Friday, February 23, 2007

"Something Smells Fishy" Friday

The pope is set to become a pitchman for KFC, if the company has anything to say about it. They've submitted a new fish sandwich for His Holiness' blessing as an appropriate food for "Fish Fridays" during the current Lenten season.

Essentially, KFC are hoping the pope will use his sway with the world's Catholic multitudes to drive sales of their new menu item. (They'd better be careful, as the pope knows someone who can take that one tiny fish sandwich and miraculously feed it to all of them. Which would be disastrous for sales.)

I can just see the TV spots now:

Pope Benedict XVI: "If you can find a better fish sandwich, buy it. Er, rather, don't buy it. That's a sin, and you'll go to hell."

The pope could certainly set a precedent in the faith world with such a promo.

Islamist Imam: "If you can find a better falafel, bomb it."

Dalai Lama: "What is the sound of one pot of Lipton tea boiling?"

Rabbi: "If you can find a better corned beef sandwich, buy it... wholesale."

KFC is not the first fast food chain to gear its menu toward the faithful during Lent. Taco Bell, owned by the same company as KFC, has a Lent menu with full-color photos of the food items right on it. You have indeed made a sacrifice if you're hitting The Bell for a meal.

And though they don't mention Lent outright, Papa John's always seems to promote its spinach alfredo pizza in the early months of the year.

People have long complained about the commercialization of Christmas. Now, apparently, they can add Lent to their gripe list.


Jack K. said...

Ahh, if that were the only thing we had to gripe about.

Pete Bogs said...

I wonder if the pope has seen this, or if it will affect his decision:


Jack K. said...

Saw the news reports on the rats. Isn't that a Charlie Brown expletive?

Bird said...

and so the war on Lenten begins. what will bill o'reilly and limbaugh say?

but good lentenians should just say no to fast food - something to give up, eh?