS (like, as they say in the South, a big dog)

b) a lack of respect for the man who has a lack of respect for the women.

I mean, OWN it, like I said before... make it a non-issue. OR, pay enough to where you KNOW your phone logs are wiped offa the books, do NOT go for the $9.99 poon-tang platter. You see what I'm sayin' here Boggsy? And further, after a certain point, best to start negotiations with your favorite high-end call-girl. But nooooooo, Mr. Rich man is too distinguished for this business, he does not see her as an equal human being, only as a semen receptacle. Kinda like burger-flipper, or toilet cleaner.... you need them to get the job done, but you would not want to actually share your life with one. Well, I say, TOUGH TITTIES (literally) to these guys. Too bad they are not nimble enough to suck their own dicks.

I guess my late night bitchfest point is this:

Instead of happily paying a Madam/businesswoman (keyword being BUSINESS) to negotiate a NOT hooker to perform for them, they should have just actually been human beings to a single willing female and earned her personal trust.

ya feel me?

(don't worry, I won't tell)

Pete Bogs said...

infini - sorry to hear of your "condition"

I do hear ya... ideally, we will all find a person who satisfies all of our emotional and sexual needs... I think that's best... but I understand why prostitution exists, as well...

the scenario you describe sounds like forced prostitution, and I am against that... however, I think you should asked some of the high-end call girls if they feel like a sperm receptacle... you might be surprised at some of the answers...

infinitesimal said...

No no no, nope.... I know full well that they get what? 3 grand? 5K per bang. That's a tidy sum. High end call girl is a great job, if you can stand it.

Alls I am saying here, and you are NOT hearing me,

is that the men, should OWN IT.
OWN the fact that you pay another woman to pay yet another woman to suck you off. Do not be embarrassed or ashamed, YOU did it. OWN it.

You are participating in a business transaction you dummies!!

If you (the dummies) go online, and view porn for money, it is a BUSINESS transaction, your information is stored inside a cookie (I guarantee it)
If you go to the drugstore, and pay with a creditcard... what happens? A BUSINESS transaction, and your pesonal data is stored, same with the grocerystore.
Amazon bookstore sends personal recommendations... your FREAKING BANK hands over your personal information as allowed by their "privacy policy" to other select BUSINESSES....

So what's the diff? When a crusty ol' cougar madam wants to do it?

You said it yourself Bogs, it's a business, the oldest one in the book.

My whole point, which you did NOT hear... (Must have been my "condition"... I will whip your ass for that one later...)

My whole point was that if a man goes into a business transaction, and there is no said contract specifically stating "NO SELLING OF INFORMATION"
How can you possibly say:

"Ladies, I thought we had an understanding?"

The only understanding is: You paid an older woman to give a hot young woman directions to your feeble waiting penis. And you paid a large sum of money, in advance, to have that penis serviced. Serviced by a woman who is in the business of looking smoking hot and sucking dick for large sums of money.

Which brings me to my OTHER point which you also apparently missed:

I have nothing against prostitution as a necessity but all I am saying is that maybe these men would have been better served to have found themselves ONE PROSTITUTE with which to entrust their red hot cock to.
Or even, as I mentioned, established a loving relationship with a MISTRESS. You know, like they do in FRANCE.

But it seems to me, that they were more interested in the flavor of the month or not getting too personal. And maybe that is why this Madam is not feeling terribly sorry for them now.

No, they did not have an agreement.


I think it's funny.

Must be my "condition"

Pete Bogs said...

infini - that response was HOT! lol... must be all the genital references...

I now understand what you mean by own it... but there are certain things you may not want to share with the rest of the world, such as the fact that you are on a certain drug, are seeing a psychologist, have a drinking problem, etc. it's understandable some people want to keep their sex habits in that category as well...

one prostitute is fine... unless she rats you out like these others have done...

infinitesimal said...


again, No.

It was not
"these others" (prostitutes)

it was the MADAMs

the head of the business, the CEO

and since when did they ever have any integrity?

Do not confuse the CEO who is whistleblowing (again, no pun intended) with her employees, please! which again just stresses my point that it's best to view the sexworker as a human and negotiate with her on a one-on-one level, instead of cattlerustling with a Madam come ranch-herder.

Yep, you are starting to see, I think, my sperm receptacle point now.

It is not the WOMEN who view themselves as such, it is the MEN who view the women as objects, receptacles.

See, the men, are paying for the ability to NOT have to negotiate with the actual human being that they are planning on covering in jizz.

It's like buying the ingredients versus ordering a pizza.

You are PAYING someone else to DELIVER a hot, smoking, drippy, saucy pizza to your door. You have to do no work to prepare said pizza, you do not need to work the dough, or pour the sauce, all you have to do is open the box and eat it. (like that reference Boggsy?)
But WHY do you order a pizza?

a) you do not want to shop around

b) you do not want to get the kitchen all dirty

c) you can just throw away the used box when you are done

What's the price you pay?

Twice the cost of making it yourself, AND
The pizza delivery place gets to have your address and phone number on file.
if they get audited
for tax purposes....

what do you suppose happens?

Yep, that's right,
the whole world gets to know that you like pineapple anchovy pepperoni pie.

or make your own Fucking pizza.

Pete Bogs said...

"Do not confuse the CEO who is whistleblowing (again, no pun intended) with her employees, please!"

actually, some of the books I linked to are written by the employees themselves... the ones who do the dirty work... not the CEOs

indeed, the pizza place takes down your address and phone number... but you don't expect them to sell that information to others... it's just "understood" (hence the title of this post)

you seem to be hostile toward men on this subject, but it takes two to poon-tango... we are talking about two adults who agree to this...

Bird said...

oh hells bells -

here's to rutting sex

but it's not about sex anyway

it's about power.

fuck em all. no pity for those who are "exposed."

love to see the names those phone numbers ring back to .

as for the madam- you go girl. i think it's quite clever.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - so, in other words, those men are "asking for it?"

infinitesimal said...

See, the Boyed is wit me on this one.

you call me hostile, I am not hostile, i am just saying, have a spine and a backone.

Perhaps, fine Bogs, you have no idea how some men treat women. Not working women, just plain, flat out women.

It's not too far of a stretch to see that the same caliber of men who treat women in such a lowbrow fashion, would be the same caliber of men to pay for sex.

i can see that you really just want to cry into your beer for the poor rich men who got burned by the mean ol hookers who ratted them out to their brutish wives.

Poor little babys
it's not like they are white
and powerful in todays society.

You are right Bogs, we really should feel sorry for them.

Because i am certain, beyond a shadow of doubt, that they would never ever ever do this to a woman, if the places were switched.

You are a funny one Bogs

I have a "condition" (granted, I asked for that one)

and now I am "hostile"

I think you may be just a wee little bitty bit of a misogynist.

how do you like that bonnet?

no offense intended, but it was either that or use the gay word.

can you even think for a minute about the woman's perspective?

And let's not assume that I think it's OK to write a tell all book or sell the phone records, because I don't and were I a hooker or madam, I wouldn't.... But, my point THIS time is maybe, just maybe, the men were super pricks to her, and deserved it. not all, but enough.

It is possible.

Still PMSing

infinitesimal said...


do you deduce that boyed said they were asking for it?

you are such a spin doctor

infinitesimal said...

"actually, some of the books I linked to are written by the employees themselves... the ones who do the dirty work... not the CEOs"

Actually Bogs, you are wrong

book one is written by a Madam (Fleiss)
so is book two (Mayflower Madam) and book three is reviewed as being written by:

**Chapter 2 in the book is written by a publicist of a porn company, a totally wasted chapter, since I had no idea who she was talking about and no pictures to identify people. The last chapter is written by Jennifer, daughter of a hollywood actor and real estate agent.**

I thought the post was about Washington phone records anyway, which by the way, are not linked to any names, just phone numbers.

Bogs, you have been a very naughty Bogs, lying to Mistress, and as such you should be punished.

You will submit.

I will administer corporal punishment.

And I won't tells nobody!

Pete Bogs said...

infini - I never defend the poor rich guys... you haven't been around here in a while, but usually I am hostile toward them...

this was not intended to be a defense of them, but a criticism of the women who are ratting them out... it's just not cool, and I firmly believe that... you're paying for sex and discretion... if prostitute is one's profession, fine... you can be a doctor, too, but you're not supposed to tell others about your patients' private health matters...

regarding your "condition" - I ever regret the fact that sarcasm, tongue-in-cheekiness, etc. does not translate well through the web... you should have seen the grin on my face when I wrote that "asking for it" comment to boyed!

I would say honestly that I treat women extremely well... respectfully... you will just have to take my word for it...

infinitesimal said...

Nice way to hedge over the fact that the books are STILL written by the Madams and NOT the hookers and you keep saying the hookers are ratting out the guys and I keep reminding you it is the Madams.

Can't beat a dead horse Boggsy.

When I cruised over, this comment section was dead at 7, now it's a healthy 25.

Miss me?

(PS, my stuff for you was tongue in cheek too, a girl needs some good banter once in awhile.)

Anonymous said...

/bark bark bark

whats wrong with being rich? for rotties sake ya'll i hope i get there! then bogs can not feel sorry for me, but check it: i dont want no pity anyway. grrerhahaha

ps whats up faggots?

grrerhahahaha *jus kiddin* cc: ann coulter
nice little dogfight! *wag*


Pete Bogs said...

k9 - is that a rainbow collar you're wearing? lol

Anonymous said...

/yip yip yip

*tsk* no thilly, it Pwada.

/yip yip yip

Pete Bogs said...

don't get catty with me, dog... I'll scratch your eyes out! :-P