Friday, March 02, 2007

Get Back To Work, You Lazy Bums!

Earlier this week recently announced presidential candidate and foot-putter-in-mouther John McCain solicited suggestions via the web on how the federal government could reduce spending.

Lots of good suggestions were made – end the costly war in Iraq, pay Congress minimum wage, or base their pay on performance – though many predictably used it as a sounding board for their non-financial gripes with the government.

I suggested fewer federal holidays.

There seem to be a couple days each month when the banks aren't open, the mail isn't delivered, schools are closed, etc. while the rest of us continue to earn our pay. And, as I understand it, Congress typically takes a week off for Presidents Day!? (This year they didn't, as they were tending to all the business left unfinished by the previous Congress.)

The point is, federal employees continue to get paid even though they aren't working. Perhaps some federal holidays can be optional days off without pay?

I wouldn't touch MLK Day or Vets Day, but do we need a Presidents Day (and all the obnoxious Presidents Day sale commercials that go along with it) or a Columbus Day, dedicated to a
confused man who didn't discover our country?

More important, do we need to pay federal employees to take them off? I like the reduced traffic on those days, but not the fact that so much work is going undone while money continues to be doled out.

While it might seem like only a few days a year, consider just how many people work for the federal government (not to mention banks or schools), and who are therefore off on each of those days. That's a lot of dough we're paying out for people to not work.

So, this I say: Get back to work, you lazy bums! What do you think this is, a welfare state or something? Jeez!


Bird said...

oh bogsie, you would take away the odd days off that give me a bit of a lift? what a subversive you are! for shame i cry, for shame!

as a public servant ( i even signed a loyalty oath- i am sworn to uphold the constitution of the US and the State of California!)i get

presidents "weekend" at one college, but not another.

mlk day at one colege, but not another.

cesar chavez day at one college but not the other.

no columbus day - not at either college i teach.

vet's day at both this year - an odd change in events.

i look forward to these respites. and you would make me suffer?

does not the constitution of our great nation include the self-evident right to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness (which these days off bring me) - oh - that's the declaration of independence, not the constitution - damn! i guess there are grounds for revoking these holidays!

that's it - i'm tearing up my loyalty oath!

Yours in the revolution,


Pete Bogs said...

you get Cesar Chavez Day off? I didn't know such a thing existed, and am more outraged than before...

Hellpig said...

The number of federal employee's would be doubled if Dhimmicrates were in charge

Bird said...

yes indeed = in san francisco - where we wear flowers in our hair -we have cesar chavez day.

hey- school me what do you thing of weisenheffer beer? have i got that right?

Hellpig said...

it's heffen wiezen,ok but I like IPA's heffens are a mirky/fruity tasting beer...

I answered cuz bogs only drinks stout Guiness

and you sure it isn't Che Chavez they celebrate?

Pete Bogs said...

hell - re federal employees, you're looking at an old playbook... Bush is not a good Republicant because he has increased gov't spending, among many other reasons... the current Dems aren't talking about wanting Big Government...

bird - hell is right about the beer names... I do drink more than Guinness, but am not crazy about the type you're talking about... as hell says, it's got a fruity (I call it sweet, like the Belgian beers) that, next to Guinness' bitter flavor, is unappealing...

Hellpig said...

"hell - re federal employees, you're looking at an old playbook..."

WOW you telling me the Dhimmicrates have a new playbook?

Let me guess "Appeasement and Higher Taxes"

And Pelosi's budget increased 400% over the former Speakers budget