Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Midweek Miscellanea

The panda cub born at Atlanta Zoo finally received her name last week. Like other pandas born outside China, she was given a Chinese name – Mei Lan (“Atlanta Beauty”). I understand that all pandas here in the US originated in China. However, if the Chinese were given, say, some American alligator or bald eagle eggs to hatch in their country, would they feel compelled to name the hatchlings something like “Frankie” or “Annette?”

In a perspective that’s not likely to win me any friends, I have to say, I don’t understand why mountain climbing is even permitted in this country any longer. It’s not just
recent events, but regular events that bring me to this conclusion. Mountain climbing is a thrill, I’m sure, but it’s very risky. And while I think those willing to take risks should generally be allowed to take them (e.g. go ahead and smoke, just not anywhere around me), the risks don’t stop with the participants.

Rescue operations for lost or stranded mountain climbers endanger countless rescue personnel around the world each year. In addition to manpower, this isn’t a cheap undertaking – helicopters, dog teams and all sorts of specialized equipment are often needed. If I seem like a swell guy for saying this, remember, we’re talking about something people do “because it’s there.” (I’d also like to make clear that I am not referring to
unfortunate individuals who simply got lost on their way somewhere.)

True, rescue work is dangerous by nature. But just as I don’t think we should put the military into danger except for a “good cause,” I don’t think we (being potential mountain climbers) should put rescue personnel into danger for something we want to do just to say we did it. That’s not a good cause. I don’t have an alternate suggestion, but this is something to keep in mind when contemplating a new hobby.

Don't mind me – I can't comprehend that some people believe the "fun" of things like skydiving and mountain climbing outweighs the risks. If I'm going to take a risk, it's going to be something like, I don't know, eating at Taco Bell.

What's happened to sportsmanship? As if doping isn't bad enough, now people are "gendering." An Indian woman who won a medal for running in the Asian Games has
turned out to be a man. A gender test is not one you can study for, and can fail in an instant.

I finish today with a question: Do the good folks at 7-11 realize that the whole point of the “pay at the (gas) pump” phenomenon, that being convenience, is lost if you have to go inside and ask an associate for a receipt each time?


Anonymous said...

Pete, as usual you pose some interesting questions.

#1, there would probably be no Frankies or Annettes.

#2, to para-phrase Jesse Ventura, you can't legislate against stupidity.

#3, sportsmanship is alive and well (tic) all we have to do is watch our professional athletes beat the crap out of each other to prevent scoring by the opponent. Wasn't that a nifty headlock for a basketball game?

#4, I reckon you can't legislate against laziness either. Or, perhaps the clerk at 7-11 is just lonely and wants to talk to someone. But in Florida where it is warm all of the time they cannot be using the weather as an excuse for not loading more paper in the printer at the pump.

Just some thoughts.

Hellpig said...

Bogs I believe the cubs are still chinese property are they not?

Bogs 3 words "Mandatory GPS Devices"

Was this the woman/man who wore the muslim head gear?

Bogs serves you right buying gas from CITGO

Pete Bogs said...

jack, hell -

the panda cubs are probably technically "on loan" from China, but since they were born here, doesn't that automatically make them US citizens? lol... I think some good American names are in order...

I wouldn't suggest making mountain climbing illegal; that wouldn't stop it... nor would I refuse to rescue someone who got trapped... but I think people need to make responsible decisions about their hobbies... an article I read today confirmed the climbers' motivation - just to see if they could do the climb under winter conditions... that's a good reason to leave your family without a father and put scores of other people in danger? it was a bonehead move... I feel for their families... btw, another point was that far less dangerous things are illegal... in one of my first blogs I complained about not being able to have a fire on the beach, just like I see on TV... sand doesn't burn, but it's prohibited here... but they let anyone climb a mountain, apparently...

not sure about an athlete with Muslim headgear, but that would seemingly be a good way to help disguise your gender... I'm just trying to imagine running with a "tuck!" ouch!

the 7-11s around here are divesting themselves from Citgo - they won't even take the credit cards anymore... there are signs right on the pumps - the ones which do not dispense receipts... I have experienced it several times at different locations, which leads me to believe it is a corporate policy... assholes...

Anonymous said...

We shall have to let 7-11 know about our displeasure by shopping elsewhere and convincing others to do likewise. The pocketbook is a very powerful influence.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - indeed it is a powerful influence... I got gas there because it was cheaper than other places around... I've been comparison shopping since rates have gone through the roof...

Bird said...

what are you paying for gas in florida bogs? just curious.

and i am ashamed to report that yet another day has gone by and i've not seen the bond flic.

writing and beachcombing got in the way today. tsk. tsk. my priorities are totally effed up.

i shall try to stay focused and catch the movie tomorrow - i must, because i want to see the good shepherd on friday.

of course, i am at this point, all talk and no action.

i hide my head in shame under my feathers.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - I am paying $2.30-ish for the regular unleaded... I used to get mid-grade, but the recent price increases convinced me to switch...

Anonymous said...

In the Kansas City area, on the Kansas side, gas is going anywhere from $2.14 to $2.29 for regular. And that little red beauty you see takes premium. Don't even ask the price for that. Thank goodness it gets about 30mpg. lol

I bet they save a lot of money by not buying paper for the on pump printer. Not to mention, the time saved by not having to send a clerk out to change it. They might have to hire and train another clerk. Those things cost money.

Hellpig said...

Seattle $2.49-$2.89 a gallon but if you travel to our Capitol Olympia gas is $.40 cheaper.....Friggin Democrates,travel 5 miles outside olympia and it's back to the state wide average


you know she only won the election by 127 votes,Washington is half red,Seattle is 80% blue

Anonymous said...

hell, glad to know that most of the folks in Seattle know what's what. lol