Friday, November 17, 2006

Nipplecat, Foleyboo, Et Al

Since Watergate just about every scandal in America has had the suffix “gate” appended to it: Abramoffgate, Coingate, Foleygate, Monicagate, Nipplegate, Plamegate, etc.

But what if those guys had broken into a Democratic Party office at a different hotel complex? What would scandals now be known by?

Abramoffsuites? (Embassy Suites)

Coinastoria? (Waldorf Astoria)

Foleyarms? (Carlton Arms)

Monica6? (Motel 6)

Nipplelodge? (Travelodge)

Plamejohnson’s? (Howard Johnson’s)

Imagine hearing on the nightly news: “And now with the latest on Monica6, here’s Joe Schmoe.” It sounds not so much like a political scandal as an AOL chat screen name.

I guess none of those names slides as easily off the tongue as "somethinggate."

The Dems should have kept an office at an adult motel. At least then we could have had some interesting scandal names: The Pussy Cat (e.g. Nipplecat), The Peek-A-Boo (e.g. Foleyboo), The Halfway Inn (???), The Happy Palms Motel (???), etc.


Jack K. said...

The Halfway Inn? Stop it hurts.

It is just another reminder of the lack of creativity on the part of some folks.


Pete Bogs said...

jack - the actual name of that establishment is "Dick's Halfway Inn"

Peaches said...

Your George and (our?) John are walking together in Hanoi talking about Baghdad. Do you think they ever think of the irony? Do you think they know what irony is? Do you think they will just fall into a paddy field and be lost forever? NO? Bugger!

fatty ~ said...

nipplelodge hehehe they all sound funny

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

how about sitcoms? i'll pitch:

"The Jeffersons" follows the zany antics of a louisianna patriarch and his family who lives off cold hard cash in the freezer

"T-N-T" the explosive new comedy about 2 scandalous demoncrats Traficant and Toracelli.

"Duke in Hazzard" a republican from california comicaly flubs every attempt at fraud and consipracy.

"Leave it to Jack" each week a corrupt and flabby lobbyist takes down another congressman and/or senator from both parties. *broad demographic appeal*

"I Love Juicy" dapper dresser mark foley courts and sparks young pages on the down low but gets caught every time. "maaaaark, you got some 'splainin to do!"

"Santa Monica" a california girl comes to DC meets a powerful man and turns a dirty dress into a handbag empire.

"nip/tuck" a comedic spin-off to the hit drama with nancy pelosi and john effin' kerry


Pete Bogs said...

peaches - we should be so lucky...

fatty - thanks!

k9 - love them all, but especially "I Love Juicy" (we know why Mark won't ever let people he knows come to the club - it's a drag show!) and "Santa Monica"

I don't think my comments section was worthy of this - you should do an entire post on these sitcoms!

ps: dog, when are you headin' south for a spell?

Hellpig said...


Bogs have you heard Rangles new legislation to re-instate the draft


I also here that Austrailia has decided to go Sharia and all citizens will be required to follow the Sharia Laws under punishiment of rape,torture,and death for non-compliance...Dhimmi-witted Aussy approved laws to not upset the Muslims...

Pete Bogs said...

hell - yes I have heard... that's tomorrow's topic here for sure!

Hellpig said...

*Hear* and *Aussies*

Sorry just woke 3pm pst