Friday, December 29, 2006

A Ford, A Chevy, And Two Dicks In A Box

What to say about the late Gerald Ford? His defeat by Jimmy Carter was the first presidential election I was old enough to remember, so I wasn’t terribly “politically aware” during his administration. I do remember the Chevy Chase pratfalls on Saturday Night Live, but didn’t realize who he was spoofing; I just thought Chase being such a klutz was its own joke.

My limited opinions about Ford are tempered by his connection to Richard "Dick" Nixon, and his pardon of his former boss a month after his resignation. Ahh, the perks of having friends in high places!

Some have said Nixon and Ford arranged the pardon before Nixon resigned, giving Ford the presidency and Nixon nothing to worry about, from a legal standpoint. It wouldn’t save Nixon’s reputation, but it would save his ass from being thrown in the slammer.

Ford himself said he was trying to save the country from having to go through a painful trial. Painful for whom, exactly? The decision caused a lot more strife in the country, and probably cost Ford the presidency in 1976.

I don’t think it matters whether or not Nixon and Ford made a deal. I don’t think it matters if a Nixon trial would have been difficult for the country. All I see is yet another wealthy and powerful person who was able to avoid a penalty any average American would have been given for an equivalent transgression. You can’t tell me there aren’t dollar signs on the inside of that blindfold Justice is wearing.

As an alternative to trial, Ford could have used his imagination and given Nixon some suitable and satisfactory punishment, rather than just a clean slate. Exile comes to mind. Get out, and take that damned nose with you. Yeah, force him to live on a garbage scow anchored in the middle of the Potomac, with only whatever food, clothes and shelter he could find aboard.

Perhaps Ford was trying to spare the country further difficulties. In addition to Watergate, the Vietnam War was still raging at the time, and our participation in it came to an end during Ford’s administration. That could not have been easy to deal with. To live in a time of divisive, costly war and corruption at the very top of our government – it’s so hard to imagine.

On a related note, Ford did pardon Vietnam draft dodgers, and from a moral standpoint, he made the right decision. He also appointed John Paul Stevens to the Supreme Court. Maybe these balance the Nixon thing out. I don’t know. I don’t have any particular ill will toward Ford, whatever the case. It’d be pointless now anyway.

I certainly would never have played golf with the man. No one in his general proximity was safe when he was wielding a golf club.

Meanwhile, over in Iraq, another former leader of a nation is about to die under very different circumstances. But who knows, Saddam Hussein's successor could always pardon him. That’d be cool, right?


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

"Meanwhile, over in Iraq, another former leader of a nation is about to die under very different circumstances. But who knows, Saddam Hussein's successor could always pardon him. That’d be cool, right?"

not analagous bogs!


Pete Bogs said...

you're right - it's sarcastic... Saddam won't be pardoned... the timing was fortuitous, though...

Bird said...

hey bogs, i wrote about ford the other day - come visit.

surprise of surprises - i voted for ford when he ran against carter. and surprise of all surprises, i think it was the right decision to pardon nixon. the pardon didn't grant nixon innocence - he was disgraced. and yes, the country was upset at the time -or rather, washington was upset at the time - but there were many of us - liberals and democrats - who didn't want to see the country go through that kind of upheaval - it was time to heal and move forward - and ford did that. and he knowingly sacrificed a lot in order to do it.

i still like ford. another surprise. did you hear about his interview with woodward - just came out. ford felt the iraq war was ill-advised - surprise, surprise, surprise (where's gomer pyle when you need him?).

Hellpig said...

Ford was a class act and knew how to be a real American not publicly voicing his views on the the war in Iraq which is conterproductive and mentally straining on the troops who are already committted to fighting the war,he actually learned something from Vietnam,where as today politician's are just repeating history and allowing the MSM propaganda machine rule over what is best for the country,I am most shocked that the piece of shit Woodward was able to keep his friggin mouth shut.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

okay bogs. that'd be cool implies we could roll with that since we let our own "bad guy off the hook. i'll take western bad guys over islamic bad guys any day. thats no joke

unlike boyed and bogs, many liberals....note many, not all, like ford because he's their favorite kind of conservative: dead. they even gutted out a kind word or two for reagan. after he died, natch.

boyed has it correct the pardon was for US not nixon. hell you are correct in defining our mortal enemy as the US media. they are the great dividers i think.


Pete Bogs said...

bird - it didn't heal the country; it pissed a lot of people off... again, another powerful person not having to pay the consequences of his actions...

hell - Ford was a regular guy for sure... I don't hold any ill will against him... keeping his mouth shut wasn't done out of class, though, but out of deference to the ruling party... party loyalty, in other words... "don't rock the boat"

btw, the essence of democracy is not keeping your mouth shut... it's speaking freely... all the more important you should speak freely when it may help prevent bloodshed...

Pete Bogs said...

k9 - just had a bit of the media discussion with consterno family members on Xmas... they feel there's a lot of "negativity" in the MSM, then go and quote hothead O'Reilly, who is an entertainer and showman without the drinks... the media's job is not to make anyone smile, nor is it to be patriotic and support the (American) company... the latter would be propaganda... report the facts is all... they actually need to do a better job of that... the reason we "only" have 3000 dead in Iraq instead of 30,000 is because of the media... the cameras are rolling, and that's the way it should be... scapegoating doesn't help anyone, it just changes the subject...

Hellpig said...

Whoa! Bogs you are shitting me right?

O'Reilly is a opinionated show not a news show,MSM in general is a terrorist propaganda tool ie:AP,CNN,BBC ect. they only report what they want not what is actually taking place.

In a time of war the nation needs to be united to get the job done without partisan bullshit politics the war needs to be dealt with like it was in WWII even if you don't agree with the war at least support the troops until they are home safe and have finished the job they volunteered for.Then press for broken laws and policies accountability,this war should have been over 2 years ago,but thanks to MSM and party partisanship bullshit it stagnates.

The embedded media is a joke,the crap they fabricate now would have them hanging from a rope in WWII,30k no fucking way our military is the most advanced in the world,too bad pussy polititians won't unleash the real power we wield,Nam all over again..

Happy Frigg'in New Year

Pete Bogs said...

hell - that was my point about O'Reilly... glad you agree...

unity is important, but how do we achieve that if we all disagree? it sounds like you're saying everyone should automatically acquiesce to one side... conveniently, that is your side... personally, I can't agree with the war because Iraq was not involved in 9/11... bomb the shit out of Afghanistan, with my blessing... but Iraq is an unnecessary disaster... I can't just pretend it's not... the war has been prolonged not by the news media, but by the unplanned-for "insurgency" that started after our mission was accomplished... the failure of the war's planners to study the situation there and realize the toppling of Saddam would create chaos between Iraqi factions is a miscalculation of criminal proportions... Rummy should be in jail, not retired...

but I do digress... this was about Ford after all...

Hellpig said...

That is exactly what I am saying Bogs regardless of how or why we are in Iraq,if we were a unified nation the war would have been over years ago.We are all Americans are we not,the only thing anti-war does is prolongs war which kills it get it done then argue about who was wrong after our troops are safe.

I see "Dirty" Harry Reed is too good to attend former President Ford's funeral,nice leadership you have on the left.He is on a taxpayer junket to visit the oh so politically influencial Pres. of Peru. The worthless piece of shit!

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

i realize this is a post about ford, but now that you digressed....

the media are our enemy by focusing on bullshit like the NON issue plame outing, imams milking the media in a trumped up outrage on discrimination, reporting our state secrets like our monitoring of insuregent terrorist financing, who's gay, rosie and donald, blah blah


in africa sharia law is spreading like wildfire. the muslims are slaughtering non muslims including animists for crissakes. stealing farms, klling the men, making slaves of the women and children. they are killing hindus in india. conquering mayalsia. they are imposing their 12th century ideology all over europe. the point is these actions are not about america and it is not about bush.

thats news.

iraq shouldve been over long ago if we could ever just DO IT and be done. what shouldve happened was we tell the muslim world if they dont reign in all their jihadi posion pills we'll mess them up for real.

islamic revolutionaries have said straight up that they take advantage of democracies, and use the affliction of western guilt to insinuate themselves into the culture. benevolence is not their goal. they'll tell ya that straight up too. and the media are their most useful tool. our media.

that's news.

had iraq obeyed the 12 SCR's and let inspectors in, no war. if the UN had ever followed through EVEN ONCE on a threat: no war. Had congress and senate after seeing the same intelligence as the execs had voted no: no war. had iran, syria, and the palis not stoked the fire: no war. endless coulda woulda shouldas.

i think it is CORRECT to address islam now because it is not going away. it has been handled badly. but now i dont think america can prevail in any war because of the endless war at home which i think the media are instigators of negativity and hopelessness.

note that the jihadis take credit for the demoncratic victory in the 06 elections. note that if GWB was good for recruiting al qeada members then they wouldve pulled for him instead. we could vanquish these punks once and for all if only we had some unified resolve!

on top of the problem of islam, the president refuses to do the one thing that actually is
a requirement of his office and that is to protect the citizens from foreign invasion which he has FAILED to do. for many reasons he allows this which is treason. none of the reasons are in average joe america's best interest.

thats news.

i agree bogs the medias job is not to make us smile.

our media are primarily shallow but its our fault for accepting this bullshit. world news tonight? a very small world is what these pukes broadcast.

that's my irritant bogs.


Bird said...

most americans (ok, i'm generalizing here) watch news entertainment shows and get their "news" from only one source. periodically, i watch some of these shows - to figure out why america watches ...they are the bane of our life. a vibrant democracy cannot exist without a vibrant press - and we don't have that.

instead we have yokels like Joe Scarborough spending time on a stupid AP poll that asked Americans to name the top ten villians of the year. Bush was the top pick (Satan was #10).

i don't like bush- i think he's the worst president we've ever had and some of the harm he's done is irreparable - but c'mon - the AP poll ISN'T news - shouldn't a serious news service be doing something better with its time? shouldn't a news show be reporting on something different?

i can't tell you how many students i have who get their news from The Daily Show on comedy central. i watch it too - but it's NOT news -it's parody and satire.(and it's a lot more funny if you listenned/read the "real" news during the day). and then other news shows report on how the daily show impacts the news! what a crock!

but it's so cheap to produce these news shows and it's so easy to suck us into the tube.

however, part of being a vibrant press IS indeed reporting on things like illegal wire taps and the plame outing. a vibrant press MUST speak truth to power and question authority. that's their job.

about unity - bush's job was to unite us. he failed to do so. why? because most of us knew it was bullshit. what he wanted was not for the good of the country, but the good of his ego and his bidness pals (the private sector is making a killing - excuse the expression - in iraq - they are making money hand over fist.)

so tell me, why aren't the neocons crying to go into somalia? why aren't we "democratizing" africa?

argh. and blech!

but let's unite now and all go shopping!

Pete Bogs said...

bird to your point about Africa, and dog, to your point about them covering unimportant BS, they've failed to really cover Darfur... strange how they are so choosy about their stories... they need to be better at what they do and give us more info... but they are not in my opinion the source of our ills... bad people are... bad, powerful people are... and back to my original point - when powerful people pardon other powerful people, it's just allowed to continue...

I'm the one lefty you don't have to convince about the emerging danger that is Islam... but we must also keep in mind - and ADMIT - our role in strengthening Islamist countries... we did it in Afghanistan, in Iran and Iraq to name a few... that's a major reason I am no fan of old Ronnie Reagan... he helped bring an end to communism, in a big large part by bolstering the then lesser-evil Islam... but that's come back to bite us in the ass in a big way... save Afghanistan from commies only to watch it go to the Taliban... give our favorite American hostage takers in Iran arms and give the money to anti-commie guerillas... help Saddam with Iran, only to have to fight him two times later... aren't we glad we helped bolster him? speaking of which, is he dead yet?

Pete Bogs said...

PS - let's all stop arguing and have a goddamn drink! lol

Hellpig said...

Bogs one point you missed all the people we proped up or backed were the lesser of 2 evils in other words what was the alternative choice....

Bird I want you to enjoy your New Year and won't explain to you what is wrong with your comments.

Dawg peace brother.......

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

the neocons dont go to africa? neither did clinton and we have rwanda as exhibit a. the UN went in (reluctantly) and used it as an opportunity to rape and kill. there are over 30 separate lawsuits still pending on UN "peacekeepers" and that would be exhibit b.

bird can you site one example of an average american citizen having been wiretapped and punished in any way? i cant. the media created a fake out scare about an ability thats been around forever. but they wanted to assign it to the bush admin. and paint the whole thing as trading freedom for security. a lie in my opinion.

the real deal was to tap into al qaeda tranmissions particularly finacials. but if it was court approved case by case we'd miss the window of opportunity and then we'd have a tragedy and then everybody would be whining about why nothing was done!

and then the insanity of extending american judicial rights to foreign combatants....the insanity never ends! you have americans extending more compassion to these pukes then our own military or even some poor schmoe who shops at walmart. grrrrrrrr!

bogs, i know the media arent the full source of the ills we face but they are the pimps of failure despair guilt and stupid superficial concerns.

bogs if you havent already, read oriana fallaci's "the force of reason" its excellent.

hell: its insane isnt it? thanx mane.


Pete Bogs said...

hell - they were indeed the lesser evil at the time, but we substituted one bad for another, and still we are in a world of shit... that's not progress... and I actually think Islam is worse (yup, I said it) than the Soviets because - and Bush fails to understand this - you can wage war on a country but NOT on a belief system... meaning, you kill one radical Muslim, another steps up to take his place...

k9 - I wasn't blaming consternos for Africa... I was talking about the media not covering it vey much, as you alluded to previously... that's not a lib/consterno issue as I see it...

flab - when you gonna quit lurking, my boy?

happy new year to all y'all bloggaz, left and right! be safe... there has been a lot of death at this holiday season, and it will not be remembered fondly for me...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

bogs i was speaking to boyed on that one. you are correct the it's the medias failure to focus on africa. after all who cares about a bunch o ****** unless they blinged out in bentleys on MTV?

happy New year to you pete, and all your readers! new years eve is amatuer night so we'll stay in and play card games with some friends.

enjoy your pints droog.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark


bogs said:

you can wage war on a country but NOT on a belief system... meaning, you kill one radical Muslim, another steps up to take his place...

this is true. what we need to think about is how we are going to handle this issue. and lets dont go the way the euros have.

okay enough of me.

c'mon in lurkers.


Hellpig said...

Which brings us full circle

Nuke the Hajj the only thing they respect is pure evil and violence,so be it.

The religion of Hellpig states

pig doctrine section 1 verse 4

"Annilhilate those who would rape and kill your family in the name of false prophets"

Dawg HOOOOWL thanks for responding to Boyd,I didn't wanna be a dick,you are much more graceful with words then I.

Well off to the liquor store need Black Russian fixins for New Years eve.Last year I played taxi driver and cleared $300,00 this year is the year of the pig and I intend to get oh so slammed(@ Home)

Pete Bogs said...

pig - enjoy... just don't get pickled... wait, I am thinking brine, not swine... interesting doctrines... I'd be keen to read the full text sometime...

Bird said...

funny. the bbc has been reporting on dafur for quite some time - so have quite a few pbs news stations. and the international press has been paying attention as well. but in general, the US and the US people don't give a rat's ass.

but i agree in part with bogs as well - it's not just the press - people have to demand a better press - and better leaders.

perhance the mid-term election was the beginning of that demand. let's see what happens.

bogs - what do you think of edwards? of obama?

and now for a drink! i'll hoist a beer for you tonight bogs at my pre-News Year Eve party (oh, the paryting just never stops!) - but only champaigne will do tomorrow!

happy new year!

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

yeah bird they report on darfur without saying who exactly is doing the massacres and why. its islam. why wont they say it? i listen to the west coast feed of PRI on the internet and they tend to put every action on an equivilent moral playing field!

but enough, lets us revel in the new year! boyed im coming over for drinks and to discuss your upcoming K9 addition...are you going to get a pink pitbull?

hell, good to know youre staying in to party. enjoy~

Aunty Belle said...

Yeesh! Chillens!!

Looky, sweet thangs, here's what we gotta face: Islam in principle cannot be negotiated with--they want total world conversion--note their history: conquest and subjugation--nothing new, right?

BUT then note, they offer conquest, humiliating subjugation... UNLESS you convert--convert, and all is forgiven and you too can become scott-free rapist plunderer.

Contrast this to Nazi's..No way that when goose-steppers arrived at yore front door you could "convert" to nazism and save yore hide. Does ya'll see? NAzi's wanted yore slave labor or yore death...Islam wants yore soul too. This is so evil words fail--ain't no nation save Spain recovered from muslim conquest--take note as I say, Islam cannot be negotiated with.

Therefore, even without Saddam , even without WMD we had great reason to go into Iraq and begin the ISlamic clean-up project of the 21st century. Saddam made a good fig leaf--nobody in the middle east wanted to defend that perverted excuse for a human.

So, why not Iraq? We (the WEST) have to begin somehwere--so dry yore tears libs, and face music--yore conciliation is a roar of laughter for jihadis--they know it is from fear that youse babbling on 'bout "moderates".

As fer the media--Bird Beauty, honey,c'mon--ya knows they "make" news --remember the faked photos of Beruit??? and other stellar if less international fabrications--Jayson Blair??? They hide news from ya'--the MSM has an agenda--they would sell out the whole republic jes' to push their agenda--and they think it is noble to make news for yore gullibility.

We cain't be prissy 'bout all this folks--this is war. a real war, not on "terror" which is a tactic, but war against Islam and all the rest of the world. THere will be broken eggs, bent bodies, firebombed hospitals and heaven knows what all else--turns all our stomachs--but it still has to be done. Otherwise, even more babies will be bayoneted, 10 year old boys sodomized, women beaten and raped, and if Iran is not popped pretty soon, you may see yore own holocaust in L.A.

What ya' gotta understand is that they ain't no other way, chicks, we gotta get this done--so Sweet Shoat is right--Americans need to hang together --even if you do not like Bush, or the war or red states, even if ya' wanna vomit over the idea of this war--whatever--because all that will be MOOT in a few years iffin' we doan slam Islam NOW.

The WORLD evidence is so clear--Indonesia, India, Africa, now Europe--for pity's sake, it is fearful blindness and partisanship that keeps us quibblin'--it plain doan matter a whit whether there was WMD in Iraq--there is ISLAM in Iraq, a nation ruled by a freak--as good as any place to START--so any yakkin' about Afghanistan vs. Iraq is rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking boat.

Bawgs, pass me a beer--and I doan even drink. (Surprise surprise--well, some prosecco here and there.)

Hellpig said...

What is truly sad is that home grown Americans are mourning Sadam's death "The Daily Kos" the "Huffington Post" both left wingnut blogs but none the less the remorse for Sadam's hanging is evident by the posts...

With idiots like these by the time America wakes up will be too late and the ironic thing is they will be the first to be beheaded along with the homo's,poor ignorant sheep.

OK enough,Happy New Years Bogbloggers

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - I heard they faked the lunar landing, too... yup, was all done in a tv studio... I fault the media for a lot of things, but to use words like "agenda" when it comes to the media - that's just McCarthyesque paranoid talk... but the word does fit when talking about Islamists... again, though, aunt b - you can wage war on states but not on beliefs... so am I unsure how we should proceed there...

back on the original topic - Cheney's singing the praises of Ford's pardon of Nixon... could it be he is planting a suggestion for his own future? wishful thinking? hmm...

Happy New Year to all... I am staying in and - sorry to say and dissappoint you all - probably not even drinking... did a bit too much of that over Xmas and am adding some extra mass around the middle... I have an image to keep up here... lol

Pete Bogs said...


bird - I like both of those candidates... it will be interesting to see, but people will have to wear their prejudices out in the open to smear Obama... all they got on him is that his father was/is a Muslim...

aunt b - if we were starting a war on Islam, Iraq was not as good a place as any... by all accounts, Saddam was a secularist leader... why not start in Saudi Arabia, where it's illegal to be anything but a Muslim? oh, but wait, Bush would never do that - they're his close friends... he wouldn't have anyone to hold hands with...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

really. our friends the saudis. the dirty backstabbers.


Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs, sugar, youse staying in? Smart fella--have yore friends c'mon over.

Looky, it sounds clever--make war on states not beliefs, but thinkin' it out I see this:

1) we made war on Communism--a belief
2) Islam makes war on our belief--not states
3) it is a changed world-as at the end of the feudal era and the birth of nation-states, we are entering the age of globalization to sucha degree that geography matters less than those people who arrange their civic lives around an idea (freedom) rather than around the local products.

Alegiance is to (disgustingly) the buck and or a belief, cause ya can live anywhere and work via computer, phomne and fax.

As fer Iraq making the best foothold--sure it is the best despite Saddam's secualrism--the point is/was that he was uniformly despised among the other muslim leaders--they would not come to his aid--Iraq is about opprtunity--the weakest link, easiest hit.

We have not capitalized (yet) because we got a case of slew-footedness--war is like pointing a gun--doan even aim iffin' ya doan plan to take the opponent down. Instead we worried too much about "world opinion".

Aunty ain't much tolerant of flaccidity following a big lead up (shock and awe)--use the firepower or stay home.

WOrld opinion may not approve of ya' but they will know that when youse through talking, the gun is fired at the heart of the thang--this here philosophy means the NEXT time you talk, folks will be a lot more anxious to negotiate reasonably, and lives and civilizations is saved.

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - we could identify the states... Cuba, Russia, etc... you can identify Muslim states, too, but beliefs don't conform to borders... so a nation does not have to be an Islamic one to be of danger to us... it's more complex than the commie issue...

anyhoo, have a good New Years...

greetings also to my Aussie friends, who are already celebrating 2007, and who never come round to visit anymore...