Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Good News Channel: Your News, Your Way, 24 Hours A Day

Over the holidays I dined with the more consternative contingent of my family, and the meal was almost ruined because, just as we were sitting down, someone suddenly started railing on the “negativity” of the media. A likeminded family member then chimed in that the media were “ruining our country.”

Whoa! WTF?

I wasn’t sure where this came from, or what it had to do with Happy Holidays dinner, but it served to illustrate a common misconception among consternatives; one from which my own family is sadly not immune. And one which popped up as a result of one of my
posts last week.

You see, some people rely upon names like O’Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh for their “news,” and doing so gets them all hot and bothered about that damned old liberal, negative, divisive media. They fail to understand the difference between color commentary and news, and don’t really grasp the purpose of the news media in general.

They see daily death tolls reported from Iraq, for example, and cite that as an example of media negativity. They don’t see that they’re simply shooting the messenger by thinking that way. They want cheerleaders instead of journalists.

The purpose of the media is not to make anyone smile, or to instill patriotic feelings or reinforce the American message (i.e. act as a propaganda tool of the government), but to convey factual information.

Commentary, which is not necessarily factual, is ok as part of the news, as long as 1) it’s identified as commentary, and 2) any connections or conflicts of interest between the commenter and the topic of discussion are revealed.

To make everyone happy, how about a 24-hour government news channel, right next to other news stations on the dial? It would allow the government to say what they want us to hear, and allow some out there to hear what they want to hear: unabashed good news. Everything’s swell. Nothing to see here. God bless America.

Those of us who want a more objective source for information can simply not watch and seek out the news elsewhere.

Operated completely by government employees, this channel would of course mean we’d have to pay more taxes. But it would also mean more jobs! I am not just talking about mollifying the misinformed here, but also helping the economy, people.

A government-run news channel (like those that already exist in many other countries, and which rarely run anything but government-approved messages) could put an end to the specious charge that all the news is negative and divisive. Yep, it’s a page right out of the autocracy playbook, but if it will quell the uninformed masses, I’m all for it.


Hellpig said...

Bogs good to see that sane reasoning exists somewhere in your family,I have been thinking of my post for several hours before actually posting.

85% of Americans believe Iraq reporting is false or fabricated

The far left hates FOX news,yet they are the No.1 rated news channel in the US

AP/with terrorists is anti-semetic and pro-terrorist

Reuters fabricates fauxtography for the media

CNN would rather show Americans being killed in action,then Americans saving lives

NBC and Rathergate fabricates documents to bash Bush

BBC is Anti-Semetic

No MSM will use the word Muslims when reporting on terrorist activities

No MSM will cover the Berger story on how he stole US documents to cover Bill Clintons involvement in the lead upto 9/11

No MSM will report the fact illegal aliens commit crime after crime and are not punished

No MSM will report that the new Muslim in congress has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and wants Shar'ia Law in the US

No MSM will report on CAIR and it's terrorist activities

MSM is Biased(LEFTARDS)it is proven day in and day out.

I haven't even touched on the NYT,or the WAPO or LATimes,which would all have been burnt to the ground 50 years ago for treason and sedition.

Bogs the Media is what is wrong with America today,and only the far left loons see it otherwise.

I have more and can backup all statements with links if you so desire.

O.K. I started the ball rolling,better get the tarp out Bogs I have a feeling you are gonna get slammed on this one,but I still luv ya brother.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as unbiased reportiing.

Everyone of us who communicates to anyone else is doing so through our own filters of experience and acculturation. Newspeople are not immune from this.

So what we do to find an unbiased press is to find someone who sees the world similar to the way we see the world. That don't make it true, that just makes it a separate reality.

What's a person to do? How do we get any information that will help us to figure out what the hell is going on?

As for the govenrment run news channel similar to other countries, that's not a bad idea. How costly will it be?

I believe that there are some in the government who would dearly love to turn National Pubic Radio and the Public Broadcasting System into such an outlet. In my estmation that would be a shame. But then I'm only a taxpayer, so what do I know?

So rant on, Pete, you may catch some flak, but you're on the right track.

If I could find the blog page from David Brin who discussed the lack of court case much less guilty verdicts for the Clinton administration I would post it here.

Think I'll go looking for it and come back and post it. ttfn

Anonymous said...

Here is one for a start. It takes both sides to task. The Big Lie is Alive--Everywhere.

You might find this one of interest too. The Decadenc Excuse

These are enough for now. Once you get there you will be able to navigate to other of his postings.

Pete Bogs said...

thanks for the responses...

hell - there are lots of things the media doesn't give enough attention to, but it doesn't fall along ideological lines... they've ignored stories damaging to consternatives on a daily basis... they are not liberal, and they are not the cause of all our problems... they are just a scapegoat like anything else... a convenient whipping boy... they make me mad, too, and they are far from perfect... I am actually disappointed in them much of the time, but this demonization of them just defies reason...

jack - true objectivity is hard to find... but a start would be to have news sources that are not controlled by corporate entities, which might seek to suppress disfavorable info... did you see the story about a blog being shut down because it was critical of some of its parent company's programming? it was ABC/Disney... the point is, the people should not have a vested interest, or a conflicting interest in their stories... nor should they be tethered by the White House, ABC or Halliburton...

thank you for posting such thoughtful, detailed answers... all said, I think if we throw complainants a bone with the type of news they want to hear - done by a likeminded organization - we can stop having these debates on the media all the time... and we can have more peaceful Xmas dinners...

Aunty Belle said...

Sweet Shoat, I luvs ya'

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

first, i agree with hell's assessment.

its not cheerleading i am wanting, or heck even positive.....what is missing is any depth...and the radar seems to be stuck eternally on NON news like the war of rosie and donald. i mean watch what "world news tonight" leads with.....its hardly ever world news.

when you look at something like the eason jordan/CNN bombshell who refused to report negative aspects of the hussien regime just so they could keep a bureau in bagdad, you realize we have a situation now where news people dont merely report.

they filter and create news with a point of view not in the interests of the US. because the news business is show business now...and once you get in show business you get the prom queen syndrome. the reporters notion of self supercedes the act of reporting.

through a relentless politicization of the GWOT and by focusing only on iraq....i mean selling the notion by getting out of iraq makes the problem go away...the media not only fail to do their job but actually prolong an enevitable showdown. the war on terror is global.

where are the reporters who say: why is al qaeda attacking hindus in india? did W create that?

why is al qaeda chopping off the heads of school girls in indonesia? did W create that?

why is al qaeda killing christians and animists in africa? because of w?

did you hear on the news that with our ethiopia campaign and air support of AC 130s al qeada was driven out of somalia...a place they had hoped to turn into their next afganistan? no...not unless you looked for it.

did you hear on the news that the solid months of rioting in paris by "youths" was actually islam raring its ugly head in a country who has not the will to rise against it? not really

the news media are derelict in duty the lazy punks. theres no scope, no historical perspective, no strategy, there damn sure aint no pride in the virtues of this nation.

to really make my point it would take up so much room in this comment no one would read it .
so i think i will do a post on it at Sparringk9, which is going dormant in 11 one year anniversay on blogger.


Pete Bogs said...

k9 - I was surprised but happy to hear about the Somalia operation... I also did hear about the Paris riots being Muslims... and I heard these on the MSM... CNN, I think it was... Bush is not the cause of chaos all over the world, but he is the cause of the chaos in Iraq... but that was not my point... I simply wanted to get my position on the media and their role on the record for all time... I think a lot of people have the wrong idea about their purpose, and use them as a scapegoat... it will be hard, but I'm hoping to not revisit this in the future...

are you leaving blogland?

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

bogs i guess my point is the lack of historical perspective and thoughtful reporting is a disservice.
i am pleased to know you are happy about the significant success in somalia. would you agree that this story has been under reported? as well as the wildfire spread of islam over the african continent?

everything is condensed into a soundbite. i think its our fault, as we both agree, that we dont expect or demand better reporting. if you settle ya get what's coming to ya and thats what we have here....a whole lot of "settling" in a whole lotta ways...entertainment, music...i do think the internet provides the best opportunity to seek out alternatives to the banality of prepackaged crap the big players puke out. (damn another rant)

SparringK9 is going to be republished, edited, from start to finish as a kind of blogstory and digital portfolio piece on Jan 22. there will be no new posts. K9 will still comment on other blogs.

i am not leaving blogland though. i think you know what i am talking about.

i spoke with Q and he is IN on the CenFla blog summit. so is aunty. looking good. i will be there around the 23rd of february for a meet and greet with............wait for it....................

john bolton.


Pete Bogs said...

k9 - I will tell you this: with several 24-hour news channels out there, they have no excuse for not going more in-depth... covering more stories, and each story in more detail... do we need to hear the same crap 20 times in one day? probably not... let's USE those 24 hours to get some information out there... not a prepackaged "greatest hits" of the news...

looking forward to the summit... and btw, if you removed Bolton's name from the attendee list, "IT WOULDN'T MAKE A BIT OF DIFFERENCE..."

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

au contraire mon frere! for we will dine on krill he filtered through his walrusesque 'stache


Hellpig said...

Clooney is in Darfur w/his father shooting a documdrama,lets see if the word islam or muslim is even used once.

All in all the problem lies in PC reporting,pc and multiculturalism both failed expiriments,look at the AU,UK,France,Spain,Germany,Netherlands,Denmark,italy all failed and are reaping the disasterous effects of multiculturalism

interesting topic Bogs,thats why I am a savage nation listener no pc reporting he hates both sides of the government equally

Savage Nation

Pete Bogs said...

hellpig - America is an experiment in multiculturalism... the melting pot, remember? how many people do you know who are pure American? everyone's 1/8th this and 1/2 that... that's religions, races and nationalities... we need to learn how to live side by side... that's the problem in Palestine, for example... they just won't do it... there's too much to say about this in one comment...

Hellpig said...

It has FAILED it has failed in every other country why would it prevail in the US,time to round up the 4.6 million Muslims and send them back before they reproduce like cockroaches and we are facing a 20 million strong 5th column

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

bogs, i agree. the USA is the model of multiculturalism. we have every kind of group you can name. and look how well it works

in spite of all the mercenaries who profit from trying to flame up controversy every chance they al sharpton

now the muslims are different they have said straight up they dont want to assimilate they want there own little balkans...

most immigrants came here to put being a part of that melting pot above their identity as whatever it was before. thats changing and thats a problem

did anyone read about the big shot imam in australia who said the muslims had a greater right to live there than "the white progeny of convicts?" and they are having their jihad convention there may. looks like fun!


Hellpig said...

update dawg,convention cancelled,i searched but cant find it @ LGF was last week when they cancelled it was the city council who cancelled it.

yes the same rape shiek is the one spouting this rhetoric about AU


Pete Bogs said...

hell - your roaches comment is Hitler stuff, and I don't want to touch it...

dog - some Muslims want to assimilate... the most radical ones don't... how do we tell the difference? in Vietnam we couldn't tell the difference; how do we tell in the war on terror?