Monday, January 22, 2007

Blacks And Hispanics And Women – Oh My!

What a great time to be an American voter. We have African-American, Hispanic and female presidential candidates, and unlike previous bids for the office by these demographics, some of the current contenders actually have a shot at it.

Hopefully, whomever comes second in the Democratic primaries (still quite some time away) will be willing to run as another's VP. Oh, did I forget to mention these candidates were all Democrats? My bad!

What do Republicants have to offer so far? Surprise! A bunch of boring old white guys.

The top names currently being bandied around as our possible next president – again, things change, and we’re still way early in the process – are: Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama on the left, and John McCain and Rudolph Giuliani on the right.

All four of these candidates face significant hurdles at the polls, some from within their own parties.

Hillary’s first and foremost problem is her last name. Republicants hate all things Clinton. Hell, they don’t even dig funkmeister George Clinton.

The all-important religious right base of the Republicant Party has already said they won’t support gay civil union-tolerating
McCain, and are in fact praying to God that we don’t "get stuck with him" as our president. Personally, I liked McCain until he started pandering to those zealots, and supported an escalation of American involvement in Iraq.

Obama has an unfortunate middle name that reminds people of Iraq’s now-dead dictator, Saddam Hussein. If “Barry” is smart, he will try to link his name to the late, great
King Hussein of Jordan, who was a moderate Muslim and good friend to the West. Or maybe he should just stay away from the Muslim thing altogether.

Yes, Obama’s father was a Muslim. But while Hillary chose to be a Clinton, Barack did not choose his “troublesome” attributes (some people might also add his race to those). Still, my guess is the right will focus on those to the complete exclusion of anything good he might have to say, or to offer as a leader. And they will conveniently leave out that the former atheist is actually a Christian. (Religion isn’t genetic, folks.)

Northern liberal Republicant
Rudy Giuliani doesn’t seem likely to get the crucial religious right vote either, for some of the same reasons as McCain. He presents a problem for Republicant voters overall because he is essentially the GOP version of Bill Clinton. Yup. Kind of slippery, with questionable business dealings and an overactive libido (many have forgotten the front page affair scandal in which he was embroiled before certain terrorist attacks occurred in NYC).

Point is, how can good Republicants vote for a man like that? It would be, well, kind of hypocritical.

There are other candidates, too, such as Democrat John Edwards, Democrat Bill Richardson and Republicant Mitt Romney, but the momentum doesn’t seem to be with them just yet. Or maybe they just don't have the juicy baggage of those other candidates. We shall see.

Some have said the November 2006 elections represent the beginning of a two-year "time out" for Republicants; a punishment from voters for straying too much from their core values. We shall see about that as well. One thing is for sure – if they regain a majority in 2008 and start doing all the same shit over, they’ll be right back out the door. That's something both parties could stand to remember.


rusty shakelford said...

Wouldn't that be great, if Hillary won (and thats a big if) our first female President road her husbands coat tails into office.

Pete Bogs said...

rusty - since she became a Senator and not a First Lady, she's done her own thing... Bill is rarely mentioned as a political force... when people talk about Clinton now, they're talking about HER... I don't see her relying on her husband, though he may campaign some for her... if anything, as I stated, her husband is a liability to her for many voters...

in terms of riding coattails, you're thinking of Bush, Jr... the nation wasn't in love with him in '00, but he was the son of the other George, who was VP to His Highness Reagan, so he was as close as they were going to get to another Reagan...

Anonymous said...


now i can roll with george clinton....the alien's choice! and americas first dreadlocked prez.

and you forgot about the ugliest man on earth, newt think rudy's slippery? newt left his wife in a hospital death bed for some trim on his staff!

obama? foggedaboutit the clinton destruction machine will make short work of him. hes done.

what american really needs is a rottweiler, id have that dinner jacket thrashed in about 3 seconds.


Pete Bogs said...

k9 - Newt's a piece of crap... I heard about his dealings with his wives, etc. but I didn't include him because he's on the periphery, and possibly not even a candidate... his latest position is that he will do it as a "last resort(!?)"

when would America ever be so desperate as to need someone like him as prez?

k9, I'd vote for you - with the promise of a cabinet position for myself... lol... Undersecretary For Pub Culture!

Hellpig said...

Bogs funny you say repubs will trash Obama ,the way I see it the Clinton war machine will trash all Dems running leaving just Billary to contend with and she didnt need a coat-tail she used the whole damn coat.


Pete Bogs said...

hell - sorry, I meant AFTER she gets through with Obama

K9 said...


we'd never be lucky enough for tancredo. too many bed wetters in 'merica now.

bogs, just shoot me over some soft monies and i'll provide unlimited guiness, hell ill make ya the ambassador to ireland!


Hellpig said...

Dawg I wanna be secretary of War not defense becasue I wanna wreak havok and destruction.I would bring fear to the enemy.

That or Homeland Security,no more SF or Border Problems I promise you.

ohhhh noooooo I wanna be UN Ambassador,ahhh the fun I could have with that job.I would cut off funding to everybody who wasnt a team player.

freya said...

ja bogshond some witte hond still leefing, okay?

varwell voor nu,

Anonymous said...


right on to the UN and dismantle that sukka then boot all the hatin freeloaders outta NYC.


Pete Bogs said...

k9 - I accept the appointment with great honor! can't wait for my first scandal!

hell - if we took 10 stories off your house, it would not make a bit of difference!!!

freya - hi! huh?

anon - the sucka UN is worse than a sucka MC...

Anonymous said...


on the LA times there was an interesting piece: in essense if hillary could get the nomination and win two terms we will have been governed by a bush or clinton for 28 years. a nightmare.


Pete Bogs said...

k9 - yes, we have seemed to alternate between Bushes and Clintons... I'm still hoping for Obama...

Anonymous said...

Bawgs, Dawgs and all.. and Freya?!!!,
Are we kidding? Who really thinks any of those candidates has a chance to become the next president?
Just like Dubya came literally out of nowhere 7 years ago, in the same way the "real" candidate has not made himself be seen, heck, I don't even know who it is but I can bet hard cash that is not any of the ones mentioned on your post Bogs, I wish it were one of them, but America still mostly conservative and a little backwards, like me.

Pete Bogs said...

q - those are the names of the hour... like I said, the election is a long way off... someone may emerge from the shadows closer to the election, and he shall be the antichrist... he will have a man's number, and that is 555-1212... sorry, I am rambling...

funny you should say that stuff about America - it's the topic of a future post here... I would like to think we are progressive enough to have a female or minority leader here... many other civilized countries have had them for decades... we shall see...

Sanford B. Hines said...

Can I vote for Lou Dobbs?

Aunty Belle said...

Ya'll is crackin' me up!

Ok, dawg, since Sweet Shoat will make shure the First Ave Beast falls in the East (river)lemme be Chief Justice (er, jes' demote Roberts to regluar justice...doan worry about the law--jes' clintonize it--"stroke of pen, law of the land, kinda cool")
Then, pup, we'll git some work done.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh, and Bawgs, I think Q is right...he is layin' low--nearby, but layin' low.

K9 said...


looks like somebody dialed 555-1212 and sink sink socks picked up.


Bird said...


i have hard time putting hillary, or any of the dem candidates for that matter - in the "left" column. they are centrists - and some have conservative streaks.

the polling at this point is simply ridiculous. dang 24 hr news shows and their blathering on ... who gives a shit who is "ahead" in the polls at this point. it's all a distraction right now.

Anonymous said...

Bogs & Q-man, I do agree. We are a long way from the count down. Who knows who will be there when the time comes.

Can you just imagine the field day all of the slander scavengers will have as we get closer. Given the overall outlook that the public has for scandal, more attention will be paid to that than to the issues.

bird, as for liberal labeling, that is easy for some folks. If you don't totally agree with them, you are suspect, and therefore liberal.

Liberalism is a dark disease. It is one for which there is no known cure no matter hard some folks try for one. So, my guess is that if you can't cure it, destroy it.

How is that for a positive statement?

Obama is almost too good to be true. I do like the cut of his jib and how he conducts himself. I just may have to join the ranks of his supporters.

Now I am just about to ramble so I will sign off.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - I used left and right for the sake of conveniece... there are no true liberals running as Democrats...

jack - you rarely ramble, and are in any case most welcome to do so here!

Sean Vannity said...

As a conservative, Hillary on the D's ticket would drive me to vote (twice) for a cross dresser who married his cousin and lives with gays.