Monday, February 12, 2007

Pat Robeltson No Rikey Prastic Sulgely

During a strange televised conversation about plastic surgery last week, televangelist Pat Robertson said it makes some people appear to have “eyes like they’re Oriental.” Doesn't Pat know we don't use the term “Oriental” anymore? He should have said “Chinaman” instead!

Pat is obviously the Southern religious right’s answer to Archie Bunker. Jeez, yous Orientals are all cockeyed, there.

Pat certainly has no internal censor for his mouth. You see, while speaking your mind can be an admirable trait, sometimes saying what you think isn't a good idea.

I'm no proponent of plastic surgery, but Robertson's comment was out of line. All the more so because he did the stretched eyes thing with his hands as he was making it. Imagine if Joe Biden had done some funky walk or a “gimme five” gesture along with his
comments on Barack Obama!

It's time for Pat to say “solly.”

But the essence of what he said was correct. That is, that plastic surgery can have the opposite effect of that intended.

I'm rarely the first to notice when someone has had "work done," but the many pictures posted in relation to the story of Anna Nicole Smith's death made clear she had had surgery, and was worse off for it.

Above we see ANS on Valentine's Day 2005, looking how most of us do (and will) remember her. At right, a picture taken earlier this year – less than two years later – shows the "after" look. Obviously, her lips used to be disgustingly thin, and her cheekbones too prominent, causing her to make "improvements." Angelina Jolie, eat your heart out. Ahem. Yup, ANS sure looked like a million bucks after spending that much on her face.

Of course, the stringy hair (right) and some other attributes can also be due to drug use, but the coroner's still out on that. (And it's also off-topic.)

Long story short: Poorly performed, unnecessary plastic surgery = bad. Evoking racial stereotyping to point this out = worse.


Hellpig said...

you should have done a post on "How the grammy's were liberally biased" and a joke

awards chosen by given and to libtards

Karen said...

ANS = sadsadsad story.

hp~ oh, waaaaaaaaaaaah!!

rusty shakelford said...

What was Pat Robertson thinking? He just alienated the massive "Prastic Sulgely" fanbase.

Pete Bogs said...

hp - I don't do the awards... I just watched the intro so I could see The Porice...

karen - indeed!

rusty - he's alienated just about every rational-thinking person around, in one way or another... let's not forget those gays and feminists who brought about 9/11!

Jack K. said...

No one said you had to be the brightest bulb in the box to make such statements as our man Robeltson. He has proven that adage very nicely.

Go Chicks. You still don't have to make nice.

Hellpig said...

Jack you a fan of the "Dixie chicks w/dicks"