Monday, March 12, 2007

Cycle Of Recklessness

I see more of them each day, and can no longer let their message go unchallenged. I'm talking about the bumper sticker that says "Watch Out For Motorcycles!" Perhaps you've seen this, or one of its variants?

These are typically displayed on cars (not a lot of bumper on a bike, you see) by, I imagine, people who ride bikes and want us all to be ready for when they happen to be on their steel steeds. "Make a note for later" kind of thing.

What bothers me is the supposition behind the message. Because it puts the onus for safety on the wrong people.

The translation of this sticker message is: "Because I have chosen a method of transport that provides very little protection for the human body, I want to make my own safety your concern. It's not just transportation, of course. I love the freedom of the open road on an open hog. Which is why I also don't bother wearing a helmet. Which is, by the way, also your concern."

These safety-conscious people are the ones, by the way, who seem to think there's a lane in between other vehicles.

This biker bumper sticker is the 20-years-on equivalent of the once-ubiquitous "Baby On Board" sign. That was a load of fun, wasn't it?

It's as if we're all supposed to take notice and straighten up our driving act pronto when we see one of these "warnings" that there may be children or motorcycles on the road. Try to keep the road rage incidents to a minimum. You know, cut back on the freeway shootings and that.

As if!

I don't know, maybe I just can't take people who wear black leather clothing on 90 degree days and swallow bugs seriously.


LeftLeaningLady said...

I try very hard to watch out for cycles, because they are sometimes harder to see than cars, but nothing makes me madder than having one zoom in & out of traffic, up the breakdown lane if traffic is at a standstill. And why don't they have to wear a helmet if I have to wear a seatbelt? Hmmmmm, chlorination of the gene pool?

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

in ATL we have these gangs who ride souped up crotch rockets...the ones with the real long gas tank. they go so fast and in and out of traffic, if just one person isn't paying close attention (and mind you these are interstates where 6 lanes of 75+ driving is the norm-IN TOWN) then you will see a splat normally reserved for video games.

thats why they call them "donorcycles"

agreed!! thank God circ de soliel post is gone. grreherhaha

next up: super fitness show offs. why do they run on busy city streets instead of the neighborhood streets? I'll tell you why: "look at me" and then they act annoyed when you turn on your light but they want to cross! nevermind the 17 pissy drivers beeping behind you who cant see the hold up -but see, runners have the moral authority since they arent polluting (in that moment) and being all good and pure and shyt. howwwl!

if i werent so mature and good natured i'd pack my truck with water balloons. you know, as a service to cool them off.

when we tip a pint remind me to tell you the diamondback story.


Pete Bogs said...

I had an epiphany on the way home from work today, as I saw a pair of bikers weaving in and out of traffic... I need a bumper sticker that reads "Watch Out For Motor Vehicles"

k9 - Cirque Du Soleil actually has some relevance to that last post, as the men in that troupe wear such tight costumes you can tell... well... you know... if they're circ'd...

Anonymous said...

/bark bark bark

yeah i know. its the "gayest" thing ive ever seen


Bird said...

ah c'mon.

such a lot to read into a bumper sticker. hee hee hee.

i love motorcyles. and motorcyclists.

the bumper sticker is merely trying to build awareness. it's not that heavily loaded a statment there.

about helmets- it's the law out here in california. i rarely see a biker without one.

about lane splitting (you're stuck in traffic, but the bikers can zip by you, sort of inbetween lanes, or rather, splitting lanes) - that's a safety feature.

studies (as well as empirical evidence and plain logic) show that bikes are at a greater risk for calamity than cars when traffic is slow or stopped. ever been in one of those wrecks where you're stopped in traffic and the idiot behind you can't figure out what all those red break lights and that knot of traffic up ahead means? so he plows into you, and you plow into the vehicle in front of you.

if you're a bike, you might be dead.

bogsie - are you car-centric - hahahahaha ;) i'm sure out here in california we can find some sort of training program for you- some sort of nontraditional vehicle sensitivity training.


get your motor runnin!
head out for the highway.
lookin' for adventure
or whatever comes my way.

Anonymous said...

/bark bark bark

i can so see boyed on a bike. not riding mind you. drrrrriving.


Pete Bogs said...

bird - I just don't need any kind of warnings from people who apparently don't take their own safety seriously... is seems like the kettle calling, you know... as far as awareness, I'm all too aware bikes are on the road... they cut between cars, and I don't just mean in a traffic jam... they cut between cars already in motion...

Bird said...

when i get my bike, i'll come out to florida and give you a ride bogs!

we'll be aware

but not kettles callling, you know....

C'mon bogs you know
Born to be wild!

(We'll have to find Dennis Hopper and get him to c'monalong.)Maybe we can set a side car and bring the dog along too!

Pete Bogs said...

bird - I like the sidecar idea... btw, Florida overturned its helmet law a few years ago...

I decided not to included the "Share the Road" (bicycle) bumper sticker in this post... you'd love that one, too, I'm sure...