Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Special Shout-Out To My New Readaz

CentCom, the stateside military headquarters for the war in Iraq, has been reading blogs for accuracy. They have a small team dedicated to scanning the web and reading posts related to the war on terror. I’ve done a few of those here and there.

In instances where a blogger may post inaccuracies, CentCom will reportedly contact them and ask them to provide a link to CentCom’s site, where readers can get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on said story.

Yet, I imagine their site might at one time have posted the now-discredited story of the "heroic" death of
Pat Tillman. So, how can skeptics out there be sure the site is giving the real story? It’s not as if misinformation has never been intentionally used before in military conflicts cough Gulf of Tonkin cough USS Maine cough Iraqi WMDs.

Regardless, I’ve saved anyone the time of suggesting it to me and have posted a link to CentCom’s
site. Happy to do it. Go check it out for yourself.

I am tempted to deliberately post some misinformation here just to see if they’re reading me (e.g. Iraq really did have WMDs... what a larf!). It’d be an honor to know that some of our people in uniform are BogsBlog sloggaz! But I shan't.

To clarify, I never purposely publish misinformation. Well, misinformation that isn’t in the form of satire. But the rest, while it may disagree with the official version on some issues, is my own
carefully reasoned opinion.

Let's try to keep that in mind before you decide to come a-callin' at my door with rifles, eh, military blog observers?


Aunty Belle said...

hilarious ...honey, t'ain't the military what's makin' up WMD...did ya' fergit that fer YEARS the sainted (gag!) UN sent experts over theah on account of they knowed Saddam had them WMDs. Not finding them is not the same thang as Saddame not havin' t hem--jes' a little lesson in logic, chile'.

Anyhow--din't mean to digress into war jawin'--came ter wish ya a Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hope ya get plenty o' kisses--at least the chocolate kind.

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - thanks, and same to you... I am not a UN defender, though I think their mission is an admirable one... I'm not a "US out of UN" type... I just think, like our own government, we need to improve the institution...

Aunty Belle said...

UN can't work, Sugar. Will ya' go wif me on this?

My professional time is often spent in bowels of UN--( will be there in March) an' even they say it is a zillion dollar cesspool--and then laugh.

WHy? Cause they know gullible sorts love the IDEA of the UN--who doesn't?--but the realpolitik-niks like the Chavez' of this world protect the UN so they can USE the UN to their advantage.

THey ain't gonna ever reform the UN--only play smoke and mirrors when the natives get restless. See, for the black hats of the world it IS WORKIN' jes' lke they want it to. They skim $$ and hide behind "diplomacy" as a stall to butcher people...ya' think this is reformable?

Kyoto is a good case study--the worst nations will never sign it--China and India fer example. But they shure will bludgeon us wif' it so as to cripple our economy wif' yet another chain and ball. Think on that fer a minute: No matter how much we protect the environment wif all our efforts, China and India continue to pollute freely, causin' more damage than the US EVER caused.

Kyoto is a joke. But short of war, who is goin' ter MAKE China clean up her filth? And the filth she dumps on the world?

The UN is a fine idea--like brotherhood--so we all support the UN but the UN doan support brotherhood--Kofi is a killer--but what is worse is that the world leaders knew it when they put him in place as the cardboard figurehead. He is responsible for the slaughter of Rwandans. THat was afore he was Sec Gen.

His son is caught in the Oil fer Food deal--but sonny learned from Dad...'cept sonny is not as sly and was stupid enough to flaunt his theft in public--so he had to be shut down. Kofi cuffed him--not for being thief (that is the family bidnesss) but fer his stupidity.

Bawgs, Aunty ain't foolin' ya none on this--seen it all up close--trust me Darlin', as close as can be, I seen Kofi and heered him of the record. It is ugly stuff. Not fer chillens.

But the USA and others publicly "support" the UN cause it keeps the little ones from havin' nightmares.
The masses need illusions of security.

Meanwhile, back to WMD...does ya' count deranged brainwashed kids with guns as weapons? The UTAH killin' the other day (5 people in a mall) were done by a Bosnian muslim kid...poor child never had a prayer--they used his body and soul fer a weapon--him and a million more jes' like him. A million murderous automatons is dang shure a WMD, Bawgs.

Still wishin' ya a Happy Valentine's day!

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - my condolences on having to deal with the UN... that organization sounds as disfunctional as our own government - no exaggeration... just change the names around on the players... ineffectual, corrupt, etc.

that kid yesterday was a nut... did't hear he was Muslim... certainly sounded programmed in some way... well, at least they can't blame this one on video games - they can use the guy's religion instead...

there were also some killings in Philly I think... there have been a number of these "walk in and start shooting" incidents in the US - but there is no consistency to the religion of the perps, that I'm aware of...

happy V Day back at ya...

Hellpig said...

Bogs he was a bosnian Muzzie story at my place

Centcom has been using word tracking for years

such words as NUKE,BOMB,President,Assasination all these word will be targeted and some nerd in a NSA basement will look at them

Pete Bogs said...

hell - I will have to check that out... as for CentCom, I know they've been covering web "chatter" for a long time... didn't know they were reading blogs for accuracy, though...

Hellpig said...

no that is something new,kinda weird IMO

Karen said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Pete!

Pete Bogs said...

karen - back at you!