Thursday, March 29, 2007

China's War On Dogs Continues (UPDATED)

The latest salvo in China’s war on dogs has landed way too close to home. Like, directly in many American homes. I’m referring to recent incidents of kidney failure and death among dogs and cats that consumed a certain type of food.

Apparently, there was rat poison in some of the gluten the offending Canadian pet food company, Menu Foods, acquired from China. Et tu, Canada? (UPDATE HERE.)

Can’t Canada produce its own gluten? Come to think of it, can’t the US make its own pet food?

True, more cats than dogs died as a result of these poisonings, but hey, you have to pick your battles.

I see the poisonings as an intentional act in China’s ongoing war on dogs and other domestic animals. While we in the West generally value dogs as intelligent, loving animals, in China they’re likely to be eaten or even beaten to death before their owners’ eyes.

But killing dogs within their own borders apparently was not enough. No, they had to take it to our shores. This act of terror was their Al Qaida-like message to our canine friends: “You are not safe, even in your own country!”

I have a mind to head up to the Chinese embassy and give them a piece of my mind. That, or the nearest Chinese restaurant.

Who’s with me?

PS: Consider this post my latest salvo in the war against China's war against dogs. Type the word "China" in the search box above to see my previous posts on the topic.


K9 said...

/back bark bark

Rot on! speaking of salvo...that makes a great serial killer name. grrehrhaha they probably dont feed their won dogs gluten since they plan to eat them...they're probably fattened up on force feed geeses. *crank crank crank*

then there is the report of coats and fashion being outfitted with dog fur too. its true....and then there are the hideous real fur sculptures.....

they couldnt be content with just the blow fish sushi. the durty bastards.

whats next? necklaces of duck bills?



Pete Bogs said...

Salvo, or Malvo? :-)

foie gras, doggie style? it’s ok if it’s not too Szechwan (spicy)

some American companies have “unwittingly” sold pet fur coats… shame on them! you must be shivering at the thought… that is, about going coatless…

Anonymous said...

Mother Fucker Bush!

Burn in hell Fucker.


Pete Bogs said...

anon - hmm, you seem to be implicating Bush in this China dog war... I guess it's possible... Congress should look into it...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

if nothing else, anon stays on topic! grrrherhaha

bogs is right i meant Malvo
just as deadly as a chinese salvo
but one is in jail
the other from hail
for puttin' rodentia in alpo!


bogs, i found 3 nanny killers living in a drainage pipe...yep. rotties were dumped at "gone native's"

they're in good shape too. beautiful big pups. they were so starving but their coats are nice and they aren't thin so it must have been a recent dump.

looking for a dog by any chance? i have my hands full with an autistic tree climbing hound. worst. dog. ever. but, once you save a life you are responsible for it. Damn there's another chinese cultural salvo!!!!!



Pete Bogs said...

k9 - alas, for all my love and defense of man's best friend, I am allergic... I plan to get a labradoodle someday, though... they are bred to be hypoallergenic... no man should be denied his best friend!

good luck, though...

Infinitesimal said...

I have seen photos

fur coats made of catskins

cat/dog meat on sale at market for human consumption

in China

it's true.

I won't argue Bogs... it's true.

what's this about being beaten in front of owner's eyes? i must click this link...

Infinitesimal said...

oh, yeah , and it costs too much to kill a dog for skinning them for fur trim, so dogs are skinned alive i am afraid. I have seen video. horrible video.

Pete Bogs said...

infini - the "beating dogs to death" in front of their owners was the Chinese alternative to simply getting them rabies shots... shameful!

Bird said...

ok, dog lover though i am - what's the difference between eating dogs and eating cows, or pigs, or chickens?

not much i think. not when it really comes right down to it.

i'd love to take a rot off your hands dawg - wish i could do it. i'll be moving this summer and then dog-huntin' - but i do have my heart set on a pit. i want a chocolate brown one at this point.

oh and oh - seems we're gonna do something about the trade deficit with china on paper goods - why not on dog food?

Pete Bogs said...

bird - one could see eating dogs the same as eating other animals... I don't... of course, I also don't eat any animals... but I explained the many reasons why dogs should not be eaten in one of my earlier posts... I think it was Year Of The Dog?