Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Why No Vaccine Against Ignorance?

Texas Governor Rick Perry, a consternative Republicant, has signed an order requiring school age girls in his state to receive vaccinations against a virus that can cause cervical cancer. The move is controversial because, although some see it as a common sense health measure, others see it as the government interfering with their families’ right to self-determination.

Parents who might not give the slightest protest to their children receiving measles shots for school have found reason to object to Gardasil, the vaccine developed to prevent HPV infection (the pesky virus that causes 70% of cervical cancers). HPV is sexually transmitted, you see.

What need would their kids have for such a vaccine, when they will most certainly abstain from intercourse until they marry someone who’s done the same?

More importantly, where is the deterrent against illicit sexual behavior? If we give girls something to prevent an STD, what’s to keep them from doing the Big Nasty? Isn’t this vaccine just encouraging them to go wild?

This new law boggles the mind.

I’ve felt for a long time, considering how some people welcome STDs (in other people) as sex deterrents or as “punishments from God for bad behavior,” that if a vaccine for a devastating disease like AIDS were ever developed, they’d do everything in their power to stop it from being implemented.

As with the HPV vaccine, they’d almost certainly object to their own children being vaccinated. Moreover, they’d be wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth at the thought of all those homosexuals and fornicators out there being free to pursue their perversions without consequences. To come without fear of comeuppance – what kind of world would that be?! Call your state representative and put a stop to this vile substance!

People who wish to prevent the healing of sick people in order to further their own beliefs are perhaps the sickest people of all.


Paddys_Gal said...

To come without fear of comeuppance

lol, you rock, Pete.
And seriously, a vaccine that will reduce cancer deaths should be celebrated...those who object are being really narrow-minded.

Anonymous said...

Bush is going to be fukin impeached for being a trader mother fukers.

Who the fuck gives a fuck about the fucking vac. Dont trust the gov. fkuckers. They will infect your fucking asses with the vac. They will fucking rule and and control your fucking lifes with a iron grip.

Thanks yOU?

Jack K. said...

There is at least one puzzlement here. The Governor, a conternative Republicant ordering such an action to protect women from cervical cancer. Wow! A sheep in wolf's clothing?

Another thought--could it be that the need to have a deterrent for early/late/unmarried/homosexual /bi-sexual/same sex sexual activity is a reason for the lack of support for research to deal with illnesses like HIV/AIDs?

Hmmm, I wonder.

Nice posting, Pete, as usual.

Pete Bogs said...

pg - it's sad but true...

anon - not all vaccines are safe... I got measles from a measles shot... but I think this is a good idea...

jack - I am sure you're onto something there!

Karen said...

Completely agree with the idea of receiving the vaccination as one of my best friends died of cervical cancer at the age of 43.

On the other hand, Perry has his hands in Merck's pocket, therefore, his motives are very suspicious.

Pete Bogs said...

karen - yeah, I did see that connection... however, there's an overriding good here that makes me less concerned about who's going to profit... it's different than a Cheney/Halliburton thing, in my view... it's profiting by doing something GOOD, not something bad... that should be the only kind of profit...

warvigilent said...

well to counter the inane argument that they dont want their kids to be encourage to be sexually active: you dont have to take anything you dont want too, the school cant force girls to take the shot(or whatever) just like all the others.

but yeah, this is somthing playing into the hands of big pharma. do we really know the the vaccine will work? what about side effects? there have been plenty of products that were "carefully tested" and turned out to be dangerous. thalidimyde anyone?

but also i have heard that there have been other legitiamate health concerns. one being somthing about that if the girl aready has the disease the vaccine will make things worse. alos any other unexpected effects caused by other substances or reactions to different diseases.

Pete Bogs said...

war - the effectiveness rate is supposed to be close to 100%... all drugs have side-effects... I am ok with the companies profiting if it's doing good... though this, like all Rxs, is very pricy...

Bird said...

regardless of the merck connection - kudos to the guv.

but i am wondering - is anbody paying attention -

there is absolutely no federal funding for sex education.

but there are millions of dollars of federal funding for programs to promote marriage.

but of course,boys and girls have no need for sex ed - they will regrain from having sex until they're married and they have no need to know how their bodies work anyway.